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Tantaly was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create super realistic torso sex doll, at the same time become the standard maker of torso sex doll industry.

Every idea starts with a problem:Although the full body doll has the proportion and experience of a real person, it is bulky, expensive, difficult to store, and requires high maintenance. The masturbator cup, although light and convenient, is always just an alternative to the mechanical movement, and it cannot get realistic experience. If we want to have an affordable price and a full body doll experience: at least it has a big ass that can be spanked or a realistic breast that can be toucheda and it can be as light and convenient as a masturbator cup and easy to store:at least we can easily move it to maintain it. Where can we find such product?

In the current market, there is very few choice for customers who want to obtain a doll with these advantages, and it is full of inferior poisonous dolls and scam sites. This makes customers worry about buying dolls.

To this end, we hope to solve this problem and created Tantaly, dedicating to providing high-quality and realistic torso sex dolls with pleasant after-sales service.

On our website, you will not find any low-quality imitations here. Our team has been in the sex toy business for more than 10 years. All our dolls have been carefully selected to ensure that dolls are made of real silicone and high-quality TPE materials. We are proud of our customers' satisfaction and experience with our dolls.

We focus on the development of more realistic torso sex dolls, allowing you to get a real sex experience (do real, be real).

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