Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB)

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GET A GOOD FEMALE FIGURE EXPERIENCE WITH AURORA LIFE SIZE SEX DOLLS Life-like Sex Dolls: Sex Dolls in Life-Size ensure that you get everything you need in bed. Sex with Life Size Sex Dolls is also much better than masturbating your hands. It makes you experience real sex with a real person....
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Life-like Sex Dolls:

Sex Dolls in Life-Size ensure that you get everything you need in bed. Sex with Life Size Sex Dolls is also much better than masturbating your hands. It makes you experience real sex with a real person. That's how fine the Sex Dolls of Life Size are.

Aurora is a life sized doll, which means that you can dress with size M underwear or tight lingerie according to your preferences. Start to make a three-sex fun for- Vaginal, anal, and breast sex in a single torso sex doll. Advanced skeleton-retains its power and permits multiple sex poses. For both parties, there is more to stimulate carnal senses. They fill up beautifully with shirts, blouses, dresses, and bras. Finally, the breasts look beautiful.

Life-like Size Sex Dolls a wide collection that fascinates you with its sex appeal and charm. You'll like the doll ready to enter your bed.

Realistic Sexy Body:

Aurora can adapt to any position you want due to its high-quality metal skeleton. She likes to be fucked-doggy style as you slide in and out her pussy and ass with her iron big cock. She can sit down, lift her juicy Ass in your favorite angle, and lie on her side.

Aurora consists of medical TPE materials, safe, non-toxic, and odorless material that is smooth, can extend to your long-term sexual partner without losing its shape, and very durable.

She has a perfect female figure and exquisite bodily curves. You can purchase her sexy clothes as she is a perfect woman: a red lace, a transparent chemise, a seductive corset, or a transparent bra enhanced with a tiny thong.

Buy her a short tight dress or a blouse and skirt to begin undressing and to touch her body.


Fulfill your all sexual desires

Make love as you wish

Start the ultimate sexual enjoyment

Get a sex life without difficulties

Aurora is always able to swallow the whole dick with her vagina and asshole and offers a wonderful experience with perfect, solid grip and heavenly suction.

It has the sexiest curvature with a round big tits sex doll, and an ergonomically golden angled fucking ass for you to spank, a slim waist with flawless abds, and the sexiest legs you have ever seen. Her skin is flexible and elastic, with pores and Goosebumps.

Cleaning and Precautions:
A. Low temperature water: Open the used channel by hand and rinse with water.
B. Gentle detergent: It can be washed with shower gel or soap.
C. In order to extend the life of the toy, please keep the product dry. After cleaning, add some corn starch or baby powder and dry it.
D. Do not use boiling water for cleaning. Do not use chemical disinfectant to clean.

Discreet & Secure Packaging:

Due to the special nature of the sex dolls, our product packaging box has no pictures, the product packaging box has no text description (only trademark text), we protect the privacy of the recipient. We do not disclose product information and recipient purchase information to the courier company and any other personnel.

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Ray L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing experience, feels just like the real thing

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product! Almost Perfect!!

PROS: -< Great torso design, very life like proportions -< Excellent vaginal and anal passage sensuality with lubrication -< Breast and buttocks robust and firm to feel and grip -< Included spine gives solid positioning for doll torso -< Thigh joint can be repositioned to desired angle. CONS: -< Vaginal and anal passage not entirely anatomically correct -< Can be awkward to move about due to weight class -< Thigh joints can be too stiff when repositioning. I am no stranger to sex dolls, managed to snag one from a vendor prior to the covid lockdowns in the UK (and boy was I glad I made the investment!), however shortly after starting to use it I noticed a few things that were frustrating with the product; it was too small, did not have a spine for stability and the vaginal and anal passage placement was inaccurate. So here I am on the market for a new toy and after finding a product that I thought would fit the bill, I noticed it was sold out, much to my chagrin. Enter Tantalys!! I was instantly gob smacked by the dolls on the product list, especially on the North America version of the site, but out of all of them, I was instantly drawn to the "Aurora" variant of the offers. I always dreamed of having a girlfriend with slim, athletic features, thin waste, decent ass and great tits. Tantalys nailed that fantasy with the "Aurora" model. Never in my life was I ever attracted to any sex doll. God damn it Tantalys, you guys are people of culture for sure!! I received my order less than a week after purchase, the product came in a decent box with no flagrant features to arouse the neighbors so I was grateful for that. I ordered mine with a cleaning kit with a internal douche tool and two desiccation sticks. The product feels great to touch, I slap its ass every time I walk past it and play with the breasts when I get cheeky. I highly recommend cleaning out the passage(s) after use almost immediately. I use warm water mixed with hand soap and towel out the excess water, then I slide in the desiccation sticks as needed and leave to dry. I also make use of cornstarch powder I used with previous fleshlight products. Always apply powder to the skin of the product to keep it nice, soft and smooth! All in all this is a fantastic product, I love dressing it up and buying lingerie for it, I also agree with other reviewers that you should avoid leaving any black colored material with the doll for prolonged periods as it could leave stains on the surface. Regarding lingerie, I find that bras, bralettes, knickers, tight shorts and crotchless panties look great on the product as opposed to night dresses. Haven't tried baby dolls just yet, am having so much fun!! :D Another note on size, after some research I found that buying small and or extra small lingerie sizes come close to fitting the product. :} So, I mentioned that the "Aurora" is a great product and it is almost perfect. The reason for this is that the vagina and anal passage placements are not anatomically correct as with what you would find on a real woman. I really do not understand why this is the case. Perhaps there's a secret Vatican treaty signed by sex doll manufacturers not to completely render real women obsolete or perhaps the physics isn't possible but it can be odd fumbling with the product and trying to aim an entry approach to angles you typically wouldn't need to adopt when skirmishing with an actual woman. To this end I would like to say this to the manufacturers: MAKE YOUR DOLLS VAGINA AND ANAL PASSAGES ANATOMICALLY CORRECT IN COMPARISON TO REAL WOMEN!!! Honestly it is a shame that this doll is let down this way, it truly is almost perfect otherwise. In fairness, I have found that the thigh segment can be pushed back towards the stomach region of the doll to promote the classic missionary style, discovered this from the photos of another reviewer, this actually makes usage manageable!! The other con I found with the doll is the sheer weight of it, 24 Kg is no joke, I like to think that by moving the doll around that I am getting stronger, so it's almost like going to the gym! :D So yeah, in conclusion, I am very happy with the product, love using it, dressing it and leaving it around the flat to tease me as I walk by it and also love cuddling with it. I just hope that by my next investment in a sex doll, they would at least have made the vagina and anal passages anatomically accurate as to what is found in real women. Cheers!

Tantaly-UK Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB) ReviewTantaly-UK Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB) ReviewTantaly-UK Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB) ReviewTantaly-UK Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB) ReviewTantaly-UK Aurora: Realistic Life-Like Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB) Review
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Sex Doll

It can fulfill my all sexual desires enough.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
more fun interactive experience

This make for a more fun interactive experience for me. With a water based lube and a toy heater the experience is top notch every time. Can’t be beat at this price. I absolutely love it. It doesn't come close to what Fleshlight has given me so far, and the coloring and detail of the vagina makes look so realistic too which adds even more "Horny Mood" bonus points.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best Out There For The Price And Size.

Let's make this short and sweet Pros Ordered on 17/02/21 and received 19/02/21 so fast shipping with full tracking The body is firm to the touch was very cold (A tip wrap it up in a heated blanket leave it for a while boom warm body) Canals are very tight better than anything I have tried sex doll/cyberskin related. Aurora does have a bit of weight to her but in a good way as it helps if you have her on top (For others could be a hindrance) Cons (Just my opinion) In the Description, it says medium clothes will work for her this isn't true same goes for a real woman, I have a few female clothes since I sell things and found small stuff worked better. The anus is a bit too low down I feel maybe something Tantaly will look at in the future. Doll Care kit you have to buy separate this is a first for me every Cyberskin/sex doll I have had came with a doll care kit. Overall I do give the doll 5 stars and Tantaly's service is spot on.

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

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