Top 8 Movies Every Sex Doll Owner Should Watch In 2020

Movies are a great way to learn something. Now, being a sex doll owner, you would think that only knowing how to use, maintain, and store the doll is enough for your knowledge. But, you should also know that, with a sex doll, you can do so much more.

There are various facets about using sex dolls that you may not be able to think even in your wildest of dreams. For example, you can get emotionally so entwined with the sex doll that you might struggle to have a robust relationship with your wife or girlfriend.

It might seem a strange thing for you but that is a reality for so many sex doll owners around the world. You have to realize that the possibilities you have with a sex doll is huge and you can expect something out of the box to happen between you and your sex doll.

Well, as we already told you that the movies are a great medium to learn what could possibly happen between you and your sex doll. So, you should know that there are several movies that can teach you what can happen between a human and a love doll.

Yes, you should be excited because, in one way or the other, these movies might be depicting the story of your life. So, here are 8 such movies that you should watch to find out more about sex dolls. Well, these are not pornographic movies.

These movies are a creation of artistic brilliance. So, you can watch this without thinking that you will be watching something erotic. Once you start watching these movies, you will be in for a real treat. So, let’s begin.

Electric Dream

The concept of this movie is quite intriguing and the way this movie it tells the story is fantastic. This movie is a love triangle between a man, a personal computer, and a woman. Though the story is old, its relevance is still there in our modern society.

Mile Harding is an ambitious architect who strives to create a building that will withstand earthquakes of any grandeur. He purchases a personal computer for his work. After downloading the database of a computer from his office, his personal computer starts to heat.

He starts to panic and uses champagne to douse the heat. Something surprising happens and the computer gets into a state of sentient. Miles didn’t realise what just happened. But one night he while sleeping, he listens that his computer is mimicking his voice.

After a chain of events, we see a love triangle emerging between a voice (Edgar), Miles, and a woman called Madeline who is a cellist. The movie is must watch for those who want to understand the deeper roots of human emotions and how it can get entwined with a simple voice.

Small Wonder

One of the most talked-about TV shows and one that many of you enjoyed in your childhood will be Small Wonder. It is a situational comedy TV show which depicts how a robot can become a part of the family. The TV series has some hilarious plots that will make you laugh out loud.

Ted Lawson creates Vicky, a robot, and brings her to his house where his wife and son get a huge surprise. Well, his son is happy because he now has a sister to play with and his wife is delighted because she has someone who can help her in the kitchen.

The family tries to protect the identity of Vicky as a robot. The TV show revolves around various situations where the Lawson family tries to project Vicky as their adopted daughter by overcoming the obstacles. It will make your laugh for sure.

But, the series will also raise a question in your mind. Is it possible to have a doll or a robot as your family member? Well, many couples try to incorporate their sex doll as a family member and this show tells you that it is possible to have an emotional attachment with a robot and make it a member of the family.

Howard the Duck

Have you ever thought about loving a different type of species emotionally? Well, in this movie, you will witness that love between humans and other types of species can happen. You never know where you might find the person with whom you will get emotionally entangled.

Howard lives in the Duckworld which is a planet like the Earth. Ducks, especially, the anthropomorphic ones are inhibiting this planet of Duckworld. There are two moons orbiting this planet. Things become crazy when Howard gets thrown out of his planet and he lands on the Earth.

After coming to the Earth, Howard comes across a lady named Beverly Switzler. What follows next is a series of events which eventually lands Howard in the apartment of Beverly. Now, the two starts to explore various facets of their relationship and gets emotionally attached to each other.

Now, this film will make you wonder is it possible to fall in love with anything else other than a human being? Well, Howard in the movie may not be a sex doll or a robot. But, it certainly showed the intricacies of the relationships that can happen between a human and a non-human thing.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

This is a heart touching movie for sure. By watching this movie, you will learn a precious lesson and that is how precious love is for anyone, whether it is a human being or a robot. This movie was released in 2001. The work on artificial intelligence was making headlines by then.

So, this movie throws light on how artificial intelligence could shape the world. The story revolves around a robot named David. An employee of the Cybertronics Company takes David as a test case and starts to follow the life of this robot.

David wanted to discover love. He wanted to find love from his foster mother and also, find love from human beings. His journey of finding love was not a smooth one at all. The end will make you think long and hard about the role of love in our life.

You will be compelled to think and rethink the true meaning of love. We often long for love and affection from others. But, when a robot searches for the same thing, you will find it not only interesting but also something that will make you question your beliefs.

Lars and the Real Girl

When it comes to movies about dolls, you have to mention Lars and the Real Girl. This movie will surely help you to bring a different dimension to your relationship with your sex doll. This is a blockbuster movie that you will enjoy watching thoroughly.

In this movie, Lars Lindstrom faces a very unforgettable childhood which leads him to be an introvert when he grows up. He is hesitant to meet people. Even when his brother and his brother’s wife invite him for dinner, he refuses to come.

Also, we see that a lady from his office wanted to be romantic with Lars but he didn’t show any interest in her. His garage is his life. But everything changes when a doll named Bianca comes to his life. Lars is no longer alone and he can communicate with the doll well.

He starts to treat that doll, like a human being and slowly he becomes more confident and happy in his life. This movie will make you wonder if you can change your personality by having a doll for you. Surely, you will become more confident and feel relaxed while meeting people socially.


This is an excellent movie to depict the range of human emotions and how a human could get emotionally attached to a voice. The movie ‘Her' revolves around Theodore Twombly who falls for an artificial intelligence virtual assistant.

Theodore works as a writer in a company that writes letters. These letters are of personal nature. They write letters to express personal thoughts of their clients who cannot express themselves in an organised way. But, the writer is an introvert himself.

Theodore’s marriage is failing and the story takes a whole new turn when his wife wanted a divorce. His lonely life becomes lonelier. To get rid of this loneliness to a certain extent, he buys a virtual assistant and programs it to have a female voice called Samantha.

Now, he gets surprised to see the psychological development of Samantha. Slowly, he becomes emotionally entangled with the virtual assistant. While discussing love with her, Theodore falls in love with Samantha. This movie will be a must-watch for any sex doll owner.

Ex Machina

Without any doubt, Ex Machina is a movie that has to be on this list. It is an intelligently crafted movie directed towards depicting the emotional attachment between a human being and a humanoid driven by artificial intelligence. The movie revolves around Caleb Smith.

Caleb wins a competition in his office. As a result, he wins a chance to visit the luxurious house of their CEO. Now the house of the CEO is in an isolated place. In his house, Nathan Bateman, the CEO of Caleb's office introduces Smith to a humanoid, Ava.

Nathan looks to find out whether Ava could react to thought and consciousness even though she is only a humanoid run by artificial intelligence. Caleb engages with Ava and slowly he gets emotionally entangled with her. This is where the movie takes a turn.

Caleb Smith finds himself having emotional and romantic interests in Ava. He wants to experience the outside world with Ava. The entire grandeur of the movie makes it even more thrilling. It shows that a human being can fall for a humanoid and have romantic desires from her.

A.I. Rising

A.I. Rising is a sci-fi movie and if you love to watch movies of this genre, then you will enjoy watching this movie thoroughly. The movie is set in the year 2148. The movie is about a space mission to the star, Alpha Centauri. The movie revolves around the storyline depicting the relationship between a human and a humanoid.

For this mission, the corporation backs Milutin to go along with a humanoid whose name is Nimani. Well, the programmers made Nimani respond to the commands of Milutin and also, to see the performance of his on the space ship.

After activating Nimani on the ship, Milutin starts to experiment with Nimani’s programs. And as a result, starts to notice changes in her behaviour. After some time, they get emotionally attached and things get complicated when Nimani starts to read Milutin’s emotional behaviours.

This movie will surely keep you at the edge of your seat because of the fantastic performances of the actors. Also, if you are a sex doll owner, then you will be able to relate to this storyline a little bit because once in a while, you also feel the same emotional entanglement with your sex doll. That is why we enjoyed this movie thoroughly.

Can You Have a Profound Relationship with a Tantaly Sex Doll Torso?

After knowing some of these movies, you will be wondering whether you can develop such a relationship with a Tantaly sex doll torso. What you need to realize is that a sex doll movie will mostly be inspired by a real-life story.

So, when you buy a Tantaly sex doll torso, don’t treat her like a sex toy. Treat her like a companion who can be with you in both ups and downs. If you do that, then you can also have a profound relationship with Tantaly sex doll torsos.

Final Thoughts

Finally, when you watch a sex doll movie, try to learn something from it. A Tantaly sex doll torso can surely help you to eliminate loneliness from your life. You will feel happy to find such a sex doll for sure. Therefore, explore the large collection of Tantaly sex doll torso and get ready to bid good-bye to your loneliness forever.

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