Tips for Lifelike Sex Doll Makeup

When you buy a sex doll, don’t think that it is only a sex toy. You need to treat her as your companion, someone that will stay with you forever. No matter how hard your life becomes, your sex doll will never leave you. So, you need to treat her properly.

When you see your sex doll for the first time, you get mesmerised by her sheer beauty. However, after using her time and time again, you will notice that her beauty is slightly fading away. If you don’t intervene and do something, she will lose all her charm.

Now, it is a fact that no one wants to have sex with an ugly lady. So, if your sex doll loses her charm and becomes unattractive, you will not be interested to have sex with her. Thus, you have to know ways to regain her charm and make her attractive again.

The best way to make her attractive again is through makeup. Now, you will be scratching your head by now thinking that you are not a makeup artist. So, how can you put makeup on your sex doll and also, make her attractive? See, it’s not that tough.

You are just making things tough for you in your head. You just have to know a few things that will help you to put makeup on your sex doll. Being a sex doll owner, you should have a basic idea of doing the makeup of your sex doll as it is an essential part of her appearance.

So, in this article, we will look to throw light upon sex doll makeup and how you can do that easily. We will tell you the basics and what to do and what not to do. So, let’s begin.

Why You Want to Put on Sex Doll Makeup

You have to be clear on your head about why you want to do the makeup of your sex doll. It will just work as a motivation to work on the makeup aspect of your doll. Many times, if you are not clear about why you would do the makeup, then you will never be able to gather the willpower to go ahead and do the makeup.

So, there are many reasons why you would be interested to do the makeup of your sex doll. We will mention some of them below. You might find one that will motivate you to do the makeup of your sex doll. Also, you may not find the reason you are looking for in the below-mentioned things. So, you have to find what drives you to do the makeup of the doll. It will be the sole reason for you to pick up the tool and start showing your artistry on the doll.

For Roleplay

Some people might want to do a roleplay with their doll. It is a fetish that many people have. So, when you look to do a roleplay with your sex doll, you have to dress her up like that. You also need to tweak her makeup to make her look like the character you want the doll to portray.

Roleplay is so good that it will take the pleasure of sex to a whole new level. You might have fantasized someone but could not get her in bed. So, through roleplay, you can make your sex doll look like that girl by dressing her up and putting on makeup like that girl. So, your motivation to have roleplay sex will drive you to pick up the makeup kit show your artistic brilliance on the sex doll.  

Make Her Attractive Again

The reason why you buy a particular sex doll is that she looks more attractive than others to you. When you bring her to your home, you get mesmerised by her sheer beauty. However, after using her several times and due to the maintenance of the doll, you will see that she is losing her charm slowly. Now, you cannot neglect the importance of maintenance.

But, you would not have the interest to have sex with an unattractive sex doll. You would want to get her attractive look back. That is why you can also pick up those makeup tools and start doing your work on her so that she becomes attractive again. It will surely help you to regain your lost interest in your sex doll because she will become attractive again.

See Her Beautiful Face While Penetrating

When you penetrate a girl in the missionary style, you would love to see her beautiful face. It is her beautiful face that will encourage you to increase your speed of the thrusts. But, if her face is not that attractive, you may not fuck her the way you would want because you will no longer be interested in her. So, your sex life will become boring.

This is what happens mostly when you have sex with a real partner time and time again. Well, this can also happen when you have sex with a sex doll that has lost all her makeup. You would want to see her beautiful face again when you fuck her. Hence, to regain that beautiful look, you need to start doing the makeup of your sex doll and make her look stunning again.

Have More Sex with Your Sex Doll

If you have a sex doll, then you would want to have more sex with her. You could feel the urge of having sex anytime and the benefit of having a sex doll is that she will never say no to it. But, if you ask your regular partner, she might decline to have sex more than once at a time. That is why more men are now looking to buy a sex doll.

So, if you want to have more sex with your sex doll, then you have to do everything you can to make her appear charming so that you stay interested in her for a long time. Hence, your urge to have more sex with your sex doll will drive you to do her makeup. And, you can mark our word; you will never feel tired while doing the makeup of your sex doll.

Understanding the Sex Doll’s Makeup Basics

So, before we go deep into this topic of sex doll makeup, it is important to touch the basics of the sex doll makeup. Otherwise, you might struggle to do the makeup correctly and make the sex doll look uglier than ever. When you first touch the sex doll, it feels like touching a real woman.

Her skin will be soft and radiant. You will want to feel her as long as you can. That is why you might want to make love to her as long as you can. But, poor maintenance will mean that your sex doll will lose her radiant skin and you might end up using a foundation and highlighter to bring back the radiance of her skin.

Also, to make her appear differently, you can use various types of eye shadows, lip glosses, blush, as well as other such beauty products. You can take help from your acquaintances who know a thing or two about makeup. Apart from that, watching videos on various video-sharing platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube can also help your quest of doing the makeup of your love doll.

Sex Doll Makeup Tool

Now, as you know the basics of the sex doll makeup, you have to understand the makeup kit of your sex doll. It is an essential aspect, and if you want to do the makeup of your sex doll properly, then you have to use the right makeup kit.

Well, you don’t have to think long and hard for the makeup kit of your sex doll. In the kit, you just have to get some simple tools that will help you to do the makeup of the doll easily. So, here are some of the tools you must include in your sex doll makeup kit.

  • Makeup brush
  • Powder brush
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Cotton balls
  • Remover (Preferably a cold cream)

These are some very basic things that you will be able to find in any cosmetic store near you. Get the best ones for your doll as her skin will be sensitive and you need to take care of it.

How to Do the Makeup of the Sex Doll

Here are some of the phases that you need to go through to do the makeup of your doll perfectly;

Phase 1: Cleaning

Use some warm water and antibacterial soap to wash your doll’s face and wipe the water off your doll’s face by using a soft sponge.

Phase 2: Where to do the makeup

Decide the area where you want to apply the make to achieve the look you want the sex doll to have.

Phase 3: Eyebrows

Work on her eyebrows first because it is an essential part of your sex doll’s makeup and the new look that you want to give her.

Phase 4: Mascara

Use mascara to make the eyes of your sex doll look brighter. Applying the mascara properly is important so, learn before you do it.

Phase 5: Blush

Pick the perfect blush for your doll’s face so that her face starts to glow and become youthful as ever again.

Phase 6: the Lips

Choose the colour of the lipstick and lip gloss carefully and apply them meticulously to make the doll look sexier than ever.

What to Avoid in Doll’s Makeup

If you want your doll to have good makeup, without harming her skin tone, then you cannot use oil or any liquid-based makeup on the skin. It might leave stains which are hard to remove. Also, if you want to take pictures of your sex doll, avoid glitter as it will reflect the light and you will be far from taking that perfect picture of the doll. Also, you will have a hard time removing that glitter from your doll’s skin.

How to Remove Doll’s Makeup

It is important to remove the makeup of the doll once you have used it. Otherwise, it could leave stains on your doll’s skin. You can use a makeup remover with the help of cotton balls to wipe the makeup from the doll’s skin. Meanwhile, you should look to use a cold cream as the remover. It will have a lesser chance to cause harm to your doll’s skin.

Jewelry and Wigs

When it comes to adding the final touches to your sex doll’s makeup, her wig and jewelry become very important. You have to understand that the doll’s wig will depend on the type of the makeup and the hairstyle suitable for that look. For example, if you want to give your sex doll the look of a western countryside girl, then a blonde wig will be a perfect choice.

Also, as far as the jewelry of the sex doll goes, you have to make sure you choose the right ones that will suit her looks. But, while buying the jewelry, you have to be aware that it should not have sharp edges. It might damage the doll’s skin. Meanwhile, you don’t need to buy expensive jewelry for your doll because she doesn’t need them. What she truly craves for is your unwavering love and affection.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to keep your sex life with your sex doll exciting and spicy, then you need to experiment with her looks. Tweaking her makeup will help you in making her appear more attractive. You will want to make love to your sex doll more than ever. Thus, you should never neglect the importance of doing the makeup of your sex doll. All in all, this brief sex doll makeup guide will surely help you to do your sex doll’s makeup properly and bring back her lost charm again.

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