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Fun & High Maintenance

My wife was very surprised at how good this torso looks. We are both enjoying it. Which is a good think because it is not easy to clean. In fact great care must be taken to handle it properly and clean and dry it’s vagina and anus. It helps a lot to have a second person to help move it. Storing it will also be a challenge since TPE will deform over time but there is no way to hang it up. Anyway, we went into this after doing our research and we hope to get a lot more fun from it.

- Kevin


This is exactly what I was looking for. Feels extremely real and soft. Perfect weight to simulate a real body. The only issue is that it is not life size so I found it difficult to find lingerie that fits. Get things that can be adjusted or elastic.

- Anonymous

Exciting Beauty

I just ordered Britney yesterday after watching multiple reviews and I have to say she is an ambitious design. I haven't received her yet but when I do I will be back for an update mates. The amount of detail is insane and I can't wait to see Britney up close!

- Anonymous


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