6 Sex Toys Maintenance Tips To Keep It Safe And Clean

Even if the topic of sex is still considered to be tabu, it is extremely important to know what you’re doing when you’re doing…it. It is very useful to be well informed in any topic, including the sexual health, because in these times, when people, especially youngsters, don’t long for relationships anymore, but for sex and fun, truth is you can’t trust anyone as we used to. When you have a one night stand, for example, the risks are not only to get an unwanted pregnancy with a stranger, that will result in a child growing without a father, but there’s also a big amount of risks related to your own health security. The number of sexual transmitted infections has grown consistently over the past years so maybe, sometimes, the best option is, instead of risking your own health with a one night stand, just stay safe and satisfy yourself.

The sex industry has developed so much over the last years, the options one has to satisfy themselves being practically unlimited. From classic dildos to anal toys, from penis rings to very realistic dolls, one can choose whatever they feel like in order to pleasure themselves. In fact, it has been discovered that the oldest sex toys date back 28,000 years. Truth is, sex toys are not only useful to single individuals that can’t manage to “get some”, but couples use them too, to spice their relationship a bit. Even if nobody has the courage to say it, we all love sex toys, because they are not only extremely useful to release the stress and tension in our body, but it is a new, exciting and pleasant way to learn new things about ourselves, to discover our bodies and to discover ourselves.

Now that we’ve established the fact that everybody uses them and there is no shame in that, there is one thing we need to talk about that not so many people do: cleaning it. Basically, let’s put it this way: let’s say you’re a young lady, that cleans herself frequently and properly and you have a date with this amazing guy that seems to be a great gentleman, you invite him to your place and you discover he’s not quite so clean down there, would you let him in? We know the answer is “absolutely not” and we want to ask you one thing: if you wouldn’t let him in, why would you put a sex toy that has not been cleaned recently in? Thing is, sex toys get dirty too, even if you can’t always see it, but germs and viruses get on them, and this is why it is extremely important to clean them often.

Clean them frequently

As mentioned above, cleaning your sex toys is important, before using them, as well as after. In the time between two uses, even if you store them properly, dust and bacteria will get on your sex toy, because where does the dust not get? However, dust is not the biggest problem, seeing that your vagina needs some bacteria itself in order to be healthy. These bacteria, when sex toys are used, attach themselves on the toy and continue living there, making it very risky to transfer them to other partners, or even to introduce them again inside your body and develop infections and other issues. There are a few simple ways of cleaning your sex toy. The hardest way is finding out what your sex toy is made of and use a cleaning solution specially created for that material. The easiest way is to wash it right after the usage and to clean it again with the use of baby wipes. They are gentle, hygienic, they smell nice and they are efficient. After the use of your sex toy, clean it gently with the baby wipes, all over its surface and let it dry before placing it back in the box. It is extremely important that, even if you have cleaned your toy after the usage, you clean it again, before using it. The same procedure is more than enough. However, from time to time, you can use a special cleaning solution that you can find in the closest sex store. If you feel ashamed to go into one and ask the lady to help you, you can find this kind of solutions to buy online.

Check them regularly for damage

A lot of these sex toys use batteries and, therefore, require to have a special system built inside the actual toy, where the batteries go. There are cases where this system may get unstuck from its place, causing not only the toy to stop functioning, but also may leak different substances, from battery oil to many more. The point is the damage on a sex toy will not always be visible, it’s not all about the damage of its outside part, and for this reason it is important to always check it for any types of danger, because you want to keep your private parts as healthy as possible!

Apply the right lube

There are 3 main types of lube: water-based, oil-based and silicone-based. Most of the times, these lubes do not affect the sex toy itself, unless either the lube or the toy has in its components one or more that may get affected. Ideally, when you buy a sex toy, you should read the instructions and see their recommendations, as each box should have written on it not only the way of use, but also what’s recommended and what’s not recommended to be used with it. If your sex toy doesn’t mention anything about the usage of a specific type of lube, you should be able to use any type you prefer. But in order to avoid any accident, you can consult customer service for more detailed information.

Store them properly

When it comes to storing your sex toy in the time you’re not using it, there are a lot of possibilities, but before moving in to this information, we just want to make it clear, once again, that when you store a sex toy it has to be cleaned and dried. A dirty or wet toy stored will develop bacteria that will affect your health in the next use. Now, a lot of people choose to store their toys in the original boxes, mainly because of the specific shapes the toys have. However, you can find to buy special designed bags, created for this exact purpose, that have a special layer that protects the toy from getting dust inside, or any other kind of boxes. It is indicated to keep it in the original box for as much as possible, because they are perfect for the shape and also meant for long time storage. Afterall, they are created to be stored inside them while being in the shop, right?

Replace them accordingly

As soon as you see any problem at your sex toy, it is important to replace it with a new one. Let’s take the case of the actual toy breaking. There are two possibilities: either is breaks completely and it is not usable anymore so using it might not only not cause any pleasure, but not be safe to use either. In the case where it is not completely broken, but just presents a fissure or a cut, it is pretty dangerous to use, as well, for the same reasons as mentioned above. In the fissure there might be conserved bacteria that will develop and attack your safety in the next use of the toy. Even if bacteria is small and you can’t actually see it with the bare eye, it is dangerous, especially when it has direct contact with your body’s fluids, such as the vaginal natural lube and if your body is not strong enough to fight it, there will appear infections and even worse issues.

Keep them dry

We know we mentioned this before, but just to be sure we make a point, never but never forget to keep your toys dry! Any wet environment, no matter if it’s your sex toy, a corner in your closet or any other place in the whole world, is very likely to develop mold and bacteria. You definitely don’t want this to happen to your house, so why would you allow it to happen to your toy? Always keep it dry!

Basically, all you need to know when you own a sex toy is that you are helping yourself stay safe, sexually speaking, protecting yourself from STDs, but even if you do so, you need to remember a few things to do in order to keep yourself safe from infections or complications to your special area: clean your toy every time before and after the usage, check your toy regularly for any kind of damage, use the proper lube in order not to cause them damage, store them properly, always clean and dry, replace them as soon as you find any mark of damage and, once again, don’t forget to keep them dried always! If you respect all these steps, you’ll have a long lasting relationship with what proves to be human being’s good friend!

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