How Can You Dispose of Your Old Sex Dolls Discreetly?

When people purchase sex toys, they are the source of pleasure and fun for them. But, after some time people are tired of their sex dolls owing to repeated use, and they want to dispose of them secretly. Life-size sex dolls are made from highly durable material, but due to repeated use, they lost their beauty. Moreover, all these attractive, sexy silicone girls are not like other sex toys or dildos that you can throw in trash easily without any issue. These fantasy sexy girls are like real women. It is not easy to get rid of your old sex dolls.

So, in this article, we are going to share four incredibly easy and creative ways that you can dispose of your old sex dolls discreetly as well as two things you SHOULDN'T do when disposing of your beloved companion.

Sell Your Old Sex Doll

Sometimes people feel bored with their sex doll and want to get rid of it. The best way to get rid of your old sex doll is to sell her. Yes, it's easy to sell old used sex dolls at a reasonable price to anyone. Indeed, it's true that several people remain in search of used sex dolls to spend some fun hours with her. They don't have much money to buy a brand new sex toy or a sex doll for themselves and fulfill their need for pleasure. But, the correct way of selling it is to clean the sex doll thoroughly and let the buyer know the flaws. The cleaning must be done properly, to sell it at a good price. On the other hand, you have to clean the sex doll well before selling it to any customer.

Furthermore, the price of your used sex doll also plays a significant role in her selling. If you are trying to get more money from her, then the efforts are useless. You should fix a low price to sell your once beloved sex doll. No matter how carefully you used her or took care of her. Only a low price can attract customers towards you. Placing an ad to sell her is another way to do this secretly. But, you need to find out a good website because the protection of your identity is also essential for you. You remain careful of all those people that are trying to catch your weakness or expose you. There is no need to share any personal details. If you feel some suspicious things, ask a customer to meet you in some park or any place other than your home. It will save you from several future issues and problems.

Donate Your Old Sex Doll

Another fantastic idea to get rid of your sex doll is to find some places to donate the sex doll. No doubt you can donate because giving is always better than receiving. If your mind is not suggesting you some places to give away your Busty Amy, then we are here to help you. You can choose from the following options as per your requirement:

  • Theater

Everyone likes arts. You have to visit some modern theater and ask them politely. Your speech becomes better with the addition of some of Shakespeare's quotes. Maybe in this way you can find a new home for your classic Amy. There is a chance that they can place a sex doll on stage. So, you can try this option also. 

  • Escape Room

Another fantastic way to donate your lovely doll you don't wish to see again is an escape room. There is a need to search some adult escape rooms, not a family one. Moreover, you can also try to search for some horror escape rooms. You will find them begging for your Busty Amy that lost all her attractiveness for you now. Who knows, the little Timmy there in an escape room is in search of some big boobs. Don't forget to say bye to your doll before leaving her in these dark escape rooms.

  • Strip Clubs

Even though you have broken up with your fantasy sex girl, you still have some soft feelings towards her. So, the best option, in this case, is a strip club. Nothing is better than this club for that fantasy sex girl. She will remain among horny men that will never let her alone. We hope your sex doll will never miss you once you leave her there.

  • Shooting Range or Archery

Archery can also serve as a good place for your sex girl. You can find any shooting range or archery for your fantasy girl if you don't have a good feeling towards her and don't want to see her again.

  • Artists

There is a chance to help any artist by giving him your fantasy sex girl. He can transform her into something amazing. Maybe a photographer could do wonders with your fantasy girl or a fashion designer who needs a life-size sex doll to bring more charm to the latest clothes. The sculptures, painters, musicians all eagerly want an attractive life-size fantasy sex girl from a generous man like you.

Recycle Your Old Sex Doll

In addition to other ways, you can also recycle it by contacting sex doll suppliers or waste disposal companies. At this moment, you have to give them proper information about your sex doll. You have to tell them about the material of a sex doll. She has a steel structure inside or has some electric system or not for heating or vibrating, etc. It is a better way to get rid of your sex doll by contacting some recycling company to dispose it of. You can also contact some sex doll supplier companies and ask for their help with this task. They will do this for you, secretly without exposing your identity.

Throw Your Old Sex Doll In The Trash

There is a chance that the outcome of throwing sex dolls randomly in the trash is not good. The people must first cut them up into very small chunks before throwing them in any trash. If you throw a sex doll randomly in a garbage bag, maybe people think it is a body, and it is not good for the surrounding environment. There are scenes that create a situation which you do not like!

Another bad luck can happen if someone saw you dumping your sex doll in the trash. No doubt, he will bring her back to you with a complaint. Now you have a stinky sex doll that you don't like. So, before dumping your lovely doll, remember some unpleasant moments with her and release your anger by chopping her into small pieces. When you feel some relaxation and your anger cools down, bring a garbage bag and fill it with her pieces. Now, you can throw this garbage bag in the trash and get rid of your fantasy sex girl. She will never come back again. Now, you have an opportunity to bring a brand new sexy doll into your home. No one will stop you from getting as much pleasure as you can from some better soft boobs and brand new vagina.

What Not To Do When Disposing Of Your Old Sex Doll?

No doubt there are some things that you should never do to get rid of your sex doll. The two forbidden things in dealing with sex dolls are melting old sex dolls in acid, and the other is burying them. Don't forget they are life-size sex dolls. These things can create the misunderstanding that you are disposing of someone's body.

If you are burying your love doll and your neighbor saw this scene from a distance, then you can face trouble for some hours. Surely, you will find police at your back when you complete the process of burying your silicone wife. The police will think that maybe you are a killer and buried some girl’s body here. Just within an hour, your stained sex doll will come out from the grave to say hello again. This scene will bring embarrassing moments for both police and you also. The same things can happen if you try to melt your life-size sex doll in acid. You must follow some good ways to dispose her without creating any issue.  


The sex dolls are always there to fulfill our sexual desires and drive us crazy. We enjoy the fantasy of love-making and pleasure with them. But, due to any damage, we need to get rid of them and bring a new one. No one can deny the importance of the careful handling of sex dolls. People can dispose of their old sex dolls secretly. But, they should use a proper way. In this article, we share some valuable information that will help you to get rid of your old sex dolls. After disposing your old sex girl properly, you can enjoy the pleasure of love-making with the sexy sex dolls.  

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