How To Safely Take A Bath Comfortable With Your Sex Doll

Why Take A Shower With Sex Doll?

The sex doll you have just purchased is your sex partner as well as emotional support. It is not just sex with her that has to do with owning a sex doll. You feel that she has enhanced the life that gives you what you want and fulfilling your wildest desires. You have a major issue with the matter of how else you would use your doll.

You can turn your sex doll into an enjoyable and pleasant experience with a little creativity. It can well become your loyal companion rather than just something that used to relieve your sexual frustration.

One of the things you might want to do when you have a bath is to include your sex doll in the simple, cool stuff you are doing for yourself. But before doing so you must know several things about how to take a Bath with a Sex Doll safely.

You will be tempted to make your sex doll satisfied inside the shower. If opportunities are already in their hands, nobody will dare to hold it up. One method to spice it up and get into your mood is to explore your sex drive, excitement, and pleasure. Surely, it is a nice catch up to a shower.

The Material of Your Sex Doll

These modern sex idols are mainly made from PVC, which gives the realistic, soft, and jiggly feel to a skeleton, steel joints and skin made with TPE or silicone.

Silicone sex dolls

These girls are exceptionally soft and amazingly realistic. The skin and their metal skeletons give a skin-like feel. If you consider you cannot work with a heavy woman, maybe a silicone sex doll is not the best option for you.

Silicone sex dolls take some time to plan before they are played. It is advised to powder the skin with some baby powder to prevent possible stickiness.

Sexual silicone dolls are heat-resistant than other products so you can warm it up with an electric blanket or warm water for a more exciting playtime. Silicone sex dolls can also be washed properly using antibacterial soap.

TPE sex dolls

Sex dolls made from TPE-materials feel slightly softer. This is far more flexible than silicone sex dolls, which makes bending super easy.

TPE sex dolls are so much easier than their Silicone counterparts because they are not as heavy as TPE materials. Whilst TPE sex dolls have skeletons similar to silicone sex dolls

TPE is a material of high quality and is, unlike silicone, super easy to mold. This material is not high temperature resistant and may be damaged by very hot water if it is placed in contact with it.

TPE can be stained with dyes and certain fabrics such as jeans, leather, etc., particularly if the doll is exposed to high temperatures with jeans or other materials.

Be Careful Of the Water Temperature

Sex dolls materials are less heat tolerant than other materials used to build. Therefore before your doll is put in the bath with you the water temperature is something you should be conscious of.

Silicone sex dolls are heatproof and can remain in hot water, but for a longer period, you can avoid putting them in the water.

But on the other hand, TPE materials are much less heat resistant, which makes it easier to damage the product for a long time to keep in hot water and might cause it to begin to lose quality and begin to melt.

Some studies found the use of a TPE sex doll in water over 40°C should not be bathed because some of the pleasant experiences will be offset.

TPE is an amazingly soft material, and the effect is nearly irreversible once its consistency is affected. So a silicone girl could be a better choice if you want to have nice, steamy baths with your sex doll as the material is more robust.

Ideas of Steamy Shower for Your Sex Doll

The important thing you know when you take your Bath with Sex Doll is what your sex doll, TPE or Silicone, is. Between these two materials, there is a significant difference. If you want this sensation with your love doll, a silicone sex doll is the most popular type. These dolls are far more durable and waterproof than TPE, which lowers your plastic friend's risk of harm.

A steamy shower should be trying

A steamy shower will be the first solution to regulate shower temperature. It is necessary to heat the tiles and walls because they set the mood. Fill the room with your favorite perfume and powder to add fuel to the flames. Join the shower and then enjoy the experience with your sex doll.

Play romantic music comfortably and light up a perfumed candle. This makes the space look light and beautiful, as if in the sky with your love doll.

However, precautions always need to be followed. Investment in non-slippery bathmats helps avoid slippery floors from indoor injuries, in particular, if you are out of self-control.


Using Mild Soaps

You can safely use gentle, antibacterial soaps or body washes to make this bubbling effect, to wash it softly. Just relax next to it in a bubbly, cool bath if you just use your doll and want to enjoy a nice Bath with a Sex Doll together.

All silicone as well as TPE materials don't require much excellent care when washing. The only two facts you should consider when you wash your sex doll are that they are gentle and don't tug on your skin. so you may potentially damage them and also ensure that any bodily fluids are fully removed because it could cause a bad smell in the future.

The Best Experience at the Shower

Will you still care about your sex if you have a luxurious, good shower in your house? Naturally, yes, especially if the inanimate figure like a sex doll is screwing. Space is still relevant, so you have to change the position of sex. There's enough to fulfill your dream. As long as you and your silicone girlfriend are in the right position, you can always penetrate through the sex dolls inside the shower.

Upright Citizens: It's ironic when this is the strongest ultimate to put this position at number one. It's like keeping your sex doll when she's sitting. The butthole is targeted in your arms. Particularly, when your shower has not enough space to take other important positions, you must try this then.

Face-Off: It's simultaneously romantic and erotic. You can sit in the toilet with the Sex doll facing you on your lap. For deeper penetration, your penis must head her straight rendevous. This is a successful startup to establish excitement between your sex doll and you.

The Chairman: As if you were just like her chair, the sex doll sits on you. You'll kiss her butthole through her neck as you focus on her breasts. The movement has to start from here as you are at the bottom. But instead, you have to change slightly. Close the eyes and slowly push up the legs.


Don't Soak Her Head Underwater

You must not submerge the neck and head underwater, whether you wash your sex doll after sex or whether you only bond with others during your hot and relaxing Bath with Sex Doll.

By preventing the neck and head from getting soaked in water, the body would be dry and clean, and as some sex dolls are equipped with an additional heating system, it could damage the circuit by submerging her head underwater.

Besides, since the eyes of a doll are one of the delicate, water will go into your eyes with your doll from inside. You need to cover the eyes of the doll.

Clean her face carefully

You can do so effectively by using a soft sponge that is dampened in the warm water if you would like to clean her face while in the Bath with Sex Doll.

This is not a difficult part, as it's not just quick and powerful, scrubbing movements which can cause skin damage and even tearing that you need to be careful with.

Clean Out The Orifices Gently

You should use this opportunity to clean her orifices properly to prevent body fluids on her skin and potentially bring foul smell and bacteria in the future if you have sex with your doll and then want to relax with her in a warm bath together.

 If you have removable orifices, there is nothing complicated to do and you should gently remove and rinse your doll with a mild and anti-bacterial soap.

You can certainly have a few extra things to make your cleaning method simpler for you if your doll's orifices are designed and cannot be removed off.

The use of a vaginal irrigator is as convenient as it is to fill and splash with a little antibacterial soap, warm water. A squirt bottle is one of the most convenient and economical ways to clean your doll's orifices.

After A Bath With Her, Carefully Pat Your Doll Clean

When willing to take her out of the bath, don't forget to pat your doll carefully to dry. Set your mind and don't hurry through this process because you want to make sure nobody part is wet.

Furthermore, it is a little difficult to support your sex dolls with your hands when you pat them dry, and to carry her against the wall may be a risk because her wet, dropping, and being damaged would easily slip out.

You would like to put her in the towel underneath the bathroom floor to avoid scratching her skin and damage it and go gently with a dry cloth over her.

Do Not Forget About Powdering Her

You should also use this opportunity to powder her body with a baby powder to make ensure there is no water left and also prevent the material from being sticky after you have patted it dry and it is still resting on the towel.

Store Your Doll At Secure Place

You can keep it in a cool, dry place; avoid solar heat or being too close to the heated place, but also away from the cold conditions of freezing like in the basement, etc.

Your doll is better if you are stored in a proper box, hung inside the wardrobe, or wrapped in the original shipping box. Buy a hook in the closet to keep your doll.


Maintenance Procedure of Sex Dolls

If there are no cleaning instructions, wash them carefully in a wet, damp washcloth with soap. Don't immerse your sex dolls without water resistance. Bathing and cleaning your sex doll does not require a standard procedure. It just takes a little extra focus and care.

Unwashed sex dolls may harbor, all of which may increase the risk of infection with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Clean sex toys, as advised by the manufacturer, to avoid infection after each use. When you clean up or have a bath with a Sex Doll, there are some things that you absolutely shouldn't do. Stop using sharp objects when washing or bathing your doll because this can lead to skin damage and puncture.

Do not place too much pressure on your doll's skin, when removing impurities, bathing, or patting her dry. This could lead to damages or tearing. Don't dry your doll with a blow dryer, as that will almost surely cause her skin damage. Yes, some people did these things, but just lift her dry.

Stop the use of sex doll oils since oils can help degrade silicone and TPE materials.

The problem would be whether your doll is made from TPE, Silicone, or otherwise, whether you are taking Bath with Sex Doll. If it's TPE or Silicone, after usage you can clean the doll. We suggest that her head and hair are not immersed in water.

You would need to have silicone if you intend to take hot steamy baths with your sex doll. Dolls are more sensitive to hot water and this material's sterilization. Silicone dolls are much more costly, but each penny may be worth it. The TPE sex doll can cause significant damage to the porous doll structure by taking a hot bath. The substance can be sticky, even melting! Remember, just warm water is necessary to wash TPE dolls!

You don't want to throw away a lot of money simply because your romantic baths haven't ended as you wanted.

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