It can be confusing to buy a sex doll online. This is because so many websites sell different interesting items and too many lovely sex dolls that make it difficult for you to select one. Sex dolls can provide any time of the day with compassion and sexual satisfaction. The sex doll sector is limited, but it is overgrowing, and the number of options may already seem overwhelming. Surprisingly, the perfect guide to buying a sex doll in 2020 has been provided for you. So let's start.


The selection of the sex doll is fantastic. You might have one made of your favorite porn star's shape. The benefits are that the masturbation experience compared to one's hand is much more comfortable, is easy to store, and the world of sex toys is inexpensive. This guide provides various sex dolls, from high-end luxury dolls to budget dolls, for the lowest price.


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What You Are Looking For Is Figure Out: There are several lovely sex dolls on the market today, and while variety is much desired, when you want to choose the right one, it can be overwhelming and incredible. You can search many sites for hours because you don't know what you're looking for.

This is why it makes it much easier for you and saves you time if you have a clear idea of how you want your sex doll look.


Most websites have advanced browsing to make your searches easier by ethnicity, skin or hair, type of body, height, price, etc.


Specify Your Budget:

The main factor in the buying of a sex doll is always a budget. It is essential for you to assess the quality of what you pay for rather than blindly buying something cheap and rubbish. A mid-range sex doll typically costs between $800 and $1200 and is generally made of TPE and silicone materials of excellent quality. A sophisticated, luxurious sex doll typically starts at $1500, and depending on the extensive features, it can go up to $10000.


Additional more affordable options are available if you have only limited money to spend. In this circumstance, a butt/vagina or plain torso may be taken into account. These independent male masturbators are a cheaper option; they are suitable quality silicone body components. Saving for the best sex doll would be worth it in the long run, so you can minimize the loss of money by buying many substandard toys.


Consider The Material For Sex Doll:

Modern sex dolls are typically made of silicone or TPE materials. Silicone is the best choice for sex dolls, and silicone is typically heavier, more robust, durable, heat-resistant, bacterial, and intense pressure.

A significant disadvantage of silicone sex dolls is that the material is super high-end, but some don't like that. Also, silicone sex dolls are even more costly than TPEs.


In contrast to silicone, TPE is the latest content in the sex doll industry, and its name identifies it as a thermoplastic elastomer. The soft combination of rubber and plastic makes TPE vaginas silky and smooth, and user-friendly.

TPE is natural, but heat and pressure less durable than silicone. It's also a porous substance, so you must always be careful to clean your doll and maintain high hygiene to avoid the development of potentially harmful bacteria. When it comes to breasts and ass, TPE gives a legitimate 'jiggle.' It is cheaper than silicone but requires more maintenance, storage, and usage attention.


Start Taking The Factor Of Size And Weight:

One thing about buying a sex doll is its size. You need to find out whether you can afford to own a life-sized doll or you can do a mini-doll even better. A full-size doll is also more expensive and brings greater responsibility while keeping a mini version is often easier. The weight of your sex doll is another factor.

Solid dolls can weigh up to 120 lbs and be very heavy. You may want to rethink size and weight if you have mobility problems or cannot lift such weight.


Storage Plan Options For Sex Dolls:

Storage is another significant factor to understand as you decide how giant your sex doll would be. Think of your privacy and your place in the house without anyone else watching you comfortably store your doll.

It is the perfect way to store your doll naked fully and in its original shipping box. Yet most doll-owners enjoy frequently seeing their dolls.

If so, keep your doll in lighter color clothes, ideally white as a TPE, dark clothing color, and any other material such as leather, latex, Jeans, etc., will readily absorb. Make sure that the dolls are either sitting or standing. If arms or legs are creased for too long, permanent 'folds' will occur in the skin. Maintaining the arms and legs straight down is the best way to store them outside and inside the box.

Finally, don't expose your doll to excessive heat, such as heavy sunlight, or leave it next to a heating source because it can permanently damage the material.

Arrange The Supply Of Maintenance:

Many things that you need to take into consideration when you purchase a sex doll. Spray bottle to spray water on your doll and save your time to clean when you don't want to wash correctly. You can use it a few times, but note that you must also wash your doll often correctly. After every usage, it may not be recommended to wash because it is used every day.

After spraying water on dry wipes, you can quickly clean the most critical parts, such as the orifices, or move throughout the whole doll. You can use Baby powder and a makeup brush to polish your sex doll after washing it dry to keep it from sticking. This is a useful technique that helps and should be performed regularly to protect the material. However, always ensure that the powder is taken out when it's dry. If your doll's orifices cannot be removed, it is especially useful to have an anal shower.

Buy Products For Cleaning Before Buying A Sex Doll:

A mild, antibacterial soap that is best compatible with cleaning products. This will prevent bacterial overgrowth on the skin surface and within the openings of the doll. Try to choose an unscented version because the scent is a risky substance linked to many atopic skin disorders, including eczema and psoriasis.

If your immune system is prone to such a disease, you definitely will be able to get the disease, and sadly you will only keep it when you are super sensitive and picky when you place it on the skin once it is there.

When you already have any atopic skin conditions, make sure your doll is cleaned thoroughly and that the next day you use it, no product residue can be left.

Compare Prices And Visit Multiple Sites:

One way of doing that is simply by searching various sex doll websites, comparing products, listing whatever you want to purchase, and also comparing prices is always a good idea. If you look quite similar to the doll you saw on a different website, but it is considerably lower, it will save your money and allow you to make the best choice for yourself.

Competition is good since it pushes suppliers to lower prices, and you are ultimately allowed to use it as a consumer.

Do All The Research Analysis On The Seller:

Detailed research on the seller is possibly the only way to avoid getting scammed when you buy a sex doll.

You should not buy a sex doll because you have to do more work than you thought. Several websites aim to help the consumer by selling their products only for cheap rates. But actually, they give you something entirely different from what you expected you are receiving and never respond to your emails again.

Trying to save money is sensible, and many people make mistakes in trying to save money by choosing cheaper and lower quality goods. It's not a matter of saving to buy a sex doll – it is luxurious. If chances break you, you shouldn't buy a sex doll, and you're desperate to save that makes you more likely to scam.

Make sure that your research on the seller is always legitimate.

Communication with the Seller:

Do not hesitate to ask questions or inquiries about a product because it is always a good idea to talk to the seller and get the details you want. You can contact me via online chat or signup. Tantaly offers you the best service. Sellers are conscious of interacting with consumers because it allows them to understand what people want, and so on.

Any good seller who is willing to improve and succeed in its market will support you, treat you as a customer with respect, and answer all your questions more than happy. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly your right to ask all this because you pay to get precious joy at the end of the day, so it is a good idea to make sure that all is as it should be.

Look Into The Policy On Refund:

No one wishes to be disturbed by a fair refund, in specific if the vendor has not delivered and the product that has arrived is not as described, has come faulty, or has arrived a month after your order has been placed.

That is not a good idea to do, so it is always a smart option to explore the refund policy before you buy sex dolls. You can also speak to the seller if their return policy is clear and loud on the website. You still want to provide this reassurance that under appropriate cases, you can safely apply for a refund and that your money will not be challenging to get.

Read Review Of Product:

It is convenient to make a product look better than in pictures and; unfortunately, many sellers use it for their benefit. So even though your doll looks perfect in pictures, scroll down into the review section to make sure you get a little more affirmation.

Figure Out The Additional Features for Buying A Sex Doll:

Customization is accessible on most sex doll sites, so make sure you make a more personalized experience using this feature. However, the most popular of these things is that a little more money is required to make, for skin tones, hair colors, specific vagina type, areola size, color, etc.

Buying a sex doll isn't anything to save you money – it's a luxury doll. Therefore make sure to cost extra and get your doll to perfection according to your individual expectations. It is the most important thing to save on.

Spend Money on Lube:

Before the doll arrives, make sure you store in lube since there isn't a good range of lubes in your local store. Always ensure that water-based lubes containing no silicones and oils that are fragrance-free. Silicone and oils will degrade the sex dolls of Silicone and TPE, but the last thing you want to deal with is a stained or defective doll material on which you paid a little money.

Also, consider using fragrance-free lubes to lower the risk of triggering eczema and psoriasis.

everal Things to Avoid:

Alcohol rubbing can be excellent for killing bacteria from tools, hands, and so on, but silicone or TPE material doesn't work the same. Alcohol rubbing would most likely harm materials and causes all of them to smudge and stain. It's safer to invest in a mild antibacterial cleaner instead of rubbing alcohol to clean the doll. Do not soak your doll in perfume or conditioner, as this will soften the color and pass them to your doll's skin - making them stained.

Have A Complete Sex Doll Review Before Buying Sex Dolls:

Verify all items on your list to ensure there are no hidden costs and that you know your delivery date and time approximately so that uncomfortable circumstances and invasions of privacy from other people are avoided.

And ensure all about your doll, including extra ads or other small details, is in the right order and as you wanted to be.

Happy shopping!

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