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This new doll has lifelike full breasts which are soft and elastic. You can't handle them with one hand, so you can use it for extreme breast pleasure. In addition the nipples on the breasts are firm and soft which can give you the most authentic sexual experience while you are enjoying it. 

I've been testing her out and reviewing her personally.She is quite the catch, she's quite steel, she's absolutely gorgeous bodies on point. I'm kind of inspired by her curves.She has a beautiful waistline and her butt is so nice as you can see.Now this is obviously a sex doll for you guys. 

Hopefully you all will love Monroe just as much as I do. Obviously I'm sure the first thing you notice about her is that she's pretty much as life-size as you can get. Uh she's a little tricky for me to move around I'm pretty weak, but it makes her so much more realistic when you're using her. 

I was so excited to share this with you guys. Tantaly is a company that specializes in realistic sex dolls. If you guys visit their website, it's so amazing the selection that they have. Tantaly's dolls are made of  TPE which is extremely soft, very realistic and non-toxic.

It feels like good to grab on to it and it feels like you're grabbing on to something like flesh-like. It is really high quality, nice. She's got butt dimples too. She's still pretty thick, you know, ah oh my god all right yeah. That feels pretty real, that's an ass that you can smack pretty much as hard as you want.

I've been dying to know what she is like because she is a realistic sex doll with just i think big boobs and a big butt. And um someone is very interested to know so from the outside of the package. Obviously you can tell there's nothing honestly on it, yeah that says anything about sex.

I really like the detail of her ass. She has a good creased crack.  And it just felt really realistic. The combination of how it attaches inside to the structure that holds her up makes it so easy to maneuver her. Compared to other models, I love the details of the actual natural looking ridges of the labia.

Jennifer is ready for you. She's definitely excited to meet you guys. She is in her cute heart pink bikini, looks really good on her fit curves. She is one of the most muscular and natural looking dolls that tantaly has and she's also the second largest doll that they offer. She is made of TPE, very soft and realistic feel. 

It's huge because she's huge. Wow, look at that, oh she feels really nice, her skin is super smooth and it's even got like little um i don't know how to describe it. It's like textured, a little bit but she's still pretty smooth. It's hard to explain but she feels very nice. So here she is as you can see she's very curvy.

Jennifer here has some of the best titties i've ever seen and honestly not to toot my own horn. Everyone was saying that I look a lot like Monica but I really feel like Jennifer is really the one that looks the most like me. If we're gonna decide who is my twin out of Monica or Jennifer it's gonna be Jennifer.

Britney is their most popular one of their best sellers. She's great for if it's your first time with a sex doll or you've got a few. She's got the nice booty with a nice arch in the back. She's also got the dimples. She's very squishy, very soft, almost feels like real skin. It's easy to take care of and doesn't get all messy.

Hello everybody. Here is Channing, He is a very muscular. He is featured with great authenticity You can easily find the recreation of human body details, such as chiseled abs, pectoralis. His skin is very very soft. I love his penis, it's soft and firm. His naughty and charming buttocks also make me eager to touch.

She's not very talkative but she feels so nice. Look at how beautiful her skin looks. It feels so real. I was so happy that they sent me this doll because i've been wanting one for so long. I have so many ideas to do with it. It's very tight and you can put lube in it. She is articulated so you can put her in any position you like.

She's quite big like quite um like life size. I like it okay so. I went ahead and put a cute little bikini on her but I want to give you guys my first impressions. So she's very soft. I feel like her proportions are pretty realistic. She is I think a bit smaller than you know a real human lady but she's just gorgeous. She's very squishy.

As I told you Britney is the most popular doll of Tantaly. She's made for beginners and every doll of Tantaly has different holes and different vagina to make each experience unique. And I love the temperature of her skin, it's right now very cold and very inviting. The first sensation I got was her nipples are very very very realistic.

Tantaly is an amazing sex doll producer. They have so many dolls ranging from different sizes and today I'm so lucky to be able to share with you my newest mini doll Jessica. She feels so good, she has a nice thicker body but tiny waist and then her thighs and her booty are very pleasing to look at. She definitely has the hourglass shape.

Let’s get started, because I’m so excited. Here is the big boy. With perfectly textured, it is all soft, like a muscular body. Now I will show you a little more, his penis is always hard. The penis is awesome. You can put your mouth down or anything others. I love the small dimples on the skin. The ridges feel good no matter how deep you go. 

Britney's much heavier than scarlett. Scarlett is a lot lighter. Her skeleton is still a good structure. When you put Britney down, she has the back booty dimples. Overall I would recommend highly either Scarlett or Britney. It just depends on how big you want your love doll to be and how big your budget is and how strong you are.

This doll is literally only 20 pounds. It's very easy to lift, very easy to move. I can literally just go like this and set her on my lap at any point that I want to. I can move her around. I can use her when I am on the top and touch her breasts. I never thought the realism of a companion doll could be this good.

I put her in a black lingerie for you guys to enjoy. I will say she feels super realistic, her skin is supple and squishy yet firm, just what you would expect from a realistic toy and from the real thing if you close your eyes and feel she feels super realistic. She has great natural movement with some very beautiful curvy hips.

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