The next-door girl Aurora

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Aurora's clothes look simple but elegant, and her heart is pure and beautiful. She can wear any outfit she desires, and it can hardly hide her slender figure, exquisite curves, and lively personality. Underneath her radiating appearance, there is a strong character and a kind heart. Today, she and her husband, Teddy, were about to talk about their divorce agreement in a scenic hotel. Before the lawyer came, she thought to herself …

Think about it carefully. A relationship between love, marriage, and family is the cornerstone of life. "Sex" is the link. In the beginning, Teddy was full of passion and warmth for Aurora's gentle and naive character. What he admired about her was Aurora's beautiful and desirable breasts, slender legs, head resting on her soft waist, touching the small raised crotch, always telling the future; Aurora was cute during the honeymoon.

As long as Teddy was sexually aroused, she always laughed and catered to him. The swimming pool, kitchen and balcony are all places where they have sex. The changes in various sexual postures, such as doggy style, and also missionary style and spoon style, show youthful vitality. The occasional sudden sex, hiding naked in the wardrobe, the insertion behind the blindfold, the vaginal exploration, and other sexual scenes, had made Aurora deeply imprinted in her mind, and she couldn’t forget the sweet feeling for a long time.

Bring a strong sexual fantasy into reality, being afraid and finding a like-feeling, looking forward to every day. Later, Teddy was involved in too many social relationships, and he messed up with the other women. So, he didn't cherish Aurora anymore, and gradually started to ignore her, until he turned a blind eye to her sex life. Teddy's new sex pursuit appears in his own sex life, not in Aurora’s. But Aurora was submissive and forgiven him again and again.

But the damage suffered cannot be repaired. She is a kind-hearted person who always thinks that the occasional roar can also enhance the passion. After every argument, the sex hormones soar, and a hearty sexual organ stimulation would reconcile them. But later, he didn't even hide these things, just coldly avoided them, and it gradually became a cold war.

Now Aurora finally figured out that the constant change of sexual partners for men is one of their sexual characteristics. Living together for a long time is not a good idea. It's better to give up happiness than to hold on to pain.

While she was thinking to herself, the waiter came and handed Aurora a room card. Teddy was waiting for her upstairs. 

We have made the decision to separate, this is the last date and will not cause any harm to both of us. Of course, the feeling at this time was different, it was resentment, but it was difficult to calm down, because the warmth of the past has disappeared. Aurora, who used to be cute, looks so mature and calm now. Teddy affectionately, slowly took off her M-Size tight underwear, recalled the considerate Aurora, and then looked at her straight back, smooth skin, sexy hips, moving curves, and couldn't help crying, hugging and kissing.

Aurora's own tears have covered everything, and her unspeakable feelings made her state that it was their last time being together. They were reckless, maybe it was out of the kind of memories that they had for each other. The two gradually relaxed. Teddy's tongue licked Aurora's towering breasts, her breasts trembled slightly, and her areolas were red. Sliding the back with one hand and gently rubbing the clitoris with the other, the two glittering labia bulged, inducing infinite imagination.

When the scarlet vagina, circumcised penis, and the seepage flowed to the anus of the chrysanthemum, Teddy's hormones soared. Both of them knew that this was their last time having sex. They completely put aside their misery, and enjoyed the sensory impulse, non-pressure, and let the sexual satisfaction end. Aurora subconsciously got excited.

When Teddy lay on his back, Aurora turned her back to Teddy, spread her legs flexibly, squatted on him, and rushed to the penis accurately from top to bottom, with the rhythm of Teddy's hands lifting up. Aurora's double span muscle bulge, regular triangle, flashed past, she had no vision, free fall collision, deep to the end.

Aurora's gourd-shaped inner wall of the vagina, with a special channel like the friction feeling of sweeping leaves, it was thrown up and inserted again every time, and Teddy couldn't help roaring. Aurora let go of everything, released the casual instinct of the girl next door, and entered a hearty realm. When changing the posture, Teddy held up Aurora's plump buttocks. Teddy wanted to seize the last chance to brand Aurora's perfect body in the memory area of the brain. His penis was inserted obliquely from the back of Aurora, she sprayed out the long-awaited comfort.

In the final analysis, we came to this world to be happy, not to bear sad memories. No one forced us to be reserved all the time. Although Aurora is a docile girl next door in the eyes of others, life should also continue, and we should have the feelings of mortals, such as surprise and enjoyment.

After returning to the coffee shop downstairs again, Teddy readily signed the divorce agreement. Looking back, his nostalgic eyes seemed to say that he would buy an "Aurora" sex doll which has the same size and stay with him forever. He believed that when the sun shines on him, it can also shine on others.

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