7 Signs to tell You whether You Are In Love

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Love is an amazing feeling of a person for another person. Due to this feeling, an ordinary person becomes star of your eyes. Falling in love is the most beautiful experience of your life. Words can't explain these feelings exactly. When a person falls in love with someone he or she also can’t explain or understand his or her feelings. People are different in the assessment of their own emotions. Sometimes they find themselves in a tricky situation, and they are not able to know how they feel and how they should react based on these unknown, but sweet feelings.

Researchers, during various studies in the universities of United States, found that feelings of falling in love with someone affect the brain of a person like drugs. Just like an addict want his drugs, in the same way, a person craves for his or her loved one. Even we become happy after looking at their pictures. Love is the most interesting and mysterious thing which you experience. We will discuss seven such signs that will help you to clarify the situation of your present situation.

You find yourself saying “we” more than “I” or “me.”

When people fall in love with someone unconsciously they show its signs in their conversations as well. They started using "We" more than singular pronouns like "me" or "I" unintentionally, they consider that person as part of their soul. There is a famous phrase, that people use for lovers that they are like one soul in two bodies. Even people start noticing this thing in their daily life conversation. So, this can be a sign that someone is in your mind.

You’re ready to make sacrifices for the other person.

People who are engaged in costly commitment signals are more likely to develop long-term relationships with their sweetheart. Costly commitment signals are pro-relationship behaviors that require substantial sacrifice, perhaps in time, emotions, or financial resources. When someone occupies a special place in your heart and mind then you can sacrifice anything just because of their one smile. Nothing in the world remains important for you more than that one person in the whole world. So, when you become ready for sacrificing even your favorite thing just because of your sweetheart then beware, there must be some strong and sweet feelings behind your actions. You have to know that you are in love with him or her.

You love looking at his or her face.

All of us know the famous sentence "Love at First Sight" and we find it sweet and amazing. Unintentionally, we all wish that someday this miracle will happen to us also. Research also shows that longer eye contact can lead you towards attraction. Eye gaze is a surprising indicator of romantic intentions, differentiating between lust and love. No doubt gazing into the deep eyes of your beloved partner is just like seeing deeply inside each other’s heart. At that time, your heartbeat rhythm also becomes amazing and sweet. You love looking at their face and eyes. Your biggest wish is to see your special one as much as you can. Every sight of their face gives you new energy.  But, there is a significant point of focus that you should understand the main difference between love and lust.

You don’t mind the idea of some dependency.

When people are in love they just give priority to remain close with their loved ones. They are in love not they are emotionally dependent on each other. They give more importance to the interests of their partner, and they don't think about dependence in a negative sense. Indeed, it's true that people who are highly motivated to increase closeness—like those who are in love—no longer hold negative views of dependence when it comes to their love interest. Sometimes they like to be a little dependent on their lover to feel more sweetness of their love together. In short, when people fall in love that they don't focus on anything other than their sweetheart.

You sometimes feel like you can’t get enough of this person.

No doubt, balance in life is the most significant thing. If we aren’t able to maintain balance in our life, especially in our relationships, then we can't make our loved ones happy. A secret hidden behind successful long-term relationships strikes a balance between alone-time and together-time, but attraction is important. We must indeed allow our partner to spend some alone-time also. It is also important to maintain the charm of our relationship. In a happy long-term relationship, the pull towards long-term partners can be as strong as the passion felt when couples first get together. When we give each other enough time and respect their need for some alone-time, then due to these things we can feel the same excitement in our relationship even after many years.

You have your differences but are similar to this person on important dimensions.

Indeed, the individual difference exists between human beings. But, when it comes to love, then everything begins to change, and we start loving everything that our partner is doing.  If your relationship heads toward long-term love, you and your partner are more likely to be similar than different. When you start giving importance to that special person in your life, slowly after some time, you also start behaving like that person. Both likes and dislikes of you become similar rather than staying different. Sometimes, both people have the same interest from the day first, and they are more likely to develop a long-term relationship as compared to others.

You’re physically attracted to this person.

Sometimes you feel butterflies in your stomach when you are physically attracted to that specific person. Your eyes follow them as far as they can, until they disappear from your sight. This physical attraction initiates the wish to become close with that specific person, and you want to make love with that special one. When you get that fantastic chance to see your significant half that much close, then you fall in love with him/her. Moreover, when they perform well in bed and satisfy your all needs, then you only want to be with your loved one.

Sex comes in a primary need of human beings. It plays a prominent role in our life. When we are emotionally satisfied with our sex life then we are able to perform much better in our professional life. We feel sexual attraction towards our partner and want to go into the fantasy world of love-making with our loved ones. Our wish of spending some precious moments of love-making can become the reason for our long-term relationship. No doubt sexual desire and sexual behaviors enhance closeness and intimacy, promoting pair bonding, or attachment to a significant other. When you fall in love, you just want to be with that person as much as you want. Because you know only that person can attractively satisfy your sexual desires and you feel more physical attraction for them.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, love is the most beautiful and powerful emotion in this world. When we fall in love with someone, we feel sensational emotions towards that one special person. When you fall in love, you just want to be with that person as much as you want. Even if you are sitting with a beautiful model of the fashion industry, your mind remains busy thinking that what he/she is doing now? Where he/she is? Even the most attractive person becomes useless in front of your significant half. Sometimes you feel crazy and happy and, sometimes you become sad without any reason because you have a fear of losing that special one. Indeed, love makes you crazy about one specific person. When you just want to remain with him/her, seeing or reading their messages over and over again, then there is a chance that person is stealing your heart, feelings, and even your peace. You always crave for that person and wish to gaze into their eyes till the end of your life. Their one smile makes your day, and you always try to make them happy and cheerful.

Moreover, love doesn’t look the same for every person, but these trends depict what scientific evidence suggests many people experience. Everyone has their book of life, and they have their different perceptions and thinking towards love. But, in this article, we tried to explain some basic signs of love to enhance your insight into love. We hope that the above-provided pieces of information are enough to help you to solve the confusion that is in love or just it is a likeness towards someone. Indeed, all of us believe that when we fall in love with someone, these sweet and exciting feelings themselves tell us that there is something special in that particular person. We wish you have a beautiful and exciting life with your sweetheart.

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