Britney 2.0: 27.3LB Big Boobs Sex Doll Male Masturbator - Fair
Thanks to our customers for providing us with many valuable advice on the product, we created Britney together which has soft 32B cup breasts and sexy hips, weighing only 29.76 pounds. This lets our customers perfectly experience the true feeling of...
Candice: 43LB Most Realistic Pussy Sex Doll - Fair
Candice, who is a 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure. So it is easy for you to dress her up in your desired way. Moreover, she has two big tits with nicely-made nipples which means you can definitely...
Badd Angel: 57.3LB Busty Blonde Milf Celebrity Sexdoll - Fair
The second Tantaly Girls, this busty blonde replicates Badd Angel's alluring proportions and big ass. Her breasts adopt the Tantabosom one-piece molding process, which is 30% softer than the market.
£799.99 £719.99
Eva: 54LB BBW Doggy Style Sex Doll - Fair
Eva, a sexy mature lady of 35 years old, has big breasts and a big butt. She just broke up with her boyfriend. And she is looking forward to a romantic relationship and a huge man to relieve her. During...
Rosie: 31.9LB Durable Big Ass Sex Doll - Fair
Rosie from Tantaly is an athletic woman about 5'4" tall with a big sexy butt. Her slender waist makes the big butt have a stronger visual impact. The prominent pores, goosebumps and skin structures are so realistic that it's hard...
Louise: 23.8LB Realistic Life Size Sex Doll - Fair
Louise is happy to help you make any of your hottest fantasies real. She is not just another sex toy but a complete sex treasure to make your orgasms way more colorful. All you need to do is corporate Louise...
Dita: 9.3LB Portable Mini Sex Doll - Fair
Brand: Do Real Be Real Dita is the smallest doll which is really mini and cute, just like a toy. Despite her small size, she still has all the functions of a sex doll torso. For example, you can easily...
Monroe: 67.0LB Plump BBW Sex Doll - Fair 4 reviews
Monroe: 67.0LB Plump BBW Sex Doll - Fair
Monroe was a sexy mature woman.Her full figure instantly puts you into a fantasy world.She's also by far the biggest sex doll on our website, so if you're looking for a real big doll, Monroe is the one for you.In...
Monica: 40.7LB Best Hentai Sex Doll Torso for Breast Fun - Fair
*(Free storage bag) Monica has just got divorce and feel a little lonely. So she need some passionate comfort. You will be deeply attracted by her big soft jiggly breasts when she is exercising in the gym. Besides, her sexy...
Tantaly Deluxe Sex Puppe Pflege Kit 7 Gästebewertungen
Tantaly Deluxe Sex Puppe Pflege Kit
Funktion des Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kits Um zu vermeiden, dass Schmierflüssigkeit Ihre Laken verschmutzt und die Kanäle für Reinigungsprodukte besser und bequemer werden. Zusätzlich zu besseren und versteckteren Aufbewahrungsprodukten hat Tantaly das Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit entwickelt, um...
Tantaly Absorbierende Stöcke
Gesundes Material und Schnelltrocknung: Der Trockenstab besteht zu 100% aus Kieselgur und ist aufgrund seiner porösen Struktur hervorragend geeignet, Feuchtigkeit aufzunehmen, ohne das Material Ihrer Puppe zu beschädigen oder Ihre Gesundheit zu gefährden.Es besteht aus Tausenden von unsichtbaren winzigen Kieselgurlöchern....
Tantaly Renewal Powder Brush
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