Britney Story 1: Britney's first night with her neighbour

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Britney is a 22-year-old college student who is about to graduate from Pratt College of Arts. From a designer's perspective and with a passion for life, she tells us some legendary sex stories.


During the holiday, Britney was bored, so she wrote her graduation thesis in front of her window. She saw her neighbor, Hunter, digging an ornamental fish pond in his yard. He was topless with sweat dripping down his back. Britney was extremely attracted to his pure vascular physique, he was the alpha male she desired. It was hard to suppress her impulse, she wanted to run over and put her hands all over him.

One rainy night, Britney was restless and had thought about making love to Hunter. That was when she decided that she should grasp the opportunity herself. Britney quickly got ready and decided not even to wear a bra, just putting on a short white dress. She trotted out of the house, and went directly to Hunter's apartment.

Hunter opened the door and saw that Britney's sexy short white dress, two big breasts that were framed by the hourglass body, her thin waist. It was hard for any man to resist. Without saying a word, he picked up Britney, carried her to his bedroom, stripped her of her clothes, and gently wiped her body with a towel. He moved slowly from the bottom to the top, and when he reached the big breasts, he began to lick the nipples with his tongue. The rotating tip of his tongue stirred Britney's nipples and her whole body shook. Hunter didn't stop licking, his eyes looked vaguely at Britney's convex and concave lines. His tongue went from Britney's pink nipples to her elastic abdomen, then down to her mysterious mimi(vulva), licking the congested and reddish labia.

Britney was so wet, so he hurried into the flowing tunnel and inserted it slowly. Britney, who had not yet experienced oral sex, trembled under Hunter's superb tongue skills. Britney observed the muscles on Hunter's chest; his six abdominal muscles were tight; his penis boasted a 22cm in length when erect. She didn't know which space she had entered, and she completely lost her memory.

When Hunter inserted, Britney trembled again. Every time he moved, penetrating deeper into her, she felt the joy penetrate her soul, spasms made her heart flutter. She couldn't control it. It took a while to get back to reality. Britney looked at Hunter lying to her side and thought she had finally completed her transformation from a girl to a woman. It didn't hurt as much as it was written in the book. She breathed a sigh of relief and didn't say a word.

Afterwards, Hunter looked at the blood under Britney's body, and his face turned white. He only said, " you won't suffer this in the future. " Britney knew what he meant. So, if Britney's future husband knew she was not a virgin, he would never laugh at her again.

It was the only intimate contact she had with Hunter. She hasn't seen him since then. Britney has no regrets. After spending some sweet time with Hunter, she feels she completed a woman's initiation ceremony. The Forbidden Fruit has been tasted, and the heart is settled.

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