Everything You Should Know About TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls are now one of the most popular sex toys worldwide. It is the only way you can replicate the same feeling as having sex. But, before you get one for yourself, you need to know about TPE and silicone sex dolls.

It is quite fair to say that sex dolls have evolved at a rapid pace establishing itself as one of the leading sex toys in the market. The sex dolls you see nowadays are actually fake but give you the feeling of having sex in real.

That was a far cry in the past for the users of sex dolls. Also, those dolls were so ugly and their presentation was so grotesque that you would never become horny by seeing them. However, times have changed drastically and sex dolls are now as realistic as ever.

Many of the silicone sex dolls you will see along with Tpe sex dolls. they will give you a humane touch to your lonely play. They are the partners you are missing while using your hand or fingers to satisfy your sexual needs.

Now, if you are fed up by satisfying yourself in that manner, then it is time to move onto the more realistic fun. It is time for you to get a sex doll for yourself. But, before you purchase, you need to understand everything you can about these TPE and silicone sex dolls.

It will help you to get the best sex dolls that can make you satisfy. So, in this article, let’s have a comprehensive discussion on these sex dolls before you make a move to purchase your first one.

What are the Silicone Sex Dolls?

When it comes to sex dolls, one of the most popular ones is made with Silicone. The classification of Silicone is made as Thermoset. So, it is resistant to heat and its nature is like rubber. This rubbery nature of silicone gives the dolls a realistic feel.

Apart from that, one great quality of Silicone is that it does not react much to chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use as well. Now the stiffness of the silicone sex dolls varies a lot depending on the body part made with it.

Therefore, you cannot expect to have a similar stiffness throughout the doll. Silicone really helps the manufacturers of these dolls to replicate the realistic feeling of a human’s body, especially, women. That is why having sex with a silicone sex doll will be as real as having sex with an actual human.

Now, to judge whether silicone sex dolls are good for you or not, you have to take into consideration it’s positive sides as well as the negative sides. So, here is a look at its pros and cons which might make it easier to make your decision.

Pros of silicone sex dolls

  • Realistic looks
  • Robust build
  • Resistant to stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and reliable

Cons of silicone sex dolls

  • Way too expensive
  • A lot harder than you expect
  • A bit too fragile
  • Less realistic certain body parts

What are the TPE Sex Dolls?


Just like silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls are also very, very popular. The full form of TPE is Thermoplastic Elastomer or you can simply say thermoplastic rubber. TPE is a soft material which is very much stretchable. Thus, it becomes a great material for the making of sex dolls.

There are certain parts in the human body, especially, in a woman’s body such as breasts and butt which need to wobble a bit to give it a realistic feel. That is not possible with silicone as it is fairly rigid. However, with TPE, it is very much possible.

Actually, TPE sex dolls are the most realistic sex dolls that you can have. These dolls can give you the exact pleasure that you will have while having sex with a real man or a woman (depending on the type of sex doll you purchase).

You can understand its ability to stretch by the fact that it can stretch up to 5.5 times its actual length. That is what makes TPE such brilliant material for sex doll making. It just elevates the realism of the sex doll making to a whole new height.

So, here are the pros and cons of TPE sex dolls which will also help you to understand these types of dolls deeply.

Pros of TPE Sex Dolls

  • Fairly cheaper
  • More flexible
  • Easy to try various sex positions
  • Compatible with most lubes
  • More realistic

Cons of TPE Sex Dolls

  • Porous material
  • Retains humidity
  • Not heat-resistant

What's The Difference Between Silicone Sex Dolls And TPE Sex Dolls?

Till now, you have got a fairly good idea about both TPE and silicone sex dolls. So, you might be a bit confused as to which one you should go for as both have pros and cons. Also, you need to compare certain things to understand which sex doll is good for you. So, in this section, let’s compare both types of dolls and see which one comes on top.


One of the major factors you will look at while buying a sex doll is the cost. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune to get a sex companion which is a masturbator in reality. So, the cost is a major factor in your choice quite understandably.

Silicone sex dolls are expensive as you know from the above discussion. Also, TPE sex dolls are cheaper. But, do you know how much could be the price difference? Well, the price of a TPE sex doll could be 4 to 5 times lower than a silicone sex doll.

Furthermore, TPE sex dolls are very much affordable for everyone. That is why when it comes to price, TPE sex dolls should be your choice.

Realistic Feel

When you are buying a sex doll, you would be seeking to have that realistic feel. Often when you masturbate with your hand or use a different sex toy, you don’t get that realistic feeling. It is what makes the whole act so frustrating because sex is a beautiful feeling.

If you compare TPE sex dolls with silicone sex dolls on the parameter of the realistic feel, then TPE sex dolls will win it hands down. Wondering why? Silicone sex dolls are more rigid. Even certain body parts such a butt or boobs which should wobble a bit, it does not happen in silicone sex dolls.

So, while having sex with it, you may still have the feeling of having sex with a toy made with silicone. But, with a TPE sex doll, you will have a more realistic feeling than ever. You will feel like having intercourse with a real woman for sure.

Doll Skin Porosity

Another vital thing to consider while buying a sex doll is skin porosity. If the skin is more porous, then it can get stains from the clothes and cleaning it will become that much difficult. So, to cut to the chase, TPE dolls are more porous than silicone sex dolls.

However, considering the price variation in the dolls, you would be ready to accept a bit more porous doll. Also, you won’t be able to see the pores with your naked eyes. Meanwhile, the skin porosity difference is not as huge as the price difference.

So, yes, the TPE sex dolls have more skin porosity, but with the price in mind and the realistic feel, TPE dolls will still be a better choice than silicone sex dolls.

True-To-Life Sensations

Sex is all about the sensations. The sensations you get while penetrating cannot be described with words. Also, the feel of fondling the body is also very much a part of having fulfilling sex. So, you would have to understand which type of dolls will give more real-life-like sensations.

Now, silicone sex dolls are not that flexible and the material is a bit too rigid. That is not how a human’s body is supposed to feel. So, you will not have those real-life-like sensations with a silicone sex doll.

But, when it comes to TPE sex dolls, it is exactly the opposite. The material is much more flexible and softer giving you the feel of a real human body. Hence, the sensations will be similar to having sex with a human body.

So, for the realistic sensations, TPE sex dolls will have to be the winner.

Maintenance & Care

Whether you think about it or not while buying the sex doll, taking care of it and maintaining it is also a huge part. You have to be ready to take this responsibility whether you like it or not. But, hang on, it’s not an uphill task, it’s quite easy actually.

Many of you would think that maintaining silicone sex dolls will be easier as it is less porous. But, actually, you are wrong. Silicone sex dolls are heavy and you have to work really hard to get it cleaned every time you use it. Also, you need a lot of things to clean the silicone doll.

But, for TPE sex dolls, it will be easier for you to clean as you only need a few basic cleaning materials to clean the doll properly. Also, you will need to follow some simple cleaning steps. So, the cleaning of TPE sex dolls will not be as hard as you think.

Longevity and Durability

Investing in a sex doll is not a cheap thing. Whether you are buying a TPE doll or a Silicone doll, you will be spending a good amount of money. Of course, buying a Silicone doll will be an expensive investment for sure.

But, that expensive investment may not be worthwhile because silicone sex dolls are very much fragile. You would want your doll to last long. But, as silicone is a rigid material, if you mishandle it slightly, the doll could get ruined.

On the other hand, TPE sex dolls can last for years only with proper and simple maintenance and good handling. It is a flexible material which ensures that it lasts longer than ever. Also, if you keep the doll away from heat, it can go on serving you for many more years to come.

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How To Care Silicone Sex Dolls

Taking care of your silicone sex dolls is very important if you want it to give you more memorable moments. So, you should clean the doll regularly. Here are some steps you need to follow to clean your silicone sex dolls:

1. Use soap and lukewarm water to clean the doll.

2. Rinse the soapy water thoroughly from the doll.

3. Dry the doll as much as possible, don’t use too much heat.

4. Finally, apply baby powder to the body of the doll.

How To Care TPE Sex Dolls

There is a myth that taking care of the TPE sex dolls is really hard. But, in reality, it is very simple. If you have made your mind about buying TPE sex dolls, then you should not back off by contemplating on its maintenance. Just follow the simple steps and everything will be done easily:

1. Use a neutral soap and normal water to clean the doll.

2. Air-dry the doll as blow-drying might damage the doll.

3. Use baby powder to make the doll smell great again.

You need to clean the doll every time you have used it. Also, you should do general maintenance of your TPE sex dolls only 3 to 4 times in a year. Meanwhile, you should inspect the doll regularly to find any damage to it. In this way, your TPE sex doll will last longer. Furthermore, storing the doll in a cool place will enhance its life and you will be able to enjoy the doll for many more years to come.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you don’t want to overspend your money on sex dolls, then choosing TPE sex dolls will be a better option. It is not like silicone sex dolls are not good. But, TPE sex dolls will give you more fun and great sensations at a lesser price. So, going for TPE sex dolls should be your obvious choice if you are shopping for sex dolls on a budget.

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