Fleshlight Launch vs. Sex Doll: Which One Is Better

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Finding sexual satisfaction is paramount. Otherwise, you cannot find fulfilment in life. Now, most men find it difficult to have satisfaction with their sex life. So, they have to rely on their hands to have that sexual satisfaction.

But, using hands is not that satisfactory always. It will get monotonous after some time leading to more dissatisfaction for your sex life. So, you need something that will emulate the same sensations that you get while penetrating.

That is where the need for masturbators emerges. The Fleshlight is one the most popular and talked about masturbators for men. There are so many men who use Fleshlight regularly. But, if you are new to using Fleshlight for the first time, you need to know how to use it properly.

Otherwise, you may not only find dissatisfaction but also hurt yourself. That is why buying Fleshlight Launch will be a good idea after you know how to use it. Apart from that, maintaining Fleshlight Launch is also very important for your health.

Meanwhile, you should ask yourself, is Fleshlight Launch the most satisfactory male masturbator? The answer is debatable and we will discuss it in this article later on. But, for the time being, you should know that matching the satisfaction level of using Tantaly’s huge tits sex doll torsos is difficult for any male masturbator because of its realistic touch and feel.

But before we move onto that, let’s have a comprehensive discussion on Fleshlight Launch and how you can use it properly. We will also tell you about the top 5 Fleshlight products that you can look to purchase if you want to have a Fleshlight. So, let’s begin.

What is the Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight is a brilliant device for you to masturbate. It gives you a sense of penetrating the vagina. You can either use the Fleshlight manually or you can use as an automated device for a hands-free experience. Well, the experience you can have while using Fleshlight Launch is simply outstanding.

When you are using the Fleshlight manually, you will be using your hands to generate that penetrating sensation. After some time, it can get boring and that is where the automated and interactive features come in.

With the manual feature, you can control the speed of the strokes. Also, you can adjust the width and length according to the need of your cock. However, the functions in manual settings are very limited. The real pleasure of using Fleshlight Launch is in the automated and interactive mode.

Now, in the automated mode, you will get the chance to be a part of the action that will go on in the porn movies. Yes, that’s right; you will find some interactive porn websites which are compatible with Fleshlight Launch.

You can connect your device and sync it with those websites. Now, what the porn stars will do on the screens, you will feel that through your Fleshlight device. Thus, the kind of pleasure you find through Fleshlight is probably unmatched.

The reason why we are saying probably is that there is one such male masturbator that can give Fleshlight Launch a run for the money. And, that masturbator is Tantaly huge tits sex doll torsos. We will see a comparison between the two later on.

How to Use Fleshlight Launch

Using the Fleshlight Launch might seem a bit tricky apparently. But, you should know that it is very easy to use the device and once you know how to do it, you will be delighted. So, let’s see the steps and processes you need to follow to use the Fleshlight Launch effectively.

Step 1: The Set-Up

Before you can do anything with Fleshlight Launch, you have to make sure that it is fully charged. To charge the device, you will already have a USB cable in the box that you need to use. You have to plug that USB cable in and wait till the on button of your Fleshlight Launch turns green. It could take around 6 to 9 hours for your Fleshlight Launch to get fully charged.

While you wait for the Fleshlight Launch to complete charging, you can go to the website of the manufacturer to set up the device’s warranty and register yourself as the user of that device. It will help you in using the device. After that, you need to download the apps required to watch VR porn and masturbate using Fleshlight Launch.

You will find the links and names of those apps in the instruction manual of the device. You need to download those apps and register yourself because you need those apps to connect your device with the porn website later on.

Step 2: Switching On the Fleshlight Launch Device

Once your Fleshlight Launch is fully charged, remove the charging cable. Now, get your Fleshlight out and rotate it in a way inside the hole of the Launch device so that it gets locked. Meanwhile, you should be aware that to get a smoother experience of using the Fleshlight Launch, you have to lube the device thoroughly just like you do while using the Fleshlight normally.

After this, you have to press the ON button of the device for about a couple of seconds and the device will start with a flashing blue light that will show you that your device is in Bluetooth mode and is almost ready to connect to another device. To go to the manual mode, you have to touch the flashing blue light with your thumb and the light will go off to indicate that you are in a manual mode. To switch the device off, you need to hold that ON button for around four seconds.

Step 3: The Interactive Mode

Download the app you need to use the interactive mode of the Fleshlight Launch. Now, once you register yourself and connect the device with the app, it is time to go to the website of the VR porn where you will be watching and taking part passively in the action.

After you register to that VR porn website, click on the option where it will allow you to add a device. Now, go back to the app and scan the QR code given on the website to sync the app and the website. After this, you can play whichever VR porn video you want and your Fleshlight Launch device will behave according to the strokes shown in the video.

Step 4: The Manual Mode

If you want to use the Fleshlight Launch in the manual mode, then just switch on the device and the Fleshlight Launch will automatically start stroking your penis. You need to swipe around the right of the device to control the length of each stroke. You need to scroll upwards and downwards vice versa to increase and decrease the length of the strokes. Also, you can control the pre-set strokes of the device with the help of the level settings.

Now, the left side of the device will be about the speed control of the device. You have to either scroll upwards or downwards on the device’s left side to increase or decrease the speed of the strokes. Once you are done using the Fleshlight Launch device, just press the ON button once and your device will stop working.

Top 5 Fleshlight Launch In 2020

As you already know how to use the Fleshlight Launch, now, let’s take a look at the top 5 Fleshlights that you can use for a magnificent sexual stimulation.

Ice Lady

Ice Lady is one of the very popular Fleshlights that you can use to fulfil your sexual fantasies. The material is very clean and you will enjoy watching your dick penetrate as the sleeve material is transparent. It is a very compact device and easy to clean.


  • Use it with warm water for a special feel
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • Not ideal to have blowjob
  • The transparent appearance can be a bit freaky for some.

Dillion Harper Crush

If you watch porn, then you must have watched Dillion Harper in action. Now, here is a Fleshlight that will help you to imagine her in bed with you and also masturbate at the same time. The sleeve material of Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight is very soft and durable.


  • Resembles a real-life-like vagina
  • The soft opening of the vagina for stunning sensations


  • Cleaning can be a headache
  • The first experience can be a bit painful

Stamina Training Unit

You can make your female partner jealous by using this sex toy. Stamina Training Unit looks exactly like a real vagina and it is designed to give you supreme pleasure. The toy is easy to clean and waterproof which make it an ideal male masturbator for beginners. Also, this device is great to increase your stamina and endurance in bed.


  • Good material and tight vaginal experience
  • Easy to clean and ideal to increase your strength in bed


  • Not that much durable
  • Only suitable for the beginners

Fleshlight Launch

Well, this is a device that will accommodate the Fleshlight. You can also say that it is an accessory for the Fleshlight. With this device, you can feel the VR porn as realistically as well. As the Launch device will stroke your penis while you see a stud banging a chick the on the screen, you will surely reach the seventh heaven of pleasure.


  • Way faster strokes than your hands
  • Emulates the actual blowjob feelings


  • A very costly and bulky device
  • The noise on the fastest mode is annoying

Stoya Destroya

Well, probably one of the most popular Fleshlights ever made is Stoya Destroya. Men love to use this Fleshlight because it is made in a way that it will give you terrific pleasure of penetrating a woman. You will just love it. Also, the owner of this Fleshlight brand is a Stoya who is a very popular porn star. This Stoya Destroya is as unique as Stoya, the porn star. You will surely love using this Fleshlight.


  • A brilliant experience of using Fleshlight
  • Narrow chambers for a fantastic orgasm


  • The toy is a bit too big and heavy
  • The design of the chambers can make cleaning a problem

Fleshlight Launch Vs Tantaly Huge Tits

Using Fleshlight along with the Launch device can give you a terrific experience without any doubt. But, you should know that there is another sex toy, a male masturbator that can give you a better experience of masturbating than any Fleshlight.

Yes, we are talking about the huge tits sex doll torsos from Tantaly. In many ways, Tantaly’s huge tits sex doll torsos can give you a far better experience than a Fleshlight Launch device. Let’s take a look at how.

Not an Imagination but a Reality

When you are using Fleshlight Launch and watching VR porn, the device will be emulating whatever that is being done on the screen. But, the guy banging the chick will have the pleasure and you have to imagine that you are touching the chick and her boobs.

But, with a sex doll torso with huge tits from Tantaly, you will be fondling those by your hands. So, you don’t have to imagine anything because it will be a reality.

:A Better Experience

A sex doll torso from Tantaly is easy to clean and maintain. You can use it anytime you want, unlike the Fleshlight Launch which needs to be fully charged for using. Also, if you know how to bang a girl, you can use the torso sex doll easily. But, using Fleshlight Launch can be very complex and hard to understand for a not so tech-savvy guy. So, it is better to say that, with the overall view, a Tantaly sex doll till give you a better experience of masturbation.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to find the ultimate sexual satisfaction, then you have to use the sex doll torsos with huge tits from Tantaly. Yes, using the Fleshlight Launch can be highly pleasurable. But if you want to use the best masturbator for your masturbation, then Tantaly huge tits sex doll torsos are your best choice hands down.

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