Mini Sex Doll Brooke Review

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Review Author:  The Casquetero Files

Something I have realized during this forced quarantine is that all this “free” time does not translate to “play”time. I had been extremely busy trying to generate some real income, making hour-long lines to do my weekly shopping, and doing lots of (prescribed) drug-sleeping. Add all the stress caused by living at the United States CoVid-19 capital and the associated financial situation and you will understand the difficulty to get in “the mood” to play…

Fortunately for me, I do not have to worry about having enough toys to play. My affiliates had been supplying me with nice and interesting toys and one of them is today’s review: Tantaly’s Brooke. This is a realistic miniature hip toy with two orifices that could be seen as a perfect introduction to the Doll Life. Is the Brooke a good toy for both the doll noobie and the experienced doll master? There is only one way to find out, SO LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

I got the Brooke from Tantaly in a heavily taped black box. Inside the box, I received the mini hip, a lube tube, and a cleaning / drying “tampon”. Simple and straight to the point…

Brooke itself is a nice chunk of TPE. Weighting around four and a half pounds, Brooke is heavy enough to withstand a heavy pounding but light enough to be held in one hand for easy cleaning. The mini hip is pretty realistic with well defined “muscles” and body features – I personally love the definition on the belly, thighs, and hell, even the butt hole. The vagina looks enticing, with a natural looking lips and a faint pink coloration that invites you to finger it.

Brook with red thong

The toy has two orifices – vagina and ass – that not only look realistic, but both have unique realistic textures. When you finger them, you can feel the bumps and ridges and you know this toy is going to take you to heaven. The tunnels are independent with unique textures and both are of the closed-end design providing decent suction. This toy promised to be an interesting ride no matter how I used it, so the only thing left was to lube my new best friend, wake up my mini-me, and have a good time with Brooke!

Brooke doggy


As I expected, Brooke’s orifices proved to be pleasurable. Although very elaborate, the vaginal texture is not super intense – it has enough intensity to grab your penis and give it a great treatment. Because it is a closed end toy, it creates a suction that feels just like a lovely, patient blowjob. The anal texture does a similar trick on your penis with just a little bit more tightness, ensuring you will enjoy fucking the crap out of this hip toy.

Talking about fucking the crap out, using this toy as a handheld stroker will give you a hell of an arm workout. Remember we are talking of almost 5 pounds of material, so you will feel the burn in your arms after a couple of minutes. Brooke is a “desktop fucker” – she works best by placing her on a surface (bed, desk, table) to be fucked in either hole. The flat thigh bumps are great for a hands-free doggie-style session and being honest, that little round ass is made for constant grabbing and spanking. Want a missionary style session? No problem, because Brooke also stays in position whenever you flip her to pound her vagina. Basically, you can enjoy Brooke either way at leisure until you blow your load – just like I did!

A small but powerful package!

Cleaning up Brooke can be a little bit challenging, especially the drying. Because it is a close-ended toy, humidity will stay in the canals unless you use of those “drying tampons” (one is included with Brooke, but you will need more…). You can always use regular tampons – which are cheaper and readily available at commerces around you – , just be ready for “understanding” looks…


If you are looking to experiment and see if dolls are for you, Brooke is a good option for you. At just $65 at Tantaly’s website (less than a Fleshlight), you can play with a mini doll that will let you get an idea if sex dolls are in your future. Personally, I like how realistic the textures feel, but those of you looking for intensity maybe will not enjoy Brooke as much as I did. Highly recommended!

Do what she says!

Score: 21 / 25

Realism: 5 / 5.  It is a small hip toy, but the textures feel very realistic.

Storing: 5 / 5.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain.

Cleaning: 3 / 5. Drying is an issue if you do not have the drying tampons.

Weight: 4 / 5. At around 5 pounds, it is a nice pounding toy – or a soft, bouncy dumbbell…

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