Review of Tantaly Britney Torso Sex Doll by Liz BlackX

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                        Review Author: Liz BlackX 
Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men
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A new friend has joined our family: Britney. 

Last year we opened our house to our first sex doll: Stacy’s mom. This was such a big hit, we didn’t have to think about whether we wanted to test her close relative, also from

So we arranged the delivery and a few days later we received our new doll. And man, what a difference it was. Having tested one TPE torso doll already, I thought I had seen it all. How wrong was I! Britney is in every way a step up from Stacy’s Mom. She’s larger, heavier and she has larger boobs. And the quality is still top-notch. My husband was eager to test her ever since she arrived. So we quickly took the pictures and tried her in all ways. Let’s begin with the description.

Packaging and Description

Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men

Britney comes in her personalised box, on which she states ‘she’s so horny thinking about you.’ It’s the perfect way to tickle your imagination of what this doll is going to look like, and what fantasies she’s going to fulfil.

She is well-wrapped in two plastic bags which protects her well during transport, and it makes unpacking even more exciting. 

Britney is stunning. I didn’t think anything could beat Stacy’s Mom, but Britney is just better in every way. 

Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men

She is 43 centimetres tall. The width of her hips is 32 centimetres while her shoulders are 28 centimetres. 

Her breasts are life-like and have separate silicone implants inside. It makes squeezing them an excellent experience. Even I, as a heterosexual female, cannot stop touching and fondling them. I love that the breasts aren’t 100 % symmetrical, one is slightly bigger and different in shape than the other. It only adds to the real feeling of the doll. 

The shape of her body is exquisite. She has a thin waist, 20 centimetres and a well-formed ass. Her ass is shaped a little upwards, so she is perfect for doggy style when turned over. 

Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men
Don’t leave her too long like this or you’ll damage her boobs

Her skin is of life-like material, which feels true to touch. She is formed with little goosebumps and other pores which adds to her realness.

Britney is one heavy girl with 13,5 kilograms. I’m not the strongest, but I have trouble getting her out of the box and moving her. My husband is a lot stronger, so it’s less of an issue for him, but it is something to consider if you’re thinking about buying her.

The sex doll has three ways to have sex with her: between the boobs, in her vagina and in her ass. Both the vaginal and anal tract have nubs in them for extra stimulation. The anal tract is slightly narrower than the vaginal tract.

There is a slight smell to her material, but that will dissipate over time.

For help with how to use and take care of your doll, I can definitely recommend the ‘Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit,’ which you can read more about in my review here.

Our Experience

Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men
Her boobs squeezed together

My husband is the one who took Britney for a ride, and not just once. 

He was very enthusiastic. She is even more life-like than ‘Stacy’s Mom.’ During sex, the evolutionary triggers that convince a man he is having sex with a real person were even more on alert with this doll than with our first one. Her hips are broader, her tits are larger, and they sway attractively with every thrust. 

Because of her weight, she is hard to handle, but since she has a strong skeleton, she’s easier to deal with somehow. Because she’s higher, you’re less likely to skimp the table of bed while using her. And her firm ass is perfect for taking her doggy style. Also on her back, her vagina is easily accessible.   

The only negative feature he found is that, during winter time, she is cold to touch. She does warm up quickly, though.

My husband added that she’s pleasant to cuddle in bed because of her dimensions, also in a non-sexual way. 


Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men
Britney’s perfectly arched back

Britney is perfect. This firm sex doll has everything a man could want. My husband was so taken in with her that I quickly offered to make him some food. I had to give him something she couldn’t!

All jokes aside, she’s really an outstanding product. We were genuinely amazed how Tantaly has been able to construct such a life-like doll which is still useable in every way. Her shape, her skin and her passages are all better than we could have dreamt of. 

She may be on the expensive side of torso dolls, and I didn’t think there could really be that much difference between the different dolls, but there is. Her size and shape make her a more pleasant fucking experience. Her boobs are more pleasing to touch and fondle. Her ass is made for slapping. And still, she won’t complain one bit.

Britney is the perfect companion for any man. Missionary or doggy-style, she is yours to use. She’s even up for a simple boob-fuck. So if you ask me whether she’s worth the money, the answer is simple: yes. In return, you receive one docile girlfriend, goosebumps and all, with bouncy boobs and a tight ass who will never complain. What man wouldn’t dream of that?


Review of Tantaly Britney: Torso Sex Doll for Men
Just waiting to be fucked


  • Sturdy skeleton
  • Good shape for doggy style
  • Breasts with silicone implants
  • Life-like skin
  • Firm ass


  • Expensive
  • Cold to touch
  • Heavy in weight

Overall: 9 out of 10


Where to Buy

UK Store( Britney
from: Tantaly

UK Store( Britney

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