Why Do Guys Get Hard Fast?

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Perhaps you have seen a guy running for the nearest exit or walking awkwardly. Maybe he was even trying not to come across as obvious while covering his lap with a jacket or pillow. You probably wondered what was going on with him.

It is most likely an erection. Do not worry. You will learn what an erection is in the next section. But for now, continue reading.

If you know what an erection is, you can easily get embarrassed on behalf of these guys, pity them, or even feel pure disgust. It all depends on the situation and why they got hard in the first instance.

"Why do guys get hard fast?" is a neat question to ask. In this article, you will find what exactly "getting hard" means, how fast it happens, how frequently it happens, and how to deal with it.

What Is Erection?

You can call it whatever name you want - boner, chubby, or wood. But there is certainly an explanation for this burning hardening in your trousers. For this article, let's call it an erection. Now, what is an erection?

According to science, erection is the natural hardening of the male sexual organ (penis), which occurs when blood fills up tissue in the penis. This is mostly a result of what is felt, seen, or heard by the male, hereby, sending signals to the nerve, making the arteries relax and open up to receive blood and that controls the hardening of the penis.

Do Erections Only Happen During Stimulation?

Originally, the penis is often just a droopy lump of flesh hanging in your midsection. It is often not noticed until stimulation happens, after which it suddenly becomes attentive and makes itself known.

However, erection sometimes can happen in the absence of physical stimulation, as it happens to guys in the morning, but it is a sign of good health. Testosterone level is at its highest early in the morning, and that alone causes erection.

Although there is no actual or exact amount of time for an erection without acting on it (having sex or continuous simulation) or the use of medical or external additives, an erection lasts between a few minutes to 30 minutes.

Why Do Guys Get Hard Fast?

Before you get weirded out about how fast that guy gets hard when he hugs you or you touch him, remember that hardness is not always an indication of sexual stimulation. The speed of the hardness often depends on some individual differences and source of stimulation.

Firstly, if he is sexually stimulated in the presence of mid or low-range stimuli, the speed of erection will be quite steady. Instead of almost instantaneous as you might assume. Say, for example, he is looking at a sparsely dressed woman, watching an erotic scene in a movie, or maybe even reading erotica. The rate of erection will differ based on these.

Also, the guy's testosterone level might affect the rate of his hardness. If he has not had sexually satisfying activities in a while, he might be easily aroused compared to others. A man will get hard faster if he has experienced satisfying sexual activities but has gone off for a long time.

Furthermore, a guy will get hard fast when the object of sexual stimulation is one he generally has some emotional attachment to. For example, a man is more likely to get aroused by a figure he sees as sexy compared to a random figure.

Again, remember that not all hardness is due to sexual stimulations. This means that a guy's boner can easily be morning wood or just because he needs to pee. Morning wood happens slowly and without the man's consciousness. While hardness due to the need to take a leak is often gradual and with his full awareness. Well, unless it happens while he is sleeping. Either way, he would have to wake up and relieve himself.

How to Deal with Erection?

There's no big deal in getting an erection. In the normal sense, it shows that you are healthy and safe to be called a man, at least. So, no shame.

It happens whether you like it or not.

A boner or erection shouldn't hurt unless there is a health condition, although there are cases where it might be uncomfortable.

Usually, an erection means that your penis is eager to get involved in sexual activity or is involved already. So, one way to deal with erection is to ejaculate.

However, there are other ways to deal with an erection.

Clear Your Mind

Since an erection came in place as a result of stimulation, it's best to get your mind off any sexual-related thing. Think about non-sexual things. You can also choose to read or get involved in other activities.

Take care to avoid any activity that can make you even harder. Don't watch erotic movies, avoid erotic books, and you might want to take a break from any presence that gets you hard.

Wait It Out

Erections don't last way too long, especially when it's not acted upon, so you might just want to wait till it goes away. And within that period, you can shift the position of your penis or cover it with your shirt, bag, or any item that comes in handy. But ensure that you do not apply too much pressure or weight on your penis, as this can bend the penile muscles. Although the penis has no bones and therefore can not break, a fracturing of the muscles is best avoided.

Take a Leak

Maybe you just need to find the nearest restroom and take a leak. The penis is designed not to make you pee yourself. So, it will get erect and call attention to the fact that you need to pee, especially when you have been holding it in for quite a while. Urinating with an erect penis will often give you a slight burning sensation. However, you will feel relieved, and the erection will subside after.


Sexual ejaculation is the single most satisfying way to get rid of an erection. Your body wants to have sex, and the best way to satisfy it is to give it what it wants. You should get a healthy sexual partner and satisfy yourselves.

In instances where getting a sexual partner is impossible or inconvenient, you can masturbate or use sex toys. Also, be careful when doing these, as it can bend your penile muscles or lead to unhealthy addictions.

How Often Do Guys Get Hard a Day?

There's certainly no rule guiding how often guys should get hard in a day.

However, some circumstances can affect the rate at which erection occurs aside from the average of eleven times almost every guy gets an erection.

Other factors that can affect how often erection takes place in guys include:


The older you get, the less flexible your erection arteries become. This makes you less sensitive to sexual stimulations, thereby drastically reducing the rate and frequency of your erection.

Hormone Levels

Testosterone plays an important role in the erection process, and an unbalanced supply of hormones can also affect the rate of your erection. Balanced testosterone coupled with healthy dopamine levels can help to make you more stimulated and stress-free.

Exercise and Nutrition

Generally, exercising or working out helps with the blood flow and overall health of every human, which also makes an impact on the rate at which erection takes place.

Similarly, having a healthy eating lifestyle will boost your erection rate.

Other factors include alcohol intake, stress, anxiety, and many more.

 At What Age Does a Man Stop Getting Hard?

The common term for a man not getting an erection is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man can not get an erection or takes a while to have satisfying sex.

Although there is no specific age limit to when a man can't get hard, it seems common in older people, not because it's a part of the symptoms of getting old, but because at that time, health conditions can easily get in the way.

Another thing that causes erectile dysfunction even in younger guys is when they are used to masturbation, especially if the addiction has started for a long time.

Since masturbation is most times done in haste, avoiding being seen by someone else heightens the rate, and in no time, they ejaculate. A body addicted to this might get to develop erectile dysfunction or quick ejaculation when having real sex.


It is completely normal for you to get hard. It happens to every healthy male with a penis. Imagine if your nose suddenly stopped drawing in hair. This is comparable to when your penis suddenly never gets hard.

Avoid feeling embarrassed by your healthy boner. When it happens in public, the best thing is to excuse yourself till your body gets relaxed. Generally, men get hard due to varying personal reasons, so you do not need to compare boners.

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