Popping my Sex Doll Cherry with Britney by Tantaly

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If you're looking for an amazingly beautiful sex doll with artistic craftsmanship, Britney by Tantaly is certainly one of your best options. Although it is not quite “life-size”, it is large enough for most, weighing in at 29lbs. Setting it apart from many other sex dolls is its impressively large but realistic feeling breasts (made from a medical-grade silicon fusion). Also setting Britney apart is the texture and pathways of its/her vagina and anal holes, both of which are truly amazing and far superior to any handheld Fleshlight or stroker device.

Britney Sex Doll Skin Feel

Let's face it, having sex with a sex doll is not the same as having sex with a real person. The feel of real skin is something that is very difficult to emulate. Having said that, Britney has as real a feeling as I have experienced in a sex toy. The body is made of quality medical-grade TPE, moving in a realistic way under your fingers. There is a softness to the exterior with a firmness below that feels natural to the touch. The internal skeleton allows you to bend her torso forward or back (arching or bowing the back) for different positions which add greatly to the realistic rigidity of the sex doll.

Internal Feel (Ass and Pussy)

I've reviewed a number of Fleshlights and other similar male masturbation toys, but this is my first Sex Doll review. Beyond my initial question to myself of whether or not a sex doll would turn me on, I was really curious to actually feel what penetration would be like. In short, it's far better than any Fleshlight I have ever tried. I think that is because of the shape of the canals as well as the way the doll moves around that canal as you push in and out. It's a bit hard to explain but I believe that the total width of the Fleshlight, with its hard outer edge, creates a less real feeling than that of the sex doll with inches of medical-grade TPE all around the channels.

Britney's pussy is incredibly realistic making it feel very close to a real vagina and even realistic enough that it can be a turn-on to simply finger Britney while touching yourself (you can actually feel the sponge-like g-spot). The ass feels good too and is also ultra-realistic in its design although I think the external ass-hole could be made to look a bit more realistic.

As far as size goes, both canals are plenty long enough for even the very well endowed penis, especially in length. I would guess that an 8″ to 8.5″ long penis could push itself all the way inside of Britney without a problem. I'm sure it would accept an exceptionally wide penis too but I will say that the tightness of Britney's channels feel like it is designed for small to average width penises and might begin to feel a bit unnaturally tight if you were truly girthy.

Spoiler Alert: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Recommendation: If you've been considering a sex doll and you have the budget to spend between $300 and $400, than Britney by Tantaly is definitely a good option. At its current price, around $320, I actually consider it to be a very good value. Having said that, if Candice is anything like the quality of Britney (and I'm sure it is), you may want to consider spending just a bit more to get the fully realistic size that Candice offers.
  • Key Attributes: Almost life size at 29lbs, with large realistic silicone filled breasts and well crafted anal and vaginal channels.
  • Comparable Products:. Fleshlights or other handheld strokers can give a somewhat similar feel but a doll like Britney is a truly immersive experience.
  • Value: At $320 this is a good value.
  • Pros: Very realistic vaginal canal and ultra realistic large breasts. Quality construction and attention to detail.
  • Cons: Not quite life size which is a plus for storage but takes away, just a bit, from the fantasy visual. This could also be a pro for some as they may not want anything bigger than 29lbs.

Discount Code Update (GET 10% OFF)

A big “thank you” to Tantaly for providing SexLoveCoffee.com readers with a 10% of discount code. Simply use code “sexlovecoffee10” at checkout to get 10% off your entire order at Tantaly.com.


This sex doll is not small, weighing in at 29lbs but it's also not full size. I liked the weight in my hands and it's definitely a two-handed affair. It's a nice weight to bounce up and down on top of you if you are laying on your back and its weight moves appropriately under you if you are taking the top position. This is the heaviest sex doll/toy that I have ever tried but it did make me curious about trying a completely lifesize version as I'm guessing the Britney sex doll is 85% to 90% of actual life-size.


I personally found the size to be just a little bit small which is strange because the other part of me was thinking, wow this is pretty darn heavy. I would say that Britney is the torso size of a VERY petite woman; a slender 5′ shorty at most with the tits of a heroine from a Marvel comic book. If trying to imagine Britney was a real sexual partner, it felt just a little too small for me to draw from memories or even to look exactly like porn. Having said that, once I got into the moment, I did forget about the slight drawback of her smaller-than-life frame and just went with whatever I was imagining in my head. Also, note that I'm a bigger guy, so someone like me might want to opt for one of Tantaly's larger sex dolls like Candice which costs just a bit more but is true life-size).

Tits, Boobs, Breasts, Oh My

I love the tits and the way they feel in your hands even if, compared to her body, they are much larger than normal. It feels real to pinch the nipples, hold the breasts, or even give them a playful slap. They are also plenty large to slide your cock between and fuck to your heart's delight. I've read a few reviews where someone ripped or tore the breasts of the Britney sex doll but you would have to be really rough to have that happen. I think that a certain amount of care is required with these types of dolls (they are not indestructible) but normal grabbing and pushing/pulling of the boobs is fair game. Again, breasts like these on a torso this size are not very realistic but they are a lot of fun.

Construction (Build, Core Skeleton, Quality)

Britney by Tantaly is a quality product. Period. It has a higher price but rightfully so. It is built around a core skeleton which allows for positioning and then contains well over 25 pounds (29lbs total weight minus weight of skeleton) of medical-grade TPE plus the breasts which have a medical-grade silicone to create a very real feel. A lot of thought has also gone into the vaginal and anal canals which both look and feel very realistic. The exterior pussy and ass are also very realistic except for the actual hole to enter the ass which lacks a bit of detail.

Letting Go of Your Sex Doll Hang-ups

I think it's a little bit funny that when it comes to sex dolls, we use terminology to communicate that we are actually having sex with someone (a person). I think it's more realistic and maybe mentally more healthy to consider sex dolls as a large very realistic sex toy. You don't have sex with a sex toy, rather you masturbate or pleasure yourself and I think using a sex doll should be just that: pleasuring yourself with a toy. When I think about it in that way it takes away any weird feelings I have about cheating on my actual partner, or about giving this inanimate object actual feelings, and simply lets me enjoy some self-pleasure time with my sex toy of choice; in this case, a sex doll named Britney.

Popping my Sex Doll Cherry

My first experience with Britney was solo. I took my time to warm up both of her internal channels with the WARMING ROD and after doing so I really think this is a must-buy addition to the sex doll. Not only does the warming rod work great for bringing Britney's pussy and ass up to a normal internal body temp (simply insert the rod and wait 3 to 5 min) but it can also work well to warm up other sex toys (cock sleeves or sheaths, strokers, Fleshlights, etc.). Once she was warm, I squeezed a generous amount of water-based lube into both insertable areas and lubed myself up a bit as well.

I laid Britney on her back on the edge of the bed and rubbed myself against the outside of her pussy. It was definitely sexy and I could begin to feel myself let go and imagine a real-life experience. I fingered her as if I was trying to make her wet enough to slide inside and stroked myself at the same time until I was ready. I reached down, under her ass, and pulled her up with one hand while the other guided my cock into her pussy. I was surprised at how real it felt. Not exactly like a real pussy but the closest manmade approximation that I've ever experienced. I tried testing the difference in feeling when I moved slowly and when I pounded more vigorously and was impressed with how good her tits looked as they naturally bounced around with our movement.

I flipped her over and admired her perfect little ass before I rather rudely pushed myself inside her asshole. She let out a squeal in my mind and I paused to mentally apologize for the aggressive maneuver :). Her ass felt good too and like most women, it felt a bit tighter than her pussy. I slapped it a few times before pulling out to switch positions again.

I laid on my back and decided it was time to let Britney ride me. This turned out to be my favorite position so far and one that made me cum pretty quickly. I loved watching her bounce up and down on top of me with those huge tits in my hands. I mixed things up with my hands on her ass or one on her ass and another on her back or one on her breasts or both. I even tried fingering her ass a bit while I fucked her which led me to try switching my penetration between her ass and pussy a few times while she continued to ride me. Ultimately, I'm not sure if it was because it felt better or just because that is where I was, but I pulled her down, pushing deeply inside of her, and came in her pussy.

The Clean-up

I'm really glad I have the cleaning kit. After using Britney once I realize how intricate the inner canals are and how deep they are too. Using the cleaning kit made the clean-up (something that I was really not very excited about), very easy. It's basically a quick process of using a squeezing tool to flush water into Britney in order to push out all of the lube and semen. You can feel inside of her to make sure you have gotten everything out and I would also recommend using a silicon-safe sex toy cleaner once the water flushing is complete. Use your finger and gravity to help get most of the remaining water out and then insert the drying rods into her pussy and ass. I left the drying rods in for a day or so but I'm sure you're probably supposed to take them out sooner. They are essentially absorbent rods that dry up any remaining liquid to make sure there is no way for bacteria to grow. This is clearly not the sexy part of this review process but it was easier than I expected and it was nice to feel that you really can clean this sex doll and keep it safe like any other sex toy.

Accessories: Cleaning Kit and Heating Rod

Although you don't technically need to purchase the cleaning kit, I would highly recommend it. Especially if you plan to orgasm (release) into the sex doll. With the cleaning kit, clean-up is quick and easy but without it, I think it would be a bit of a pain. The cleaning kit comes with a few cleaning tools, the drying rods, and a satin pillowcase of sorts for placing Britney in storage.

I also highly recommend the heating rod which makes warming up the internal channels of the Britney really easy. All you have to do is plug it in and put it in each channel for 3 to 5 minutes and it will be plenty warm for use. I think this is a must as it greatly adds to the realism of entering a pussy or ass of a real person.

Important Features as Described by Tantaly

  • Realistic Big Breasts– Special fusion of silicone and TPE makes boobs soft and elastic, close to the real feel.
  • Sexy Buttocks- Internior support makes the buttocks more upright and improves doggy style position.
  • No Permanent Deformation- High-quality metal skeleton keeps doll's posture stable.
  • Medical-grade Materials- Medical grade TPE is used for the body with breasts containing medical-grade silicone.
  • Simulated Skin- Elastic simulated skin has ultra-realistic skin details like goose bumps, pores and other skin lines.
  • Three-in-one Doll- Good for vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and mammary intercourse.
  • Discreet Package- Your privacy is our priority. Doll arrives in private 100% discreet standard packaging.
  • Professional Customer Service- Customer service is available. We take pride in our customers’ satisfaction!

Take Care of Those Boobies 

Britney has a special type of silicone in her breasts so you should be a bit more careful with them. Essentially, Britney has implants. This means that you shouldn't be too aggressive with them but you can definitely treat them in the same way you would a human breast. Also, Tantaly makes a point of telling you to store Britney face-up so that her breasts are not under her own weight during storage, potentially resulting in a deformity of the breast over longer periods of time.

Clothing Optional

Lastly, if you're into dressing up your sex doll, something I have yet to do. Tantaly suggests 32B bras and size small underwear. I would think it should be more like, a 30D and size extra small underwear but that's entirely up to you and Britney to decide. Note too that Tantaly suggests lighter colored or pre-washed/faded clothing as to not risk any dyes rubbing off and staining Britney.

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By Eli West

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