25 Things Guys Like in Bed But Won't Ask For

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Regular communication is very important in romantic relationships, especially in the sexual aspect. Couples must learn to communicate about their sex life and ask necessary questions. In essence, there shouldn't be anything you can't discuss with your partner, especially when it comes to your sexual life.

If you've been looking for the best way to satisfy your man sexually, this article is for you. There are certain things that guys like in bed but won't ask for either because they're shy to talk about it or afraid of their partner's reaction.

However, if these things are communicated, it will spice up your sexual life. Since there are things guys like in bed but won't ask for, you must satisfy your man sexually. Here are some of those things that guys like in bed but won't ask for:

1. Eye Contact

Generally, eye contact is important in romantic relationships. It communicates things that words may not convey. When you maintain eye contact with your man before making any move, it makes him feel the desire in you and assure him that you want him.

The next time you're with him, maintain eye contact before making a move to kiss him.

2. Sucking Sensitive Parts of His Body

Any guy will like it when you suck sensitive parts of his body. Suck His nipple, his earlobes, or his penis and hear him moan your name. He will be filled with pleasure from your action.

No guy will tell you he likes his nipples or dick being sucked, but trust me, it's one of the things guys like in bed but won't ask for.

3. Being Controlled

Most times, guys are always in control when having sex, and the truth is that they get tired of being in control. They find it hard to tell it to their partner because they're afraid of being seen as less of a man.

Guys like it when their ladies are in charge during sex. Let him lie down and ride him like there's no tomorrow. By so doing, he will feel more pleasure and enjoy the sex better.

4. Having Sex Outside the Bedroom

A lot of guys prefer having sex outside the bedroom. One of the reasons why they don't tell their partners is to avoid inconveniencing them.

Guys like when you have sex in other places apart from the bedroom. Examples are the living room, shower, kitchen cabinet, Dining Table, etc. Take your man out of the bedroom to any of these places and initiate sex. You'll notice the excitement on his face when having sex with you.

5. Make the First Move in Bed

As stated earlier, guys love it when their partner is in control. As a lady, you shouldn't wait for your partner to make the first move every time. You should also make the first move whenever you want to have sex.

This will show your partner how interested you're in the sex. You can start with teasing your partner or touching sensitive parts of his body to put him in the mood.

6. Guys Love It When Their Women Smells Good

That feeling of being intimate with your partner and perceiving a sweet scent and fragrance is one of the things every guy wants to experience but won't ask for.

He feels his woman will be insulted if he tells her that she doesn't smell good enough. As a lady, you should be the one to ensure that you smell good. Before you go to bed, make sure you shower and apply perfume and deodorants. This will make him more comfortable around you and make you edible for him.

7. They Like to Be in Control

Guys have egos, and as much as they love being controlled during sex, they also love to be in control. Sometimes, all your man wants is that you lay down while he acts. The masculine and hero feeling is what every guy desires. If you've always been the one in charge, it's better to reduce it and give him more opportunities to be in charge during sex.

8. They Love It When You Moan

This is one of the most important things for every guy. Every guy likes to feel he's doing it right and hitting the right spot. So, when you're having sex with your partner, don't be quiet. Men always love it when you moan.

Those sounds you make drive him to do more and make the sex full of pleasure. Whenever he's doing it well, let him know by moaning and whispering how he makes you feel in his ears.

9. Guys Love Being Complimented in Bed

As a lady, when you're in bed with your guy, it's good to compliment him as this will make him happy and feel appreciated. Tell him how handsome he looks, tell him how sexy and irresistible he looks, how hot he looks, etc. Compliments are one of the things guys like in bed but won't ask for. Make sure you do it regularly.

10. Guys Love Being Guided by Their Partners

As stated earlier, guys like being in control. But even at that, guys like being directed by their partners during sex. You can move his hand to the part of your body that you want him to touch.

This will further assure him that you're also involved in the sex and make him pay more attention to that part of your body because he will know that the place is more sensitive.

11. They Love Ladies Who Give Feedback

As a lady, you shouldn't just be quiet after sex and move on with other activities. Guys like feedback. They want to know how you felt. They want to know if you enjoyed it and what they can improve on to spice up your sex life.

Communication after sex is important and shouldn't be trivialized.

12. Guys Love Confident Ladies

One of the attributes guys like in ladies is confidence. Guys won't tell you that you lack confidence in bed because you might take it personally. However, you don't have to wait till he complains because he might never do, assess yourself and work on your confidence while in bed with your guy.

Confidence is one of the things you can use to easily put a man in the mood.

13. Guys Want to Know If You're Well Pleased

As stated earlier, guys love feedback. They want to know if you enjoyed the sex and if there are things they need to improve on to spice up your sex life. It's not even compulsory you say it. Your actions after the sex will show if you're indeed satisfied or not.

14. Guys Like It When Their Partners Participate

Imagine a guy wanting to pull a stunt while you both are in bed, but you just lay there looking at him. He will feel so bad because it will look like he's forcing things on you.

Guys like it when their partners are involved in sexual intercourse. It shows mutuality, i.e., both parties are interested.

15. Guys Always Want to Explore New Styles

Guys love it when they try out new sex styles with their partners. They love to explore and be creative with sex. Missionary is a very easy and stress-free sex position, but the truth is, most guys aren't contented with it.

They might not complain in a bid to not inconvenience their partner, but they want other styles. As a lady, you can try styles like cowgirl, BDSM, 69, doggy style, etc. This will make the sex more fascinating.

16. Guys Like to Have Risky Sex

Guys also like having sex in weird places. Sex on the beach, sex in a plane, sex in an open field, sex in a restaurant, etc., are part of the things guys will like to try but won't ask for. If you want to spice up for sexual life, you can take your partner out to try any of them.

17. Guys Like Body Contact

It's not every time that guys want to have sex. Sometimes, guys want to be held by their partner and pampered like a baby while they sleep. As a lady, you should practice this more with your guy and make your bodies come in frequent contact.

18. Some Guys Believe that Threesome Is the Best

Some guys have this belief but won't express it because they feel it will imply that their partner isn't enough for them. Some guys believe that 3 isn't a crowd. They want to have one more lady in bed with their partner.

If you as a lady don't mind having a threesome with your partner and another lady, you can bring up the conversation, and if your partner wants it, you can go ahead.

19. Guys Love It When You Look Sexy for Them

Dressing up for a guy is one of the things he likes most but won't talk about. Your guy is already used to seeing you in your pajamas, but he might not complain. As a lady, you should learn to spice things up. Wear sexy things like things, G-strings, etc.

20. Guys Love It When a Lady Touches Herself

Most guys like to see a lady touch sensitive parts of their body and make pleasurable sounds. He won't ask for it, but trust me, he loves it when you do it. Play with sensitive parts of your body like your breast and nipples, rub your clitoris and moan for him.

21. Guys Love It When They Feel They Have a Good Sense of Humor

One of the things guys like to see a lady do is to laugh at their jokes. A guy feels comfortable and free around ladies who make them feel they have a good sense of humour. You should often do this for your partner as a lady.

22. Guys Love It When You Use Your Hand

Guys love it when you use your hand on them. You might think it's not necessary since they can do it themselves, but it even gets better if you do it and they direct you. As a lady, you should do this often to spice up your sex life with your partner.

23. Guys Like It When You Say Their Name

As stated earlier, guys like it when a lady moans during sex. As much as they like that, they prefer it when a lady moans their name. As a lady, you shouldn't just make random sounds. Moan your guy's name and let him know he's hitting the right spot.

24. Watch Porn with Him

No guy will ask a lady to watch porn with him, but guys like it when a lady does that. As a lady, you should try that with your guy. Watch porn with him and practice anything that's done in the porn. By doing this, he will be more comfortable with you, and your sexual life will be spiced up.

25. Rubbing His Ass

Guys like their asses being spanked. During foreplay or sex, you can rub his ass and gently spank it. It also makes him feel wanted and certain that you're enjoying the sex.


There are lots of things guys like in bed but won't ask for, and you must know about them as a lady. This article has explained some of them. Make sure you practise them and spice up your sexual life.

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