Best 8 Hot Sex Positions To Use With A Sex Doll

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Sex is a pleasure-seeking activity, and nothing is better than sex dolls. Sex dolls are the best source of sexual pleasure and love-making. They are available in various shapes and sizes with pretty attractive faces and beautiful eyes. No doubt, the experience of sex with these lovely realistic sex dolls is mind-blowing and super exciting. They are realistic, and you can try different sex positions to increase the pleasure of sex. Their skin and body's internal flexible structure allow different positions like your real sex partner. There are countless benefits of sex dolls, and it is necessary to know some sex positions to explore more and enjoy the pleasure of sex. In addition, you can experience intense orgasms when you know how to properly position them.

Below are the best 8 sex positions that we recommend trying out with your sex doll:


Bent over

Bent over is a famous sex position among couples for a long time. But, there is a need that people must know how to operate it with the sex doll. Firstly, make sure that your sex doll is in a way that you can easily penetrate from behind. Keep in mind that your doll needs support. You should keep her close to the table or bed. At the second step, hold her from behind and bend her in such a way that her face lies on the surface, and she bends at her waist.

A perfect sex position for both vagina and anal penetration. You can get the benefit of this position even outside the bedroom. Always use surfaces for this sex position where there is no chance of damaging the doll's skin. Then, you can enjoy orgasms through this position. Moreover, there are some pros and cons of this position with sex dolls.


  • A fun booster.
  • A perfect position you can try any place outside your bedroom.


  • The doll's knees can scrape off through this position after a long time of usage.
  • It is not more comfortable than the mattress.

Standing doggy

Some men like this sex position, and they get more pleasure to penetrate inside her when their sex partner stands against any wall. A sex doll should stand in such a position that her back or butt is near you while the face is on the other side. You can choose a corner of any room because the walls will help her to stand properly. Use her arms against a wall to balance her. Now, lift her leg gently and slide into her vagina freely. Some pros and cons of this sex position are also there with sex dolls.


  • It works excellent for deep penetration.
  • A perfect position to gain sexual pleasure from your doll in showers, balconies, etc.


  • The height difference between you and your sex doll can create problems in this sex position. You have to spread the doll's legs wide for deep penetration.                                                                                   


Furthermore, some people find this sex position more intimate as compared to others. But, people must know how to operate this position with the sex doll. It is perfect for all those people searching for more intimate sex with their hot sex doll partners. A hot penetration pleasure is waiting for you through spooning. At the first step, let your doll lie in bed on her side with arms bent in the front position. After that, bend her legs to a forty-five-degree angle. Now, you can easily penetrate by lifting one of the legs up.

Spooning is the perfect sex position to do smooth penetration without difficulty. During this position, you can enjoy more intimacy with your sex doll because she is close to you, and you can experience real-life sex feelings. A few pros and cons of this position with sex dolls are also given below:


  • Best for sex dolls because there is no need to carry your heavy dolls in this position.
  • When you come so close with your doll, then her body also gets some heat, and you feel like a real sex experience.


  • You can’t see her beautiful breastsor kiss her sexy lips.


The list of sex positions remains incomplete if we skip a famous doggy-style sex position. To achieve sexy stimulation, this position works great. Kneel the doll on the bed and bend her downwards, raise her hands above the head for supporting her body. You should also spread her legs to protect her from falling. Now, you can slide inside her vagina and enjoy the pleasure of love-making. You can spank her ass if you like rough sex. All choice is yours. Here are some pros and cons of this sex position when you use it with your beloved sex doll.


  • Ideal for deep and fast-paced penetration.
  • Best for all rough sex lovers.


  • Protect her knees from friction, after penetration,straighten her legs to prevent her legs from damage.
  • As compared to other sex positions, it shows less intimacy.

Magic Mountain Position

Another famous sex position is the magic mountain position in which you have to place your sex girl against a couch, bed, or carpet and penetrate from the backside. But, in this position doll have to kneel on the surface when you enter from her back. You should raise the arms of the dolls to maintain balance and protect her from falling. You have to pump hard or slow, all choice is yours. All sex positions have some pros and cons when you are trying to use them with sex dolls. In the same way, the magic mountain position has also a few pros and cons.


  • It is helpful for a quick orgasm.
  • A fantastic position for all those people who love rough sex.


  • Less intimate sex position as compared to other positions.


This is a popular sex position among those who like sex while lying on the bed. But,  people must know how to operate it with their lovely sex doll. You should lie on your back and let your beloved doll stay at your top and now enter your penis in her vagina easily. You can enjoy intense sexual pleasure with cowgirl sex position. There are some pros and cons of this cowgirl sex position also. You should take care of them.


  • It can add passion to the love-making experience.
  • An ideal position for enjoying some sexual pleasure while relaxing on your bed.


  • It may be a little difficult and challenging physical position.
  • You have to hold your sex doll firmly to keep her in the correct position.


A missionary-style sex position is in use for a long time among couples, and people considered it as the default sex position. There is a need to tell people how to operate it with the sex doll. Let your sex doll lie on her back. Bent her legs to forty-five angles and spread them perfectly. Moreover, in another way you hold her attractive legs over your shoulders and sex with her. Some pros and cons of this position with sex dolls are given below:


  • It allows you to feel more connected with your lovely doll.
  • You can enjoy a fast orgasm with the help of this position.
  • You can also enjoy the pleasure of deep penetration.


  • There is a chance that you feel bored from this sex position.

Countertop me

There is another fantastic sex position named countertop me which is gaining importance among couples nowadays. But, people need awareness about how to operate it with the sex doll. You can use this position in the kitchen where you have to let your lovely sex partner sit on the table while her legs dangle over the edge. Stand between the legs of your sex doll and hold her hip and enter your penis inside her vagina. You can experience sensational sex pleasure through this position. Everything has certain pros and cons, in the same way as countertop me sex position also has some good and negative points with sex dolls.


  • Perfect for kinky areas of your home like the kitchen, etc.
  • An ideal position to enjoy deep penetration.


  • This position can create some problems if you have some height difference between you and your sex doll.


To gain more pleasure from your lovely sex dolls, you have to watch hot porn videos when having sex with sex dolls and try the same position as with the couples on the porn videos. You should also do some research before buying sex dolls and always buy sex dolls from an authentic and well-trusted company. The Tantaly is the best company for life-size sex dolls, they are very attractive and available in all your desired sizes and figures. Their dolls are super flexible, and you can enjoy all sex positions with them like your real-life sex partners.

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