How to Give Good Oral Sex to Someone With a Vulva

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We definitely live in a man’s world and one of the biggest proof is that there are literally tons of guides and classes out there on giving blowjobs. Even if the word “blowjob” refers to both penises and vulvas, it is mostly used for oral sex provided to a penis and we just want to make it clear that this is the way we will be using it, too. So, even if there are a lot of tips and tricks out there on how to give the best blowjob, it is unfair that cunnilingus just doesn’t get the same amount of attention. An interesting fact is that three quarters of vulva owners actually need clitoral stimulation to consistently orgasm, and oral sex is one highly effective way to provide that. This is why this article will give you some ideas on how to make it a great one.

Draw out the anticipation

Sex and any other intimate act is mostly about anticipation, about what the person is expecting to happen. This is why not only the sexual act itself is important, but a big part of the pleasure is built while playing with your partner’s breasts, while kissing their inner thighs, while kissing their neck, their back, their most favorite places and doing any other things to build up the anticipation that will, eventually bring them to the well-desired orgasm. A lot of specialists say that the mental stimulation before the sexual act itself will help your partner reach a stronger orgasm.

Stay on the clitoris

Even if it is indicated to pay attention to your partner’s body parts that turn them on, when you “go down”, try to keep your focus only on the clitoris. Stimulating the clitoris is a very important part, as most of the pleasure that the vulva can take is through the clitoris. Because of its more sensitive skin hidden under the clitoral hood, every touch feels more intense and if you pay enough attention to it, there’s no way your partner will not orgasm. So when you do offer your partner’s cunnilingus, don’t forget to stick to the clitoris.

Get under the clitoral hood if needed

Many women will feel more sensation if, when you go down on them, you get below the clitoral hood, directly on the clitoris itself. It is not as difficult as it sounds, you can usually do this by licking upward from right below the clitoris. The clitoral hood is just some extra skin that covers the clitoris itself from any kind of damage or bacteria that might try to come from the outside. Also, the clitoral hood protects the more sensitive skin of the clitoris, which means that when you move it aside, you reveal the sensitive skin of the clitoris, that will feel everything more intense than the hood. 

Lick in an up-and-down motion

When it comes to cunnilingus, consistency is the key to success. The job to do is easy, all you have to do is flick your tongue repeatedly up and down over the clitoris. You can try other movements, too, like making little circles around the clitoris, or flicking from left to right, get as creative as you want, but don’t forget how important the consistency is, so if you’re down there, just keep doing what you’re doing, and she’ll be more than happy with your work.

Engage your hands

After all the repetitive moves, when your mouth gets tired, you can try and get your hands involved. This way you give your mouth a chance to rest while still offering pleasure. Even more than that, you can also put one finger or two inside the vagina and pressing upward, not only when your mouth is resting, but also when you are using it. The more you do when going down on your partner, the more pleasure you will offer and the stronger their orgasm will be. Keep in mind that when it comes to sex, your pleasure is not the only one that matters, but that of your partner does matter, too. Be sure that if your partner is happy, she will make sure you’ll be happy, too.

Finish the job

Even if you’re getting tired, try not to quit this process unless you are told to stop, because even if it seems slow, this process of licking up and down, with or without inserting your fingers, is a way which builds towards the climax and, after all, when you are having sexual acts with your partner, your purpose should not only be your own pleasure, but also the one of your partner, because this is what makes sex great for both of you.

To sum up, oral sex is and should be treated like a very serious thing, because it is not only a great way of beginning the sexual acts, but also a great way to improve the quality of your sex acts and to offer multiple ways of satisfaction. Do not forget to built the anticipation, by kissing not only the vulva, but also the areas around it. Also, keep in mind to play with the breasts and with all parts of her body that produce her pleasure, as playing with them can only help her reach a much stronger orgasm in the end. Do not forget to focus, at some point, on only the clitoris, because it is the one that produces the most pleasure and also do not forget to reach to the clitoris itself, by putting away the clitoral hood. This tip is going to help you a lot when offering your partner’s a cunnilingus, because, as mentioned above, the skin on the clitoris itself is way more sensitive and will produce a lot more pleasure. Also, when going down on your partner, do not forget to use your fingers, too, because stimulating two areas instead of one can only bring more pleasure.

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