Britney – A guest review from Mr. D (with interjections from Brigit)

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First thoughts…

We appreciated the discreet packaging!

Note: We were provided this product free from Tantaly for our honest and unbiased review. We were not paid for this review, beyond the free product.

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When we took Britney out of the box, there was little material smell (less, even, than Rico), and it had a little mold release agent on the surface, giving it a greasy feel. Brittany is pretty hefty, but unlike Rico, she has an internal structure. The structure can be felt if you squeeze or grab it hard enough, but it is in no way obtrusive. I would liken it to bones in an actual woman. It is exceptionally well-made, with no voids or pinholes in the TPE material.

Britney’s tits are large and firm, sitting in an upright, perky fashion. They are extremely squeezable, feeling pretty much like a woman with breast implants…except that they are they same texture all the way through; there is not soft outer part with a firmer center. The nipples are detailed and have a nice pink color.

(Brigit says: These nipples are astonishingly like a real woman’s. When I suck on them, they give way, easing away from the breast, yet staying hard. If you like sucking on tits, this will please you greatly. The breasts jiggle beautifully, too…so when you fuck her, even just with your fingers, they sway and bounce in response. The “skin” is soft like a real woman.)

Britney’s ass is soft and grabbable, but firm. When you give it a smack, it jiggles nicely.

The pussy is a work of art. The detailing is exceptional. The outer labia has a softer, wrinkled texture that makes it look very real. The clitoral hood and inner labia follow suit, being shaped with amazing detail. Inside it is interesting, as it is filled with bumps and ridges for life-like texture. The hole is circular at the opening, but inside it is irregularly-shaped, like an actual pussy.

(Brigit says: I was thoroughly impressed by this detail. It seriously felt like a real woman inside. It looks very real, and moves like real skin. The outer labia don’t separate from the inner quite like in real life, and inside is an open hole, unlike a real woman, where the flesh folds in and closes together. If you’re looking to fingerbang or eat this girl out, it won’t be quite the same. But there are similarities. If I simply tongue the outside and focus around the vaginal opening and the clit, it gives a similar sensation to real life. The folds here are velvety soft and delicate. When you suck on them, they pull away just like real flesh. The clit does, too. So, even though I am a bit disappointed by the gaping space when I thrust my tongue inside, and the fact that I can suck on the outer labia like I could on a real woman, it’s not disappointing enough to keep me from enjoying it. Understandably, this toy is intended for male masturbation, so I’m not surprised.)

When we first took her out of the box, I squeezed her tits, smacked her ass, and stuck my finger in her pussy and asshole. I wasn’t really impressed, but that first impression changed quickly.

A real pussy has moisture. After adding a little lube, I was shocked how life-like it felt inside. The pussy is also very deep. I am of average endowment, but guys with big ‘ole schlongs will be able to go balls deep in her pussy.

Britney’s asshole also feels quite life-like. Just as with the pussy, there is texture on the inside. The entrance is small and circular with a permanent gape about the diameter of a pencil.

Using her…

After taking her into the shower and cleaning off the mold release agent, I took Britney for a spin. I fucked her in every hole, tit-fucked her, and did every position I could think of. It felt awesome! I will say that due to her size, she remains at ambient temp, so it feels a little weird sticking your dick in a cold hold (the company sells warming sticks for this), but the TPE material transfers heat very well, so it only takes a very short while before the hole becomes “dick-temperature.” It was also a little amusing to go from the ass to the pussy without worrying about giving her an infection. The asshole feels like a real asshole with the majority of the resistance being at the sphincter. The pussy feels like a real pussy: snug, even pressure all the way to the balls. The “legs” were also an interesting sensation, as they move and give way the same way an actual woman does. Feeling them adds to the experience. I also tried putting a vibrator in her ass while I fucked her pussy. It was excellent, but I took it out because it was going to make cum much too quickly.

I am not a man to pass up the opportunity for a cream-pie. In all my years of marriage to Brigit, I have probably only cum outside of her three or four times. So, Britney wasn’t going to be any different. I fucked her cowgirl until I dumped a good-sized load back deep in her pussy.

After using her…

When I was ready, I tucked Britney under one arm and headed to the shower. We have a wand-type shower head that you can take the head off of, making it like a hose. I turned Britney upside down and stuck the hose in both holes for a good flush. I then added some anti-bacterial soap and scrubbed the insides. My hands are not huge, but they are big enough that I can’t fist Brigit. But, using care, I got my whole hand in both the pussy and asshole to agitate the soap. I was very careful to monitor for any signs of tearing. But there were non, which again speaks to the build quality. I do have to admit I laughed to myself, fisting an upside-down sex doll to the middle of my forearm in the shower.

After flushing both holes to get the soap out, I gave her a few shakes to drain out the excess water. Out of the shower, I laid out a towel and bounced her ass on the towel to shake any more water loose (the titties jiggling were a nice touch and made me snicker).

Tantaly sent one drying stick with the doll, but it needs two. So, I had to improvise until I could purchase a care kit. I used absorbent cotton cloths (the kind that don’t leave fuzzies behind). I put one in the pussy. I repeated this process with a new cloth until no moisture was felt. I did the same with the asshole. Cleaning is a chore, but it is absolutely necessary (I don’t want a stinky doll the next time I use it).

Now we have to find a place to store it, as this is not some fleshlight you can put in your sock drawer. Tantaly offers storage bags, but for the time being Britney will reside with Rico in a large gym bag.


There is only one thing I can think of to improve this doll. On a real female, your dick is sort of guided by the outer labia, with the actual opening of the vagina being a couple of centimeters deep in a funnel shaped area. I would change Britney’s pussy to reflect that. My dick didn’t just slip in like with a real pussy. Every time, I had to guide it directly into the hole, and there was no room for error. This made things like cowgirl awkward, as I had to hold the doll up with one hand and use my other to get my dick in the correct spot. Is this a deal breaker? Absolutely not! I would be a shitty reviewer, however, if I did not mention an idea for product improvement.

Bottom line…

This is a great product if you are in the market for a sex doll. Tantaly lists Britney for $319.99, and for what you are getting, that seems like an excellent value. It is build well, it is detailed, it will please every cock, and it WILL make you cum. Prior to reviewing this, I never would have considered a doll, as I am blessed with a wife who will take my dick whenever I want. But, this is perfect for when she is not around to serve my needs. It has definitely changed my outlook on fuck dolls.

Now, if Tantaly ever made their Eva with Britney’s tits, that would be a game changer. I do love a big ass!


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By Sláinte, Hiram Delaney

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