What’s the Difference Between a Masturbator, a Sex Doll Torso, and a Full Sex Doll?

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When it comes to getting off, there are a variety of toys and contraptions for both men and women. And thanks to technology, and the means to market various niches within the sex industry, it’s easy to find… just about anything!

This is actually great, as it allows the imagination to run absolutely wild, and to experience an array of different sensations and stimulations. What next? Sex with robots? Oh wait, that’s actually a thing too!

So, needless to say, if you’re looking for a male sex toy that’ll enhance your solo play time, you’ve got some good odds when it comes to finding your muse.

Today, we’re going to be zoning in on three different kinds of male sex toys, namely: male mastubators, sex doll torsos, and full sex dolls.

With each, we’ll weigh up their pros and cons, and recommend some saucy toys that’ll definitely spice things up and give you the kind of sexual enhancement that you’re craving.

With that, here’s a little introduction into these three male sexy toys:

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a product that enhances male masturbation. It’s a toy that heightens penile stimulation, and is an item whereby a man’s penis is inserted into a canal that, in a way, mimics the feeling of jerking off but in a way more intense fashion.

It focuses solely on the penis glans, shaft and the frenulum, and doesn’t provide much, or any, stimulation to the balls. In this way, they’re the perfect substitute for one’s hand, and is a self-pleasure device that increases orgasm intensity, allows for longer masturbation sessions, and is often customizable (controlling the speed, vibration intensity and pattern).

Today, there are dozens of different male masturbators, such as auto blowjob experiences, a vibrating sleeve, fleshlights, and pocket pussies.

What is a Sex Doll Torso?

A sex doll torso is a life-like masturbator that merely gives the user access and visual aesthetics of a woman’s torso. For example, you would have a product of a woman’s neck, breasts, stomach, pussy, and often the base of her arms and legs.

This kind of sex doll gives the user all the pleasures of a real size sex doll, but takes up less space, and is a lighter version of an adult-sized doll. And while this may sound slightly off-putting, it is actually quite the opposite. There are many pros to owning a sex torso (which we will discuss below), and it is an intense sex toy that’ll transcend one’s sexual masturbation sessions.

A sex doll torso is oftentimes made from silicone or TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers), with TPE being the most popular. TPE gives this half sex doll a soft and elastic feeling, which only enhances the real-feel experience. It’s also a material that can produce very intricate details on the doll, such as its lips, eyes, nose, and genitals.

What is a Full Sex Doll?

A full sex doll has come a long way since the days that they were merely blown up in order to use. Today, sex dolls have a much more lifelike appearance, being created from material such as silcone or TPE (just like the sex doll torso).

The difference between the sex doll torso and the full sex doll however, is the fact that the full sex doll has an entire body. This body contains a head, a torso, arms, and legs.

Sex dolls are customised in an array of different designs, giving the user the ability to choose one that closely aligns with their personal taste. Oftentimes, these sex dolls have been modelled on actual people, such as porn stars.

For example, some may have blonde hair, brown hair, light or dark skin, tall or short, big or small lips, and distinctive pussy features. A full sex doll is, of course, larger than a sex doll torso, and will weigh more than one too.

Interestingly, there are some countries, such as Austria, that offer sex toy brothels in which you can visit and attain pleasure with the sex doll of your choosing.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the male masturbator, a sex doll torso, and a full sex toy.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Male Masturbator?

When it comes to male masturbators, it’s a device that offers intense sensation and enhanced stimulation, yet is small, making it much easier to hide, store, and clean.

A male masturbator can easily be kept inside a drawer, in a hidden box, or under the bed, and the clean up time is reduced considerably as opposed to various sex dolls.

Male masturbators are also cheaper than a sex doll, allowing you to try various models and devices without having to fork out big dollars.

On the other hand, the experience and sexual erotica is not as high as when a sex doll is used. A sex doll has been made with very intricate and lifelike features, giving you a real-feel, and they may also be aesthetic pleasing to the eye.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Sex Doll Torso?

A sex doll torso has the ability to give you (almost) all of the perks of a full sex doll, at a fraction of the cost. It’s smaller in size too, making it easier to hide and store, as well as clean, while giving off a real-feel almost identical to a full sex doll. A sex doll torso also has a higher aircraft cup and is a suitable substitute for an aircraft cup.

On the downside, a sex doll torso may not provide the satisfaction for those who are looking for a more companion-like sex device. For many, owning a sex doll is a way in which to feel closer to a woman and to not only enjoy a sexual experience, but also a sense of closeness.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Sex Doll?

Full sex dolls offer users the ultimate sex doll experience, as mentioned above. These dolls are exceptionally lifelike, with features that are soft, giving off a real-feel, and you are able to own a sex doll that mimics the woman of your dreams. It’s also a way in which to gain confidence around women, and to practice different sex positions.

The main pro of having a full sex doll however is the fact that it gives those who are lonely, find it difficult to meet and be intimate with a woman, have trauma, or experience anxiety or depression, the opportunity to have ‘a partner’. In this way, affection and emotional bonding can be a huge turn on and driving factor when buying a full sex doll. A simple hug can alleviate stress and bring about a feeling of human closeness.

The downside to buying a full sex doll however, is the price, maintenence, and storage factors. To purchase one, you’d be looking at anywhere from $2000 and up, which means forking out a bit of cash in order to have the experience.

It’s also the biggest male sex toy, making it harder to hide or store, especially at short notice. Lastly, the maintenance and cleaning aspect too can be troublesome. While having intricate details and different orifices may be a dream come true, this sex doll needs to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use.

This is not merely a suggestion, it is imperative, as if the sex doll is not cleaned properly, it can begin to grow mold and produce bacteria at a high rate. To ensure safety, a sex doll should be cleaned in every nook and cranny in order to avoid these issues.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best Male Sex Toy?

In our opinion, we feel that all three of these male sex toys have their own unique pros and pluses. A male masturbator is a great way to enhance your experience, yet is small enough to store and easier to clean.

A sex doll torso however gives you a heightened state of arousal and more pleasure, because of its real-feel conception. These dolls are made from high quality silicone or TPE that will last for longer, and there are many aspects of a sex doll torso that you can customise according to your taste (such as the size of her breasts, her pussy style, colour, shape). It’s also not as big as a full sex doll, making it easier to hide, store, and clean.

 A full sex doll may be the perfect option for those who want to have the girlfriend experience, and who perhaps have insecurities surrounding women. It’s a way in which to feel as though you are in the presence of a real woman. It is however, much harder to hide, store, and maintain, and does cost quite a pretty penny.

Our conclusion? A sex doll torso is the affordable option that gives you all of the perks of a full sex doll without the hassle of size and maintenence. And that’s why we’ve created a highly customized sex doll torso online shop, so that you can find the perfect sex toy that enhances your pleasure while being easy to handle.

We’ve tapped into the niche that has all of the pros of a male masturbator and a full size sex doll, leaving the cons behind. Our lightweight torso sex dolls come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, are made from real-feel material, and contain various tunnels and curves for added stimulation.

But then again, we respect and embrace everyone’s ability to find their favourite toy. Whichever sex toy you do choose, we’re sure you’re going to have a lot of fun! Stay safe, and enjoy!

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