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When you are having sex, you would want to experience the highest pleasure. Whether you are having sex with a partner or a sex doll, you want to make sure that your penis gets inside her without much force and you can go to and fro quite easily.

Yes, your penis will have natural lubricants which we all know are pre-cum. But, sometimes, that pre-cum is not enough to give you pleasure. If your end goal is to find sexual pleasure, then you have to use a lubricant. You should know that the wetter it gets during sex, the better it will feel for you and your partner.

Now, many people have misconceptions about using lubes. Some would think that by using lube, their ego will get hurt. Or some might think using lube is a sign of their inability in bed. You will find many people who would tell you that lubes are only for older people.

But, the truth is it’s not. Younger people can and should use lube during sex to avoid any painful experience and have a great time. So, as you are trying to find out about lubes, it seems you are interested to use them during sex. And, it is a great decision.

Now, you have many questions in mind about using lubes. We can understand that because you are trying out something for the very first time. So, you ought to have some questions. But, don’t worry because we are here to solve all your confusions about using lubes during sex. So, keep on reading this article as you will find everything that you need to know about lubricants.

What is Lube?

To simply put forward, a lube or lubricant is a gel or liquid product that is used during sex to avoid irritation and friction during penetration. When you are having sex with your partner and the private parts are not lubricated properly, it can hurt because of the friction and can cause irritation and other sexual problems. It is something you would not want even in your wildest of dreams.

Also, if you are trying to have anal sex, then it is a must that you use a lubricant. Remember, the anus doesn’t have a natural lubricant. Therefore, if you want to penetrate the anus without lubricant, it can hurt you and your partner. So, you have to use lubricants during anal sex to make it more pleasurable because only then, the penis will get inside the anus easily.

Likewise, when you are having sex with a sex doll, you have to use lubricants. As you can understand, sex dolls don’t have natural lubricants. You have to use personal lubricants to make her vagina or anus wet so that you can penetrate. Sexing with a sex doll or masturbating with a sex toy without any lubricant will not be as pleasurable as you might want to feel.

Now, here is an interesting fact for you. Do you think that the concept of using lubricants is new? Well, you are making a big mistake if you think that only modern human beings use lubes. Around 350 BCE, humans started using lubes during sex. Now, you might think that is absurd. But, the fact is humans used olive oil as a lubricant during sex to give pleasure to their partners.

Yes, in 1919, the modern lube came into the market. This was the first time that lubes were manufactured. But, the purpose of using the lube was not for sex. It was mainly used surgically. The use of lubes for sex became more prominent in the modern era where people wanted to elevate their sexual experiences in many ways and surely lubes help in doing so.

What Type of Lube Suits Me Best?

You will find various types of lubricants in the market about which we will discuss in the sections below. But, you will have one question in mind while reading it and that is which lube you should use while having sex. Yes, we can understand that it is very confusing for you to figure out which lube will be great. But, don’t worry, because we are here to guide you.

Now, the first thing you need to know that different lubes have different functions. Therefore, the use of the lubes will be different as well. But, what you need to understand is your needs. Why do you want to use the lube? Also, you will find that various lubes are made out of various things, for example, silicone-based lubes, water-based lubes or even oil-based lubes.

So, these lubricants will react differently on your skin. If you are looking to use the lubes during sex, then remember, you will be using them in the most sensitive part of your body. Thus, you have to make sure that there will be no adverse effect of using that lube on your skin. This is how you should pick a lube. Which lube will have no adverse effect on your skin? We will talk about that in the next section. But, for now, you should know that the type of lube you would use will surely depend on what you need.

Three Commonly Used Lubes

If you search your local market or check out the internet sites, you will find various types of lubricants available for you to use. But, mainly, you will have three types of lubes that you should use during sex. Let’s learn a few things about those three types of lubes.

Water-Based Lube


If you are looking for the safest lube that you can use for almost any sexual activity, then it has to be water-based lubes. Arguably, water-based lubes are the most versatile lubes that you will ever find in the market. Even if you are looking to use it with your sex doll, this is probably the safest lube that you can use.

Now, you will be wondering which water-based lube you can buy. Well, we can certainly suggest you one and that is Tantaly lube. There are three major plus points of using water-based Tantaly lube.

  1. The lube will not create any stain in your bed sheet
  2. You will not have any skin irritation or other adverse effects by using it on the skin
  3. You can wash the lube off your skin easily by using water

That is why you should be looking to use a water-based lube and the best option that we can recommend you is the  Tantaly lube which is water-based lube.  

Silicone-Based Lube

When you use lube for penetration, after some time, the lube will wipe off. So, you have to apply the lube again and again which will be a disturbing thing for your mood. This is where a silicone-based lube is more effective because once you apply it to your private part, it will stay there for a long time. However, you cannot use it while having sex with a sex doll. This is a major downside of a silicone-based lube.

Oil-Based Lube

Now, if you don’t want to reapply the lube at all during sex, then your oil-based lubes will be a better choice. You might have to reapply the silicone-based lubes once or two. But, you can go on and on by applying an oil-based lube once. But, you have to be cautious about using the oil-based lubes with the latest condoms as the condom could get ripped because of the lube.

Three Special Lubes

Now, let’s talk about three special lubes. The lubes we talked about above are commonly used. But, there are some special lubes which you can look to include during your sexual play to increase the fun and excitement. Let’s check out such three special lubes.


When you enter the vagina of a woman, you get a warm feeling, right? But, you don’t get the same feeling when you enter a sex doll. So, this warming lube will give you a warm feeling when you enter the vagina or anus of a sex doll. The main function of this warming lube is to give you a warm feeling during sex.


If you are looking for more kinky fun, then you would look to get a flavoured lube for you and your partner. Maybe there is a certain flavour that turns you or your partner on sexually. By using such flavoured lubes, you can have more fun during sex.


Most men love to last longer in bed so that they can enjoy the pleasure of penetration and sex for a long time. This is where desensitizing lubes will help you. They will give you that numbness that will help you to go on for a long time in bed.

The Bottom Line

Finally, using lubricants during sex, whether it is with a real woman or a sex doll, is important. It just elevates the pleasure and leaves no scopes for pain. Therefore, as you now know almost everything about lubes, look to include them in your sex life to enjoy a more elevated sexual pleasure.

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