The Best Heating Solution For Getting A Warmer And Better Sex Life With A Sex Doll

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With your sex doll, everyone needs to have a better and closer sex life. But it's not known how everyone feels. Now we are going to show you the best way to heat your sex doll and let you see how well it works.

Heating a sex doll will lead to improving intimacy. If you have this doll, you can try it. The pleasure and excitement of a heated sex doll can be identified from there.

Why Is Doll Heated?

Sex doll is a cold TPE material which like humans cannot sustain a constant temperature. It's really cold when it's cooler. So, before use, people usually have to heat it. You can't experience the warmth that makes you feel depressed when it's too cold. You won't enjoy sex dolls if you just feel the low temperatures on the doll. It gives you a more authentic and warm sensation when you heat a sex doll and it's more perfect for the sexual experience.

Because of its design and its real experience many people like sex dolls. In reality, some owners of sex dolls consider sex dolls to be a real person, a loyal partner. It's always more realistic and genuine because of the heating feature of the dolls. This is why you buy heating sex dolls.

As sex dolls' appearance and feel have improved in the years, they have turned the eyes of sex engineers from perfecting the outdoors of sex dolls to other realistic aspects. Body heat is also required in one of those areas. There is a significant difference in experience with a heated sex doll and a room-temperature sex doll. For doll owners who want their sex doll to be authentic, it's one of the best ways to heat your doll for use.

Built-In a Complete Heating System

The fully integrated body heater can make you feel the whole sex doll's warm temperature. The key areas you need like the vagina, mouth, etc, may be covered. By filling these areas up with temperature it can help boost your experience and better serve you. This is an option that is customized. Many people believe dolls have to be heated, so dolls need heating. It's not really. By putting the heating rod in the doll's vagina, mouth, etc., you can hear it.

Each customer is dependent on their own needs for the built-in entire body heater. You consult customer service and bring it if you need a more convenient and easy way to heat your real love sex doll. It's the right decision because every penny you contribute is worthwhile. You might choose other methods to heat your doll if you'd like to pay for this element.

Internal Heating Facilities

You can easily heat from the inside of the doll body with an internal heating system. Although it is the most expensive procedure, the desired effect for consistent heat will be obtained across the doll body.

How Is It Going To Work?

Heating systems for different brands of dolls tend to be slightly different, but all function in the same way. Internally, wires are passed through the body of the doll, and somewhere is a plug outlet on the body of the doll. The doll also comes with a wire that plugs into the body of the doll and runs to the wall outlet. On this plug, you will be always able to set the appropriate temperature on a screen and buttons. After the doll has been connected, electricity can heat the doll is around 20-30 minutes at a stable temperature.

The interior sex doll heating system has cable in the torso of the doll and the private part. There are 6 inches out under the armpit on the side of the doll's torso. A cable is connected to the doll and the other end of the wall. There is a small control panel on the wire where you can adjust your doll's heating temperature. Once placed, the torso, vagina, and anus of the doll will rise in about 30 minutes and be ready.


  • Experience, most realistic
  • Reliable heating in the doll's body when clicking a button
  • User friendly


  • Additional expense - with each doll does not come standard
  • Difficult to repair or impossible if the system fails or stops working
External Heating Systems

These days, a small external heating system will be included with every doll purchase. It is normally included without any particular specifications and is free of charge.

How Is It Going To Work?

The device consists of a small heat wall with a USB plug which can be inserted before being used in the doll's vagina or anus. You can connect this into a USB-plug from a phone adapter or other small electronic devices. When connected, it heats up to the temperature of the human body. In around 15-30 minutes you can insert in your doll and have a pleasant experience.


  • Price - generally available free when your doll is purchased
  • User friendly
  • Easy to replace if necessary


  • Heating only for small areas, not for complete systems such as internal systems
  • Unrealistic rather than internal mechanisms

Other Solutions for Heating

There are other options sex doll owners are looking for if you don't have the confidence to pay out extra money for the internal heating system, but are searching for something more reliable than the external heating device used. The following have been mentioned some of its most popular methods.

Heating Pad or Electric Blanket

Some users enjoy using a heating or electric blanket to temporarily heat the sex doll, which is efficient and can warm the sex doll. Only wrap her carefully and turn the heat on. The blankets are also budget-friendly.

But you have to be mindful when you put the pad on the heated sex doll when you're ready to do so. The warmth of the electric blanket or heating pad will damage the skin and cause irreparable damage if you place it on the sex doll for a long time.

Only the limbs and skin of the sex doll that cannot bring a proper temperature to the three holes in a life-size sex doll can be heated by the electric blanket or heating pad. Don't attempt to place the blanket in her hole, the vagina; mouth, etc would be damaged easily.

Hot Bath

If it is a high price and high-risk issue in electric heating, it is an easy and affordable way to heat a heated sex doll with a hot bath. If you plan to have a bath with a sex doll, the water temperature is not too high. It can lead to large-scale damage to the skin because of too high water temperatures. And the doll of sex cannot remain too long in the water. In a few minutes, you have to get her out of the water. It is important to remember that you shouldn't wet her wig when you take a hot bath for a sex doll because it's really bad and difficult to get back when it is wet.

The doll should also be put in the water. Until you put your head there. A warm towel against this area is the easiest way to warm up. This should be done quickly because dolls sometimes don't keep much heat. It is worth noting when you have a special TPE doll since TPE dolls are typically not good at insulating the body. That's also relevant when choosing dolls.

Warming Lube

Heating lube is a kind of lubricant that heats up when it is being used. It is important that only the water-based variety is used and that condoms can be bought from most places. Don't know which lube is better warming? This helpful warming lube guide has been found to guide you in the right direction.

The fact that the lubrication decreases friction and protects both partners from possible injury and needless pain ensures that sex is fun and enjoyable when the woman is wet. Although heated sex dolls can bring you a sex experience these days because of their material, flexibility, complicated features, and lifelike feel, one thing they can't do is to lubricate them.

Using the Best Lubricant for Sex Dolls

Water-based lubricating oils are the best form of lubricant for sex dolls. After usage, water-based lubes are easy to wash and they won't stain the clothing, sheets, or furniture. Also, the material of your heated sex doll will never be affected or damaged. Therefore there is no chance for unwanted sensitive or allergic reaction; both hypoallergenic and body-safe water-based lubes are available.

Using the Silicone Lube:

It's not a safe idea to use silicone lube on your sex doll. Many advantages of silicone lubes are present and people often choose to use this form of lube. Silicone lubes comprise no water and therefore are not evaporated and absorbed by the skin, making them much longer than other forms of lube.

Silicone lubes are antibacterial and body-safe, so you probably won't have to deal with some form of a sensitive reaction during or after play. So silicone lubes are a perfect solution if you have anal sex, but the problem is not compatible with silicone and TPE materials.

Silicone lubes may meltdown the surface of these materials by a complex process of chemical reactions and can also lead to the overtime degradation of the material by making them potentially porous and enabling them to easily host bacteria.

Since the sex dolls mostly consist of silicone or TPE materials, silicone lubes are over time damaging to the heated sex doll.

Sleep With Doll

When you wake up, you can warm it up when you sleep with your doll under a warm blanket. The TPE material absorbs heat from your body and helps preserve the blanket insulating it.

Some people enjoy oral sex. Sex dolls will fulfill your desires completely. Luxury sex dolls often add a tongue to your mouth that gives you the feeling that you fuck a real woman. The only downside is that a love doll cannot simulate a real character's beauty, however, a sex sentiment will make you ignore it.

Feels Like Getting The Sex From A Sex Doll

1. Non-Stop Blowjobs

A sex doll can give you a continuous blowjob, little or no stop, in contrast with a woman who might have to hold on for a few seconds for a breath.

 2. Sex When Required

If you need sex dolls, you will be given extreme sex. These silicone lovers are always prepared to satisfy you and never throw tantrums about your blow job requirements.

 3. No Chance of Infection or Disease

These dolls look as clean and will never be pushed away to touch a sexually transmitted infection if you are the only one with sex with your doll. 

Warm Her Up All The Time

You should first pre-heat the sex doll to have a more real feeling. You can get a sex doll with a heating feature when buying a sex doll that heats your doll's body quickly. You can also use a heating blanket to heat your doll if you do not add the heating feature.

However, it is important to buy a sex doll for you to enjoy these pleasures every day. If you'd like a high-end doll that suits your real specifications and fantasies, just look at Tantaly as they promise to fulfill your dream.

Heating Tantaly Sex Doll

When you meet a doll user, you are advised that a heated doll is significantly different from an unheated doll. When you get friendly with a heated Tantaly sex doll, the satisfaction is incredible! Realistic sex dolls have now come a long way to give every person in the world greater sexual pleasure. Tantaly Dolls are much more advanced today, from realistic appearance to other realistic features.

Heating technology is one such innovation for people. This article guides doll owners and sex doll lovers through sex doll heating.


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