The Best Male Masturbator for the Ultimate Pleasure of Men in 2020: A Review

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When a man feels horny, he uses his hand to masturbate. Well, using your hand to masturbate may not give you the real feeling of pleasure. Basically, while masturbating, you want to emulate the feel of having your penis inside the vagina.

But, with your hands, you cannot do that successfully. That is why nowadays you will find plenty of male masturbators that can help you to emulate the feel of a female vagina or asshole. So, the experience of masturbating with a male masturbator will be much more satisfying than with your hands.

Now, when you look to purchase a male masturbator in this current market, you will face a dilemma. You will be confused as to which male masturbator you should choose. Actually, you have so many choices for a male masturbator that makes your decision that much difficult.

Also, without knowing how to buy a male masturbator, you will struggle to purchase the right one for you. That is why in this article, we will discuss some of the best male masturbators that you can get in the market right now. Apart from that, you will also find a guide that will help you to choose the best masturbator for you. So, let’s begin.

Understanding a Male Masturbator

Before you go ahead and choose a male masturbator, you need to know what exactly a male masturbator is. It is basically a sex toy with soft sleeves. A man will enter his penis inside those sleeves to masturbate and find pleasure. It is a more realistic way of masturbating than using your hands which might overtime harm you. There are so many different types of male masturbators available in the market now. It can either be very simple to use or really very complex. So, now, let’s check some of those masturbators that you can look to buy.

Big Ass Torso Male Masturbator: Our Top Pick


When you are looking for a male masturbator, then the best one you can have is a Ass Sex Toy from Tantaly. It will help you to have the experience of vaginal as well as anal sex. It will be a more realistic way of getting off.

Before you enter your penis into the vagina or anus or this big ass product, you will feel it. While feeling the sex toy with your hand, you will notice that it feel exactly like a woman’s body. So, basically, you will be having the feeling of having sex with a woman.

That is what you want from a sex toy. You need to infuse a realistic feel while having sex with a sex toy. Tantaly is a brand that is making such sex toys for a number of years ensuring that the users of their products get the ultimate satisfaction of using their toys.

So, Tantaly is the brand that you can easily trust for delivering the best product for you. If you seek a realistic feeling during your masturbation which will be far better than your hands, then the only thing we would recommend is the big ass products from Tantaly.


  • The real feeling of having sex with a woman
  • Absolutely safe product for your skin
  • The product is from Tantaly, a trusted brand


  • You have to use a lubricant to get the utmost pleasure

Fleshlight Launch

When it comes to hands-free masturbators, Fleshlight is one of the very popular ones. They have many types of male masturbators. Fleshlight Launch is a new product that the brand has launched. It is a hands-free male masturbator that you would enjoy using. However, you will have to use your imagination to have the most pleasure of using it. This is where it fails to surpass the male masturbator of Tantaly. You will not have that realistic feeling while using this masturbator. All in all, it is a decent choice.


  • It is an automated male masturbator
  • You will be using it with VR technology
  • The sleeves of this masturbator are interchangeable


  • You will not get that realistic feeling
  • It will take time for you to get comfortable in using it

Kiiroo Onyx2

When it comes to making technology-driven male masturbators, Kiiroo is one of the frontrunner brands. They are using VR technology to improve masturbation for men. Onyx2 has rings that tighten with your penis to give you the experience of masturbating. However, you should know that it lacks in delivering the pleasure it promises. It doesn’t match the level of pleasure that you will experience with the big ass product from Tantaly. Also, the price is a bit too much for many.


  • The product focuses more on the interactive aspect of masturbation
  • It has a tremendous collection of VR materials for masturbation
  • This an automated male masturbator that can provide a maximum of 140 strokes


  • Does not provide the pleasure you expect from a male masturbator
  • The product is not as versatile as it looks and it is difficult to clean
  • The price of this product is a bit on the higher side of the scale
  • You will not be getting the value for your money with this male masturbator

Tenga Eggs

You may not expect a male masturbator to be tiny in size. But, Tenga Eggs is one such male masturbator that will surprise you with its size. It is a small male masturbator that you can carry anywhere in your pocket. Now, if you are planning to do many things with this male masturbator to make your masturbation interesting, then forget it. You can only do some simple things with this male masturbator. Also, the price of this male masturbator suggests that you will not be having the value for the money you spend on it.


  • This male masturbator is very easy to hide
  • You can carry this male masturbator wherever you travel


  • You can only do a few things with this male masturbator
  • The price of this male masturbator is on the higher side
  • You will not get the kind of pleasure you are looking to get

A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Male Masturbator

Now, before you go ahead and choose a male masturbator for yourself, it is also important to know how you will be choosing it. Many people who look to buy a male masturbator have no idea as to how they should approach. It leads them to make catastrophic mistakes as their investments go in vain. Remember, a male masturbator is not a cheap product that you will be buying. So, here are some tips that will surely help you to have the right male masturbator.

The Size of the Male Masturbator

When it comes to buying the perfect male masturbator, you have to consider the size of it first. If the size of the masturbator is too big, then you will struggle to hide in from others. Let’s be honest, no one wants to showcase their masturbators to others.

If your masturbator is too small, then you may not have the features or the pleasure you want from it. That is why you have to make sure that the size of the masturbator is absolutely right. For a male masturbator, you would want to have an asshole and a vagina.

If you have these two parts, then you will be able to masturbate quite easily without much of a problem. In such a case, the male masturbator of Tantaly will be your ideal choice in every way because you will not have to struggle much to hide it as well.

The Intensity of the Male Masturbator

At times, when you buy a hi-tech male masturbator loaded with technology-driven features, you will be able to control the intensity of the masturbator by pressing a button. But, you need to realize that in such a case, you will not be having the right feel that you want from a male masturbator.

Basically, in a male masturbator, you would want to control the intensity by yourself. It will be frustrating to have a machine controlling your stroke. Mostly, your strokes should depend on your capability. That is why you need to have a realistic male masturbator.

When you go for a male masturbator from Tantaly, what will happen is you will be in control of the strokes. It will insert that realistic feeling that you were searching for. So, when it comes to intensity, it is better left under your control for your supreme pleasure.

Vaginal or Anal Masturbator for Men

While buying a male masturbator, you have the option of choosing either a vaginal masturbator or an anal masturbator. You will also have the option of choosing an oral masturbator. However, you mainly seek the pleasure of vaginal or anal sex.

Now, when you look to buy the male masturbator, you need to check whether the masturbator is an anal or vaginal masturbator. If you buy a male masturbator from Tantaly, you will have the opportunity of buying both these two types of masturbators in one.

Also, the choice will depend on your desires and needs. If vaginal sex is what drives you crazy, then go for a vaginal masturbator. Otherwise, you can choose an anal or even an oral masturbator as well.

The Price of the Male Masturbator

Before you buy a male masturbator, you will have to make sure that you create a budget for that. Once you have set a budget for your purchase, now, you have a clear idea as to which male masturbators you can look to purchase.

After setting up a budget, when you check out some of the male masturbators. Make sure that those are complying with your budget. Also, you have to see whether you are getting the value you seek for your money which is, in this case, the satisfaction of using a male masturbator.

So, make sure that you are buying the male masturbator at the right price. Also, you can look for various offers and discounts which might lower the price of the male masturbator. If you buy the male masturbator from Tantaly, you will surely find an attractive discount for your purchase.

The Material Quality of the Male Masturbator

You have to be very careful about the material used in making the male masturbator. Your skin will come directly in contact with the male masturbator. So, in any case, if the material does not suit your skin, then it will create harmful reactions for which you might have to suffer from skin problems.

That is why it is always a wise choice to go with a male masturbator that is made with materials that are good for your skin. Tantaly makes TPE male masturbators and TPE is one such material that will not cause any harm for your skin. So, it will not harm you in any way.

The Reviews for the Male Masturbator

Many people who buy male masturbators don’t pay any heed to the reviews. But, it is one of the most important things that will determine whether your purchase will be a success or a failure. Basically, by reading the reviews, you will be getting upfront and an in-depth look at the product.

So, you will not only learn about the male masturbator but you will also know whether it is suitable for you or not. That is why you should not ignore the reviews. You should go ahead and read them and after that, take the decision of buying the male masturbator.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know which male masturbator you should look to buy. You also know how to approach while buying a male masturbator. We would highly recommend you check out the exclusive collection of the big ass products from Tantaly. That is where you will find the best male masturbator for men in 2020.

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