Which Sex Doll Should I Buy? TPE or Silicone?

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When you’re new to the game, any game, it can feel overwhelming. We’re living in a world saturated with choice! And while this may feel like a good thing, it’s actually the cause of a lot of indecisiveness and anxiety.

Luckily, when it comes to different types of sex doll material, there are two that triumph. And this makes your decision on which sex doll to buy a lot easier.

So, we’ve decided to make things even easier for you, by describing both of these materials in detail so that you can make an informed decision. It’s time to live your best life with your new sex doll!

Let’s start with the basics…

What is TPE?

TPE stands for ThermoPlastic Elastomers, and sometimes it’s referred to as TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubbers). It’s a kind of material that is often a plastic and rubber blend, and has the ability to stretch easily while returning back to its original shape, making it more durable and long lasting.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a compound made up of repeating units of siloxane, and is oftentimes heat resistant with a rubbery feel. The fact that silicone is heat resistant makes it quite an attractive material when it comes to sex dolls, but it too is usually not as soft as TPE.

TPE vs. Silicone: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to choosing a sex doll that’s made from either TPE or silicone, it’s simply a personal choice. The difference between TPE and silicone is that TPE is usually softer and thus more life-like, while silicone has a more sticky texture to it.

Additionally, a silicone sex doll can withstand heat while a TPE sex doll cannot.

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TPE Advantages and Disadvantages

In short, TPE sex dolls are usually more popular, and this is for a number of reasons:

● TPE is softer and more lifelike
● TPE is more stretchy yet doesn’t compromise shape or elasticity
● TPE is hypoallergenic, so has a low chance of causing any allergic reactions
● TPE is a newer material, and thus more modern and advanced
● TPE can be a cheaper material, making the price a bit more attractive at times
● TPE is recyclable

When it comes to the disadvantages of TPE:

● TPE is not very kind on stains making it difficult to remove pesky marks
● TPE is a porous material, which means that a very thorough cleaning needs to be done before and after use in order to remove the chances of mold
● TPE is hardly heat resistant

Silicone Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone? Let’s start with the advantages…

● Silicone is easier to clean, making it a less difficult material to maintain
● Silicone is resistant to heat, so you can give your sex doll a bath
● Silicone does not stain easily
● Silicone is too hypoallergenic
● Silicone arguably produces the most realistic intimate parts of a sex doll

And the disadvantages…

● A silicone sex doll can have a sticky or rubbery feeling to it that’s harder than TPE (yet this issue can be solved by applying baby powder)
● Silicone is a more firm material, and so a sex doll’s butt and tits won’t bounce
● When it comes to the price of a silicone doll, it is usually more expensive

What Does a TPE Sex Doll Feel Like?

When it comes to the feeling of a TPE sex doll, you’ll be rewarded with a soft, lifelike doll that mimics that of a beautiful woman. For that reason, TPE sex dolls are often more popular than silicone sex dolls.

TPE sex dolls also allow you to stretch the material at your leisure and convienience without changing its shape, which gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to play time.

Additionally, TPE is a wobbly material, giving your sex doll a more realistic feel when you witness its ass and tits bouncing up and down.

TPE vs. Silicone Sex Dolls: Which One is Better?

While both materials are great, when it comes to sex dolls, TPE is a more preferred material.

Many sex doll enthusiasts opt for a TPE sex doll because of its real-feel, and the fact that it can be stretched out any which way while returning to its natural size and shape afterwards. TPE is also almost always cheaper than silicone, which is a bonus.

The only cons to a TPE sex doll however is the fact that it is not heat resistant which may become an issue if too much friction takes place, and the fact that it needs a very good clean before and after use (you can’t steriize TPE) due to the porous material.

For that reason, we recommend TPE sex dolls. Have a look at our TPE sex dolls, and find your perfect match!

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