What Is Whiskey dick? Things You Should Know

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There are lots of things that make a penis hard. Also, some actions can prevent your penis from getting hard and even make you impotent. For your penis to rise, the blood vessels in the penis become larger and fill with blood.

However, some habits like smoking and drinking alcohol disturb the process, which prevents a man's penis from getting hard and can lead to whiskey dick. This leads to the question: What is whiskey dick?

It's believed by some people that alcohol makes you perform better in bed. While that is true, drinking too much alcohol can prevent your penis from getting hard, and this can make you angry when it disturbs your fun with your partner.

Now, let's answer the question above about what whiskey dick is and talk about the causes of whiskey dick, the cure for whiskey dick, and its prevention.

What is Whiskey Dick?

Whiskey dick is also known as impotence that is caused by alcohol. This is because it happens to people who have taken too much alcohol. When it happens, a man's penis cannot get hard due to too much alcohol intake before sex. In essence, it's described as a situation where your dick does not get hard even if you want to have sex.

Recent research shows that alcohol affects the Central Nervous system because it slows down the transfer of signals between the brain and other parts of the body. The nerves connecting the brain to different parts of the body help transfer information from the brain to different parts of the body.

When they are affected, it slows down the information passed from the brain to other parts of the body, including the penis. When this happens, it prevents dick from getting hard. Although whiskey dick happens for a short time, it can last for a long time when you get drunk every time.

What Causes Whiskey Dick?

Now that the question of what is whiskey dick has been answered, it's important to learn about the causes of whiskey dick. Below are some of the causes of whiskey dick:

As stated earlier, the primary cause of whiskey dick is the intake of too much alcohol. To explain further, alcohol increases the rate at which the body removes liquid. This is why you tend to urinate more when you take alcohol. Frequent urination can cause dehydration (lack of enough water in the body) which can reduce blood volume. When this happens, it can cause whiskey dick since blood flow is important for a proper and lasting erection.

Also, research shows that alcohol causes the release of a hormone called angiotensin. This hormone causes an increase in blood pressure, thereby causing a narrowing in the blood vessels.

As a result of this, enough blood won't flow to the different body parts, including the penis, which makes it hard to have a proper erection.

According to research, drinking too much alcohol affects some body systems that put you in the mood for sex, having an erection, enough blood circulation, and feeling. There's no particular alcohol that causes whiskey dick as all alcohol contains ethanol in different amounts.

Also, it's not easy to determine a specific level or measure of alcohol intake which causes whiskey dick. There are different ways in which the body reacts to alcohol. Any alcohol can cause whiskey dick if too much of it is taken. However, factors like how much alcohol you've had if you've eaten, and how fast you drank can be used to know how much it will affect you.

How to Deal with Whiskey Dick If Happened?

Having a whiskey dick can be shameful, especially when you're in the mood to have sex with your partner. However, if it happens, the first thing to do is to make sure you tell your partner the truth. Tell them what caused it and promise them it won't happen again if it will make them feel better.

If your partner is mature, she will accept your apology for the fact that you told the truth. Since your dick isn't active, you can do other things that don't involve penetration with your dick. Engage in more foreplay. Try oral sex or use your fingers once your partner agrees.

Since whiskey dick is for a short time, ensure you take water after the sex before going to bed. This will remove the alcohol from your body system. When you wake up, your penis will be hard enough for you to have early morning sex.

However, if it happens to your partner, the next thing to do is avoid getting angry or trying to make the penis hard. Most times, they're more pained than you're. As stated earlier, you can do other things that don't involve penetration with dick for that time. When the dick is hard, you can then have sex for as long as you want.

How to Prevent Whiskey Dick?

After answering questions such as what is whiskey dick, the causes, and how it can be dealt with, there's a need to learn about the prevention of whiskey dick.

The best way to prevent whiskey dick is to stay away from alcohol. Also, you can reduce the intake of alcohol if you can't stay away from it. There are other ways by which you can prevent whiskey dick, and some of them includes:

 Eating before you drink alcohol

It's not good to drink alcohol when you've not eaten because it can affect your body and cause whiskey dick. To prevent this, you should eat before you drink alcohol.

 Decide how much you will drink before leaving home

This is also a good way to prevent drinking too much alcohol. When you are about to leave home, set a limit for yourself to avoid drinking too much. When you set a limit for yourself and you stick to it, it will be hard to keep drinking when you've reached the limit.

 Seek medical and expert help

Sometimes, it happens that some people cannot control the urge to do something. It's known as addiction. Different people are addicted to different things such as sex, food, weed, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

If you're addicted to alcohol, it's better to seek expert help as soon as you can to prevent whiskey dick which can later go on to become permanent impotence.

 Take more low-alcohol drinks

If you want to prevent whiskey dick, you can stick to drinks that do not have too much alcohol in them. However, you should avoid drinking too many low-alcohol drinks because the alcohol level will add up and cause whiskey dick.


Whiskey dick is short time impotence which is caused by the intake of too much alcohol. It can be prevented by staying away from alcohol or not taking too much alcohol.

I hope you’ve learned how to deal with and prevent whiskey dick.

Keep healthy.

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