A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use a Sex Doll

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You’ve taken the plunge and decided to buy a sex doll! Congratulations! It may just be the most exciting and stimulating experience of your life! And what’s more is, this article was written just for you!

Well, not just for you! If you’re someone who has yet to buy a sex doll, but are pondering on the idea, this nifty beginner’s guide on how to use a sex doll could prove to be invaluable information for you too!

For that reason, here’s our little cheat sheet on everything to do with using a sex doll! After this, you can go forth with glee and enjoy the biggest bang for your buck with your chosen sex doll!

How Do You Use a Sex Doll?

When it comes to getting off with your new toy, there are different ways you can enjoy it. This will depend on which kind of sex doll you’re going to buy. For example, you could choose a sex doll that has one hole, two, or three (pussy, ass, mouth). Additionally, you can choose between buying a sex doll torso, or getting a full sex doll.

Choosing your sex doll is a very personal choice, so we won’t go ahead and bother you as to which one you should pick. We’ll merely facilitate you on how you can use a sex doll, depending on which one you choose. Either way, you’ll be sure to live out your fantasies, and experience a blissful release whenever you want it! This is for sure!

How to Use a Sex Doll: Vaginal Sex

This is the most common kind of sex that’s enjoyed with a sex doll. But just like real life, not all vaginas are made equal. That is why it is entirely up to you to choose the pussy that appeals to you the most. Each will look and feel different, and so you can decide depending on the aesthetic, tightness, and sensation.

To use this kind of sex doll is quite simple, and is, in actually, just like having sex in real life. You will simply penetrate the doll as you would, and in this way, the feeling of having actual sex will be brought about.

Can you come inside the sex doll? Yes, you can. But this will definitely require deep sex doll cleaning and maintenance before and after every use to avoid any mold or bacteria to spread. For that reason, it’s probably for the best that you don’t share your doll.

How to Use a Sex Doll: Anal Sex

Dying to try anal sex? Or maybe you’ve done it in the past and couldn’t imagine anything more pleasurable than that tight sensation? Sex dolls have come to the rescue.

So, when you’re ready to go to Pound Town, you should definitely remember to use enough lubrication. That is because the anal hole of a sex doll is very tight, and even though it has the capacity to stretch, it could still cause friction.

After this, you can get your sex doll in the prefered position, which would depend on the doll’s height. You and the doll could both stand, or you could bend her over a surface. Take note that your doll may not be strong enough to withstand full body weight (for a prolonged period of time).

Another thing to note, is that taking your time is of the essence when it comes to anal sex, even with a sex doll. Start off slowly, and once inside, give yourself a little pause. This is because, if done too hastily or anxiously, penile tissue could get damaged.

How to Use a Sex Doll: Oral Sex

Are you a lover of blowjobs, and wish that every single day was Steak and Blowjob Day? A dream come true! But when you’re without a partner or a fuck buddy, enjoying a pleasurable blowjob may just be out of the question! And this is when a sex doll with a pretty little mouth for sucking comes in handy.

The only big difference between getting a blowjob from a real woman and a sex doll is that a sex doll requires lube. But there are many more pros about getting a blowjob from a sex doll! This sexy toy will never have a gag reflex nor will she react when you finish inside her mouth! Fun times, indeed!

How to Use a Sex Doll: Torso Sex Doll

A sex doll torso is a sex toy that doesn’t have a head, arms or legs, but rather… only the good stuff! In this way, you will use whichever hole you desire, as discussed, and can use your sex doll torso in whichever sex position you fancy.

A sex doll torso is smaller thus is easier to clean, and maintain. They’re also usually a lot cheaper than a full size sex doll. Lastly, unless you’re using one to spice up your relationship, sex doll torsos are easier to hide too!

How to Use a Sex Doll: Full Sex Doll

The same applies here when it comes sex positions and oriffices, but a full sex doll is one that’ll come with various features, and is an actual life-sized doll. You can then control every aspect, such as the hair and eye colour, lips, and you can dress them up. In short, you can make your sex doll look pretty!

A full size sex doll may be great for those who are looking to really mimic the real girlfriend experience, those who want to have sex with someone with a very specific look, and those who like the idea of having a sex doll as companionship. In this way, you can pose your doll the way that feels right for you.

Needless to say, whichever sex doll you choose you’ll surely love the intense sexual sensations. The beauty of having a sex doll or two, is that they’re all made differently, giving you new and exciting feelings that can most certainly send you over the edge!

Pro tip: Keep your sex doll away from heat and sunlight to prevent deterioration.

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