A Comprehensive Guide of Sex Doll Clothes: How to Dress Your Love Doll

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When you buy a sex doll, you would want that doll to look attractive. Just by looking at the doll, you might get horny. That’s how attractive the sex doll should be. Now, you know how to enjoy your sex doll. However, you can elevate your enjoyment by dressing up the doll.

So, if you are a sex doll owner or looking to buy a sex doll, it is imperative to understand sex doll clothes and how effectively you can use them. But, before that, you have to choose your sex doll correctly. Because the dressing can depend on the sex doll you have.

The question is how you can dress up the doll. Well, there are many ways in which you can do that. The way you dress up your doll depends on your creativity and how bold you want her to look. Frankly speaking, you want her to look sexy and attractive for your play session in bed.

Also, if you have your sex doll wearing the same clothes time and time again, then after a certain time, the play times will get bored. You would not be turned on to have sex with your sex doll. That is why you must try different outfits for your sex dolls to give her a new look every time.

Apart from that, dressing a sex doll can be a very intricate thing. That is why there are some things that you should always keep in mind while dressing your sex doll up. So, in this article, we will have a comprehensive discussion on sex doll clothes and how to dress your love doll effectively.

Why Sex Dolls Need clothes?

Having a sex doll in the bedroom is perhaps the most exciting feeling any man can get. Because you already have a partner in the bed who is ready to have sex anytime you want. However, if you have to get laid with the same looking sex doll for the day in and day out, then that would be a problem.

At times, you can get an erection even by just staring at a sex doll. Have you ever thought what makes these sex dolls so hot and sexy? If you take all the accessories and clothes away from a sex doll, you will not find it as attractive as you would while wearing clothes.

Yes, sex doll clothes are very important to elevate their sex appeal. When you see the image of a sex doll, you find it very attractive. One of the reasons for that is the clothes she is wearing on that image. However, generally, people don’t concentrate on the clothes. They focus on the doll itself.

That is why it becomes a bit difficult to understand the importance of sex doll clothes. But, once you start getting bored with your doll that is when you realize how important dressing up your sex doll is. So, let’s see how you will be able to dress your sex dolls easily and effectively.

The Most Effective Method to Make Your Doll Bold

Without a doubt, the most effective way of making a sex doll look bold is dressing her up like that. Now, which sex doll clothes will turn you on will depend on your fetishes. If you see that she is looking hot with her nipples poking at you from her transparent top, you will feel horny.

Also, you will find some panties exposing the buttocks of a sex doll attractively. These sex doll clothes can be very effective in giving her a bold look. You will not have to struggle a lot to get the best clothes for your sex doll as many sites are offering such clothes.

However, you have to be choosy about the clothes you want your sex doll to wear. You would want to make sure that the clothes go with her hairstyle, skin and eye color. Otherwise, the dressing may not be as effective as you wanted it to be in the very first place.

Now, here is an interesting thing, your sex doll can be whatever you want, a sexy schoolgirl or a strict teacher with a bold appearance or anything you fantasize. Dress up your sex doll just the way you want and use clothing that will make her appearance bold.

It will surely make you feel horny instantly whenever your eyes look at her. She will become the epitome of sex appeal for you created by your creativity and imagination.

How to Dress Up Your Doll to Make Her Look Sexier

Knowing how to dress up your love doll can certainly help you to make your imaginations fly. From so many websites, you can order clothes for your sex doll. You have to be careful about the size you choose for your sex doll clothes. Make sure that the clothes are not too tight.

Also, avoid buying clothes that can leave stains in the body of the sex doll. These are some of the basic things you should remember while dressing your doll, more on this on the latter part of this article. Now, to make your doll look sexier, you have to purchase clothes as per your fetish.

You will find many stores where you get clothes according to your fetish. Well, those clothes can be hotter than anything else. So, change the look of your sex doll whenever you wish. Remember, the sex doll is yours and you have all the right to make her look sexier. Thus, do it wisely and effectively.

Change Her Hair Color

The color of your sex doll’s hair is crucial for her looks. If you want to give your sex doll the look of a country girl, then you can pick red or blonde hair as her hair color. For a stubborn look of your sex doll, black is always the best color.

So, if you like to see your sex doll in different hairstyles and looks, you can get different wigs with varied hair colors that will help you to dress up your love doll easily. Also, it will reduce your time while setting the doll up before making love to her.

Change Her Hairstyle or Wig

Buying different wigs for your sex doll will be a smart decision. How your sex doll looks will depend a lot on the type of her hair. If you have a fetish and want to dress up the doll in a certain way, then a wig can play a huge role in transforming the look of your sex doll.

Moreover, you have to set the hairstyle of your doll right. It can be anything from long to curly to pigtails to buns to short hair. So, if you can style the old wig of your sex doll, then you may not need a new wig. But, having different wigs will surely help you to experiment with the looks of your sex doll.


You might think that jewelry is not an essential thing for a sex doll. But, do you know? You can make your sex doll look hotter if she wears the right jewelry along with wigs and clothes. It also enriches her look by making her more glamorous.

So, a nice necklace or a bracelet or a wristwatch can make your sex doll look gorgeous. But, remember, you don’t need to buy any expensive jewelry for your sex doll. Also, the jewelry should not have sharp edges as that will harm the skin of your sex doll.

If you can use jewelry effectively, then that can be the best thing for your sex doll’s look. You will find your sex doll with a new avatar every time you play with her.

Dress Up Your Sex Doll for Role Play

If you have any sexual fantasy and you want to fulfill that with your sex doll, then role-play is the best way of doing it. You can dress up your doll according to a special character and have fun with it. Also, if you feel happy to have a schoolgirl as your partner in bed, then dress your sex doll like a schoolgirl. Apart from that, you can also enact and replicate a porn movie scene which you fantasize often. All in all, dressing your doll up for role play with steamy sex doll clothes will spice things up.

Some Things to Remember While Dressing Your Lifelike Sex Dolls

Dressing your sex dolls might seem easy but if you don’t do it correctly, it can also harm your sex doll. Now, you don’t have to feel tensed because dressing a sex doll is quite straightforward. You just have to keep in mind the following things.

Putting the Dress On

When you look to put the dress on to your sex doll, you should start from her feet and not the head. It will cause unnecessary damage to her beautiful face. Also, if you have to make your doll wear clothes from the top, then get the head of the doll off and then do it.

Avoid Tight Clothes

If you make your sex doll wear tight clothes, then that could be a big problem. Also, if you leave your sex doll wearing clothes after playing with her, then that can be a horrible thing. It can cause damage and harm your doll with marks that you don’t want in the doll.

Be Careful Towards Her Hands and Finger

Many people tend to damage their precious sex doll’s hands and finger while dressing her up. But you can avoid such horrible consequences by covering the hands of your sex doll with socks. In this way, the fingers and the hands of the doll will be safe.

Clothes Opening from the Front or Back

You should always look to make your sex doll wear clothes that are easy to wear. Now, for sex dolls, clothes that open from the front or back is easier. The reason for that is you will be in total control while putting it on. So, the chances of damage to your doll will be minimal.

Avoid Bras (Especial with Underwire)

Sex dolls don’t need the support of bras. However, they look sexy while wearing it. That is why many people look to buy bras. But, bras that have underwire can cause a permanent mark in your sex doll’s skin which you would not want definitely. To avoid that, you should cut off the underwire because sex dolls don’t need underwire in their bras.

Pre-Wash Sex Doll Clothes

It is necessary to take all the possible measures to avoid stains on your sex doll’s skin. That is why you should pre-wash the newly bought clothes. It will help you a lot in avoiding any color stain that your doll can get from her clothes.

Try to Buy Sex Doll Clothes Only

Some owners of sex doll look to buy clothes that real women would wear. Well, there is nothing against it. However, you have to realize that your sex doll’s skin is made from Silicone or TPE. So, it is a bit different from the skin of a normal human being. Sex doll clothes are made to suit the materials like silicone and TPE. Thus, it will be better if you buy sex doll clothes only for your sex doll and not the clothes which are meant for actual human beings.

The Bottom Line

Finally, dressing your sex doll is essential if you want her to look gorgeous in bed. You can try out different types of clothing so that every time you make love to her, it feels new. However, you have to be very careful while dressing your doll. You should maintain its safety first before anything else. In this way, you will be able to use your sex doll in the best way for a very long time without getting bored with it.

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