A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Japanese Sex Dolls Deeply

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Sex dolls have taken the market of sex toys by storm at the moment because people are going crazy by seeing these fascinating Life-Sized Sex Doll that just look like a real human. So, if you see such a sex doll, you would be tempted to buy one.

Actually, these sex dolls have such attractive features in their body structure that a man cannot resist the temptation of having that doll in bed. Also, you would definitely agree that using a sex doll will produce a far better experience than using your hands or even the generic male masturbators.

Well, when you go to the sex toy market to buy a sex doll, you will get confused because there are so many types of sex doll available. One type of sex doll that is really creating a buzz in the market now is Japanese sex dolls. You might get tempted to buy one.

But the reality is unless you know about it, you shouldn’t take the risk of buying it because a Japanese sex doll will cost you a good amount of money. Now, there is an obvious question that will come to your mind now. Is it obvious to spend that amount of money on a thing like a sex doll?

You should be asking this question before making the payment because it’s a sex toy that you are purchasing. Moreover, need to be 100% sure that the money you are spending is worthwhile.

So, do should you buy a Japanese Sex Doll?

Before you get to that answer, there are lots of other things you should know which will help you to make the decision of buying the sex doll or not easily. So, let’s get deep and give you a comprehensive guide of Japanese Sex Dolls.

What are Japanese Sex Dolls?

Before you raise your eyebrows and look at the Japanese sex dolls with awe, it is better to understand what exactly a Japanese sex doll is. Well, these are dolls made with either Silicone or TPE that will have the appearance of a real human being. Moreover, it will make sure that you get a feeling like having sex with a real human when you are with these Japanese sex dolls.

Now, silicone and TPE are two materials that can emulate the feel of the human skin. So, when you touch a Japanese sex doll, it will feel like you are touching a real human. Also, when you see a Japanese sex doll; you will struggle to figure out whether you are looking at a doll or at a human. Well, some of the craftsmanship while making these dolls are that good. Now, let’s see the two types of Japanese sex dolls that you can buy.

TPE Japanese Sex Dolls

The word TPE is an abbreviation of the word thermoplastic elastomer. Well, basically, this is the material that can come closest to resembling human skin. TPE is a wonderful material that is being used for sex dolls. The sex dolls from Tantaly are generally made with TPE. The reason for that is this material can help in producing such a real-life-like feeling.

So, the makers of Japanese sex dolls also use TPE as a material for their craftsmanship. Well, as you already know that TPE is such an excellent material for making sex dolls, you would know that the Japanese dolls made with TPE will look very much real. Also, the cost of the Japanese sex dolls made with TPE will be a bit low. But the amount will still remain humungous. That is why you would have to contemplate long and hard before investing in it.

Silicone Japanese Sex Dolls

Another material with which Japanese sex dolls are made is Silicone. Basically, silicone is a lot firmer material than TPE. Also, it resembles human skin perfectly. Though the material is a bit firm, its durability is fantastic. Also, silicone Japanese sex dolls are costlier than their TPE counterpart. Therefore, before you purchase it, you have to be really careful about investing so much of your money on it.

Apart from that, if you look at a Silicone Japanese sex doll from its outlook’s perspective, it is just immaculate. You will struggle to figure out the difference between these dolls and a real human being. So, there is no doubt that craftsmanship is there and you will feel like having sex with a real human. However, there is a big ‘but’ in it. Will you get the warmth of the real human body while having sex with these dolls? Though the makers will say you will have the real feeling, the artificial sexual stimulation will be far off the real feeling.

What are the characteristics of Japanese sex dolls?

Now, you have a fair share of an idea as to what these Japanese sex dolls are. So, you know what to expect if you really decide to buy it. But, before you know it comprehensively, it is better not to take any such decisions. You have to look at various facets before coming to the conclusion. Therefore, the characteristics of the Japanese sex dolls will be a facet that you cannot ignore. So, here are some of the characteristics of Japanese sex dolls.

Real Human Face

Whether you are buying a Japanese female sex doll or a male sex doll, you will see that the face of the doll will resemble exactly like a real human being. Well, that is something which will make you feel really excited because now you will be having a handsome man’s face or a gorgeous woman’s face to see while having intercourse.

The Genitals Look Real

One of the biggest positives of the Japanese sex dolls is that the genital you will see on the dolls look totally real. As you know, these are something that you would want in a sex doll to stimulate sexual urge in you. Therefore, the genital will look real and you will not have the problem in getting horny by seeing them.

The Feel of Touching a Real Human

When you touch a sex doll, you will feel like you are touching a real human being. Now, while having sex with a female sex toy, you would get inclined to press its boobs. The feeling you will be having at that very moment will exactly be the same feeling you will have while touching the boobs of a real woman. That is one characteristic that makes Japanese sex dolls so special.

Tantaly Sex Dolls Torso Vs Japanese Sex Dolls: What are the differences?

Tantaly is one of the top producers of sex doll torso. It means you will have the boobs, the ass, and the vagina to play with the sex doll torso unlike the face and hands and feet of the dolls that you will also find in Japanese sex dolls. So, here are the similarities and differences between Tantaly’s sex doll torsos and Japanese sex dolls.

Similarities between Japanese Sex Dolls and Tantaly’s Sex Doll Torsos


So, here are the similarities between these two sex toys:

  • TPE is the material used in making both Tantaly’s sex doll torsos and Japanese sex dolls.
  • Both Tantaly’s sex doll torsos and Japanese sex dolls are sex toys ideal for masturbation.
  • The real-life-like feeling of Japanese sex dolls and Tantaly’s sex doll torsos is truly amazing.
  • The pleasure of using both Japanese sex dolls and Tantaly’s sex doll is fantastic.

After knowing the similarities, now, let’s find out about the differences between Tantaly’s sex doll torsos and Japanese sex dolls:

Difference Categories Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Japanese Sex Doll
Face Don’t have the face in the sex doll torso It has every part of a human body
Price The price is far less comparatively The price is much higher comparatively
Maintenance The maintenance in less troublesome The maintenance is a big concern
Secrecy Hiding the sex doll torso is very easy Hiding the Japanese Sex Doll is really tough
Storage It is easy to store a sex doll torso  The space required to store Japanese Sex Dolls is huge

European and American people like Japanese Sex Dolls?

Yes, there is a huge demand for Japanese sex dolls from various parts of Europe and America. One of the reasons for that is they feel a Japanese sex doll can give them more pleasure in bed than anything else.

But, if you read the experiences they have about using these dolls, you would know that most of them are shambles. That is why even though there was a surge in the popularity of Japanese sex dolls in various parts of the western countries, now they are starting to realize the truth.

Well, because of it, you will now see that the sex doll torsos are much more in demand. There are some simple reasons for that. You can easily hide the sex doll torso from Tantaly and you will not have to work that hard for its maintenance.

But, you will get the same feel and pleasure as having sex with a Japanese sex doll. Also, the storage of a sex doll torso from Tantaly is much easier if you compare it with a Japanese sex doll. So, it is quite obvious that people will realize what is better for them.

And when you top it off with the price factor, you will surely realize why buying a sex doll torso is a better investment than buying those Japanese sex dolls.

Why Investing in Japanese Sex Dolls Could Be a Gamble?

You have learnt a lot about these Japanese sex dolls till now. You have also learnt about the characteristics of these dolls. However, before you jump up and make a move to buy them, it is better you learn some cautions. Let’s be honest, a Japanese sex doll will cost you a huge amount of money. So, you have to know whether buying these Japanese sex dolls will be worth the money because you wouldn’t want to take such a big gamble by purchasing such a big money sex toy. So, here is a word of caution that you need to keep in mind.

Do You Really Need Those Features?

When you are buying Japanese sex dolls, you should know that you are getting plenty of features of a life-like human being. So, it promises to be like having sex with a real human. But, is it? Well, what you are basically getting is a doll. More precisely, you are getting a sex toy which you would basically need to masturbate. You would want to generate that real-life-like feel while masturbating with the sex doll.

So, as it stands, you would not be getting that feeling unless you imagine things in your head because what you are using to masturbate is a doll. It will not reciprocate with your moves. Therefore, all your desire of the real-life-like feel will be gone within a snap of your fingers. You just need a vagina and an asshole to get yourself off. So, when you can get that at a much lesser cost, do you still need to pay that huge money for Japanese sex dolls? Well, Tantaly’s sex dolls can produce similar thing at a much lesser cost. So, you need to think twice before making that large money move.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you have a fair share of an ideal about Japanese sex dolls. Yes, buying Japanese sex dolls can be quite exciting. But, you have to look at the bigger picture. Is it worthy to invest such a large amount of money just for a sex doll? Well, you can have a similar sex doll from Tantaly by spending far lesser money. So, get to the website of Tantaly and check out some of the magnificent sex doll torsos. You will surely find more pleasure while using a sex doll torso than you would find using Japanese sex dolls.

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