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Penis size and sexual capacity

There is considerable variation in the size of men's penises. It is not directly related to height, weight and physical strength. The man with tough bones and strong muscles do not necessarily has large penis. On the contrary, some people with short stature have large penis. The typical penis is about the same size after being congested. The sexual capacity of a penis does not rely on its size, but its capacity of erection. The woman's vagina is elastic, as long as the penis can reach one-third of the vagina, it can play a normal role. A big penis is just more attractive.

Penis length

There is no unified standard for penis length. The average penis length of the baby boy is 2.5 cm, and the average incremental length is 0.2 cm per year after that. The average length in static state is 6-8 cm and 13-21 cm after erection for adult. A short penis generally refers to a stretched length of less than 5.5 cm for adults.

Why is the penis short?

The first is that people feel it is short by comparing with others; the second is that people make the wrong measurement; the third is that people does not understand that the length of penis in fatigued state is not proportional to that after erection; the fourth is that people ignore other factors, such as the hidden penis. The fifth, abnormal development leads to a short penis. In fact, it doesn't matter if the penises shortness is caused by first four factors, as long as it has normal sexual performance. It is meaningless to struggle with the shortness.

What kind of sexual position is used for a small penis?

  • Screw Sex Positionand Wheel Barrow Position. These two methods can deepen the degree of genital combination which give women pleasure, and make men less inferior.
  • Reverse Cowgirl Position. Women squat with
  • Girl On Top Position. Women straddle men, like riding a horse, which makes the penis enter the vagina deeply. The above methods are correct and do not affect the pleasure. When men see women orgasm, they forget about the problem of shortness.

Is it a sickness for the penis to be bent after erection?

This needs to be analyzed in detail. There are gaps in the three cavernous bodies that make up the penis. When the three cavernous bodies are congested with blood, the size of them are different, and it bend towards the one with less congestion. As long as it does not interfere with sexual intercourse, it is normal. Straight penises are rare. Some people think that bending is a good thing as it can stimulate women's G-spot more effectively.

Why does the penis erect after falling asleep?

When men are asleep, the penis’s parasympathetic nerves are active, so the penis will congest itself and become erect. There is a Chinese folk saying which describes that men will erect at three o’clock, and women feel sexually aroused in the middle of the night. Apparently, women also get sexualy aroused too. This is also one of the ways to identify erectile dysfunction.

Why does the ejaculation happen as soon as the penis is erect?

Many men feel that they ejaculate as soon as they have an erection, and the amount of semen is very small. This condition is not ejaculation, but a normal physiological phenomenon. What comes out is not semen, but the secretions of the paraurethral glands. There is no sperm in it. This phenomenon happens to every man when he is sexually aroused. There is no need to panic, and there is no need to worry about losing your semen.

How to enlarge penis?

A normal penis does not need to be enlarged, but many men want to increase their size to boost the "confidence". There are several methods. The first is to perform surgery to lengthen it, so that the cavernous body buried is freed and extended by 3-6 cm; The second is to apply ointment, often stroke, push the foreskin to the end, and enhance the congestion. The third is to use a pacemaker and use vacuum to generate negative pressure. It forces the penis to congest, and inhibit blood flow back. The fourth is to have correct mentality. If you feel your penis is big, it will not be small. The fifth is to use torso sex dolls, your penis will not shrink after frequent sexual intercourse.

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