How Long Does Sex Last? Interesting Things You Need to Know

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How long should sex last? I know you have thought about this many times. In fact, we have all thought about this one time or the other. Is my 3 minutes not enough for her? How long does sex last? Hey, relax.

In this text, we are going to look at how long sex should last. We will also tell you how long the average man and woman last in bed. I will also be giving tips and aids on how to last longer in bed and sex. After our little time together, you’ll be able to spice up your relationship.

Let’s go.

How long does the average male last in bed?

A 2005 study showed that an average male lasts 5.4 minutes. Well, that’s better because Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 study found that 75% of American men ejaculate within the first two minutes of sex.

Research conducted in 2015 showed that an average human male lasts 6 minutes in bed. Hey, I know you are thinking why you’re way less than the average human male. That’s why I’m here to give you tips to last longer than the average male.

How long does the average female last in bed?

You might hear people making jokes about how long someone lasts in bed, generally in reference to men. However, how long sex lasts for women is a tough question. The question mixes a lot of beliefs about what acts are involved in a sexual act, how important orgasms are, and how women’s orgasms work.

A 2020 study revealed that the average time it takes women to reach orgasm during sex with men is 13.41 minutes. Now, if you put that side by side with the average time a man lasts, you will find that there is a huge void to be filled. Notably, women require more sexual activities other than just penis-in-vagina sex.

In light of the above, there isn’t a limit to how long a woman should last in bed. In contrast, people with penises can only have one orgasm per sexual session. People with vulvas have a much shorter recovery period between orgasms. Thus, they can have many orgasms in a single sexual act.

How to last longer in sex?

Before I go into this, I want you to know that there is a difference between lasting long in sex and lasting long in bed. There have been several tips that claim to assist men to last long in bed but have no positive effect. I will be showing you ways through which you can last longer in bed.

Choose less stimulating sex positions

The type of sex position you use determines how long you are going to last in bed. Some sex positions are too stimulating. It is very dangerous for you if you lack self-control. Sex positions like doggy-style and missionary require deeper thrusting, which aids premature ejaculation.

Instead, you can try positions like Lotus, which involves grinding against each other.

Be in control

Your partner might be the type that wants to be in control during sex. You should be in control if you want to last longer during sex. Why should I be in control? Well, being in control means that you are the one that sets the rhythm and pace of the sex.

When your partner is in control, you might not be able to control yourself and even go at the pace you want. For example, sex positions like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl aid good stimulation. This will make you ejaculate faster.

What then can I do if my partner insists on being in control? Look at the next point.

Try edging

What is edging? Edging is a technique one can use to prolong ejaculation. You can practice this during masturbation. What you will do is get yourself nearer to ejaculation while masturbating and then stop before reaching climax. This will train your brain to control pleasure and in turn, make you last longer.

Masturbate before sex

This is one of the most effective ways to make yourself last longer in sex. Try masturbating before any sexual act. Since men have a longer recovery period between orgasms, it will take a while before ejaculation.

Squeeze method

The squeeze method involves pinching or squeezing the tip of your penis when you feel you are about to ejaculate. You are going to hold it for a while. Ensure you only release it when you don’t feel the urge to ejaculate anymore. Then, you can continue with the sex. You can do this multiple times.

Mental imaging

This is a very common but effective method you can use to last longer during sex. This involves you picturing an anti-picture or scenario in your head when you are about to ejaculate. For example: when I realize I’m about to ejaculate, I imagine the ugliest person I know naked. This is reducing my thirst to ejaculate.

You can try different scenarios. Only you know what fits you best.

Limit your thrusting

Let me tell you. You cannot keep thrusting like a jackrabbit in one position and not ejaculate fast. You must limit the level at which you thrust. Take your time and enjoy it. If you keep thrusting fast and hard, you won’t be able to control your ejaculation when it is coming.

How to last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is quite different from lasting longer in sex. Lasting longer in bed involves the whole sexual process and other activities. In contrast, the latter involves only penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus activity.

Both men and women find it hard to last longer in bed. They are not to be blamed. No one gave us a manual on how to have sex. What else can I do to make sexual acts with my partner longer and more interesting?

Let’s look at that, shall we?


Foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between one or more people meant to produce sexual thirst and desire for sexual acts. The majority of people do not fully use foreplay. Good foreplay makes sexual intercourse more intimate and longer.

For example, let’s say you’re a man and you know that you cannot reach the point your partner needs to satisfy her. One thing you can do is use foreplay to bring her closer to her point of orgasm through intimacy. What can I do during foreplay to stimulate my partner?

Erotic Massage

A massage is one of the ways you can stimulate your partner. It makes you last longer in bed. If you’re going to have sex, start by giving your partner a massage that relaxes them and teases them.

Set the mood with lighting and music. Make intimacy your tool. You can use an ice cube in your massage or even have your hands cold.

You can make use of a vibrator or other sex toys. This way, you have done half the time they need to reach orgasm without even penetrating.

Making out and fingering

Always make everything intimate and sensual with your partner. Let them know that you are in the mood because of them. Making out should be more sensual with them. Tease them with a little biting, and know what they like and how they want to be touched. Fondle the breast and nipples softly before biting gently.

While fingering, oversee the pace. Go a little faster, go faster and then reduce the pace. Increase it again and keep at it.

Oral sex

The oral sex goes a long way in increasing your bedtime. Try oral sex with your partner. Always find out how they want it to be. You can use sex toys like vibrators and hand teasers.


You can also roleplay with your partner and get them stimulated. This will make your sex time longer, and the roleplaying gives added cover for the longer sex time.

Ask your partner what they fantasize about, and you can both play it out.

To Sum Up

After an enlightening session on “how long does sex last?” the plight of lasting longer during sex is tiring and damaging. But, with these tips and information, you can exponentially increase your sex duration and spice up your relationship.

Practice these things, and I’m optimistic there will be improvements.

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