An introduction to Sex Dolls with a sneak preview of some variations

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In today's time, there are changes that are happening in our sexual lives, which we have hardly ever thought about. Till now we felt that it is necessary for two living beings to come in contact with each other and especially women and men, but sex doll has changed this concept. This sex doll gives you full enjoyment of sex, just like you have sex with your girlfriend or wife. You can enjoy it in the same way.

How does it work?

Matt McMullen, the scientist who makes sex dolls, says that "it is the same as your girlfriend or wife." It can make you feel like being in your home, can give you the pleasure of sex, it also speaks, makes a voice during sex, that is, it has everything except breath. Everything that you look for in a woman is available with this sex doll for men. This is a historical revolution in the field of sex.


  • Fulfilment of sex

Its biggest advantage is that it fulfils your sex desires and gives you the pleasure of sex. Just like you can have sex with a woman, similarly, you can also do sex with it. Now you do not have to depend on a woman for sex.

  • Not Demanding

It does not ask for any expensive thing, money or any other item in exchange for sex so that you can get relief from the daily mess.

  • Reduced sexual abuse

If the practice of this doll becomes normal then sexual exploitation will be reduced to a great extent which will be a major revolution in the field of society.


There are two main materials used for making sex dolls: TPE and Silicone. Apart from these two popular ones, the latest one is TPR, which we have introduced in our latest dolls. TPR material, also known as thermoplastic rubber, is a material that has properties of both plastic and rubber. It is lightweight and has good abrasion resistance, good tear strength, weather resistance, and electrical properties. TPR performs similarly to vulcanized rubber and is reusable and recyclable. We use this material to make our sex dolls to give you the real feel.

TPR is better than other material because it is

  • More realistic to touch.
  • Softer and supple.
  • The versatility permits easier handling.

Our Love dolls are made from the best quality TPR material which will push you towards a proper orgasm while getting the same touch as that of a real person.

Why are body part sex dolls better than full-body sex dolls?

When you consider buying a sex doll for your pleasure, the touch is the foremost denominator to choose one. The full body sex dolls come in real sizes with their problem of storage and carrying from one place to another. The body part sex dolls that we provide are light-weight and easy to carry. Men are mostly attracted to specific body parts of a woman. For example, some are ass guys and some are boob guys and then some likes to feel the heat while fondling the breasts. We have designed our dolls in such a way that they are capable of satiating all these needs without going into the hassle of investing in a full body. The body parts are equally effective and come in various choices ranging from Doggystyle to missionary position torsos. So it is better that you go for your favourite body part and the most likened position available.

For a more detailed discussion on what’s the difference between a Masturbator, a Sex Doll Torso, and a Full Sex Doll.


After considering the material, let’s now delve into the finer points (the naughtier ones) of a sex doll. It comes in various sizes and according to your choicest blend of all the sex positions available. After studying the ancient Kamasutra and following the trends around the world, we have come up with various sexual positions for you. The beautiful dolls come in all the right curves and will fulfil every fantasy of yours. Giving a peek preview into the type of dolls available here are two best sex positions available for sex dolls.

Number 1- Doggy Style:

The choicest position of most of the men, this one is a classic position where you can see and feel your partner’s buttocks and like a charging bull, you are not making any eye contact. This is pure lust. If you are bored with the same common style of sex, then try something new in your sex life. You can try Doggie Style or Rear Entry Style which will bring a new flavour in your sex life. In this, the woman usually faces her knees from her partner and takes a position on her knees. There can also be some different positions in which the face of the woman will be facing down and a pillow is placed under the stomach so that there is no problem.

Considering all this and how much doggy style means to the men, we have made dolls in this popular design. You can use it the way you like it without worrying about your partner all the time. This classic doll’s buttocks are rounded and different sizes are available on top of that. Available in most popular colours add this beautiful doll to your life and burrow your way into her. Get a quick peek into doggy style sex dolls by visiting the link- Doggy Style Sex Dolls.

(Doggy Style Sex Dolls)

Number 2- Missionary sex doll:

Now let’s come to another favourite of all, the good old missionary position. Missionaries know all about sex positions. People usually adopt this sex position during sexual intercourse. According to the survey conducted in 2011, women who are feminists and prefer to keep men under control, they like this position more. In this position, the man is above the woman and both are facing each other.

To feel the love and warmth that is missing from your life or for the time period you are away from her for any reasons, this sex doll will fulfil all your desires. To get a more detailed description of Missionary Sex Doll.

(Missionary Sex Doll)

Maintaining and cleaning your sex doll:

If you use a sex toy without cleaning then you are at risk of infection and who likes a dirty doll. To avoid such infections you have to keep your sex toy clean and tidy. To clean your doll, some soapy water (dish soap or bubble bath) is enough to remove all the dust. After completely drying and a light layer of talc, your doll will find its freshness and will be ready again. If your doll has minor contamination, simply clean the area with a wet towel (water recommended). If the area is heavily contaminated, use detergent or body soap. After using it, you can simply clean the vagina and anal area with warm water to clean it completely.

Now let us discuss two of the most popular sizes in which the sex dolls for men are available.

Small sex doll and Mini sex doll:

Small and Mini Sex Dolls are typically referred to be something like midget size or smaller so down from 140cm might be a good reference point for that. Also, someone might think that only a torso is one type of a mini sex doll too. Handling a mini sex doll is effortless as compared to a full-size and full-weight sex doll which comes in handy when you are travelling. You can take your mini sex doll with you wherever you go.

To make every one of our mini sex dolls amazing, we focus on creating a body that appears to be real to the touch. We craft the body of every doll keeping in mind a woman’s beautiful body. And since they’re mini sex dolls, you won’t find lifting them and trying new sex moves with them ultra-challenging.

What else? Every hole in the doll is realistic so that your sexual experience becomes even more enjoyable and amazing. Also, the holes are typically the same size in all the full-size dolls, with only minor variation in very few models. So, don’t worry. You will fit in nicely even if the doll is just a torso or Vagina/Ass masturbator.

Now, before we conclude our article, let’s get down to the last segment a favourite of many a horny male. The big breast sex doll!

Who doesn’t like an hourglass figure with a pair of big breasts? With our sex dolls you can get down with the big breasts you all dreamt of. You can suckle on these big tits while pounding inside the vagina. The material used is real to the touch will give you a feeling of real breasts- soft to touch and jiggling naturally. More details on big tits Sex Dolls.

Mini sex doll

(Mini sex doll)



  • Sex dolls can be an effective way to satiate your sexual hunger without going into the hassles of mundane relationships.
  • Different types of sex dolls are available for men, in which body part dolls are a better choice due to their discreetness and handling.
  • Taking proper care of your sex doll will enhance its longevity while keeping you safe from infections.
  • You can choose a sex doll of your choice depending on your taste.

Go to this Product Page for more varieties available in the store. And, if you want to know what others like, See Our Best Sellers List.

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