Jennifer Story 1: Jennifer is in the AV film

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When the best friend Jennifer talked about sexy underwear can enhance her heartthrob, Jennifer recommended Britney a job in an AV film.

The first trial scene made her panic, and the stage manager helped her change into a high school girl's uniform. The plot was about having sex with a male teacher in a classroom. Britney flinched when she saw this. At this time, Jennifer came over to comfort her, "Since you have chosen, you must face it bravely! You have to treat it as a job, as long as you are involved in the plot, you will not be nervous. I will do it today!" Jennifer decided to substitute her. The director immediately changed the scene, and Jennifer herself appeared to demonstrate.

She was wearing a knitted tube top dress, showing a large area of collarbone and beautiful shoulders, the slender legs in the black boots under the skirt, she looked very charming. She was walking on the stairs between upper and lower floors and met a strong man. After a few conversations, they kissed around the neck and slowly stimulated all the sensitive parts behind the ears, shoulders, and chest. Four hands couldn't wait to take off the shirt, the man held two huge breasts, sucking and licking alternately, Jennifer's pink nipples scurrying up and down. The man stopped his pointed nose in the deep cleavage, and suddenly, he tore off Jennifer's short skirt and lifted one leg. It was showing her clear texture, tight pores, and prominent goose bumps. The camera man run to the middle of the two of them and take a close-up. Jennifer's rounded waist, charming belly button, smooth pelvic bony, revealing two labia majora with bloodshot pink, oozing fluid. The man's head began to drop, and Jennifer leaned back with her hands’ supporting, her eyes closed, enjoying the turbulence before the storm.

Then the tip of the tongue rubbing against the clitoris, and Jennifer moaned. Maybe this man was tired and wanted to stop, but the director shouted to encourage “go on, go on”, and after a few minutes, Jennifer turned around and raised his fat buttocks, the macho man inserted his straight object, and the two shouted "oh my god" at the same time. He held her slender waist with both hands, and kept pushing back and forth, more violently and mechanically, at this time, the macho man withdrew one hand and slowly inserted a middle finger into Jennifer's anus. After a few seconds, a lot of bodily fluids spurting out of Jennifer's vagina. The man also pulled out his penis with a voice "Aoh" and shot directly at Jennifer's ass. Another stage manager quickly spilled white viscous fluid on Jennifer's back, probably to enhance the visual effect of the screen.

Immediately, the two fell softly on the mat next to each other, and the director shouted "Cut!". The producer, gaffer, stage manager and camera man are all boasting about Jennifer. The standard beauty body is a sexy beauty with big breasts, big buttocks, plump and mature, perfect for sex. She is fat but not greasy, with obvious abdominal muscles, which is the result of regular exercise. This is also the reason why she can quickly become popular. Jennifer is also the actress who generates the most sexual fantasy to man.

Britney was also immersed in the crazy sex scene and was pulled back to reality by the director's ending shouting. Although this is filming, it is not obscene, the place has changed its purpose. In the process of enjoying sex, it can also bring happiness to the people watching. AV girls will not be discriminated against, but will be sought after by many people. But what if there are too many entanglements and interruptions in life?

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