Male Sex Doll For Women - Edward Review

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Review Author: Nikki


A few years ago I wasn’t sure how I felt about sex dolls. A few days ago I showered with one and thoroughly enjoyed washing it’s cock with my feet, so here we are. Edward, from Tantaly, is an almost 20 lb torso with a hard-on who now resides in our bedroom closet. 



I knew what was coming, but I only looked at the photos on the site briefly when I agreed to review the doll. Opening it though, I laughed out loud. I’m not usually a silly, giggly person when it comes to sex toys, but this made me giggle. It was like a comical version of Seven, you know, “What’s in the box?!” only in this case, it wasn’t a head, but a neck, torso and very erect penis. And some extremely pronounced pecs and abs that also made me chuckle a bit – but hey, Edward obviously works out, good for them. 



The 16cm (6.2in) cock on this thing is fairly large. It’s firm, thick and also adjustable, so if you happen to prefer it when the dick curves left, right, up, down, you get to customize your experience and that’s a thoughtful addition, in my opinion. 



The torso, comprised of medical grade TPE, is a bit on the smaller side, the shoulders only measure 14 inches across, like a very petite human, which made me feel a bit like a giantess when I straddled it, but that was kind of fun in itself – and inspired me to take some sexy photos!



Since the whole thing weighs close to 20lbs it pretty much stays in place when you are playing with it. Though I did find myself sitting on it to hold it down while I gave it a handjob, since I kept pulling the whole thing up when I tugged on it’s cock. The weight also serves nicely if you were to pull it on top of you. 


Not gonna lie, I was hoping this was a working hole, to allow for pegging, but it’s just a small indention


As someone who started this year with her first mmf threesome, this doll has been a nice addition to our bedroom. It’s given us something to explore and fantasize about together and opened up a lot of “wouldn’t it be hot if…” conversations, which just so happen to be some of my favorites.



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