Monroe has a great time in the car

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Brown excitedly picked his girlfriend, Monroe, up at the airport. Monroe wore a beautiful and elegant deep V-neckline, a long white skirt with a slit up the slide, which looked sexy and seductive.

Her smooth shoulders, high breasts, rounded hips, and tall figure attracted lots of attention at the airport when walking through the terminal. Making people frequently turn back to look at her made Brown proud. Monroe and Brown hugged each other and walked towards his car.


Monroe put her hand on his lap when Brown was driving down the road. Brown’s penis was already erect, and his heart began beating fast. For safety, he turned the car down a path and parked. Monroe smiled, knowing his intentions, she leaned over her head and kissed Brown. Then they opened the doors and sat in the back seat of the car. Brown couldn't wait for it, because he hadn't met her for half a year.

When Monroe kissed him again, she began to unbutton his clothes. Brown easily removed Monroe’s top, revealing her plump breasts and pink nipples. When Brown licked Monroe’s nipples, she slightly cocked up, and Brown's other hand was very convenient for pulling down the underwear. It was more tantalizing to appreciate her round curves and lovely lady lumps. Monroe's plump figure showed more skin and less clothing in a narrow space.


Brown extended his fingers towards Monroe's genitals and slowly turned to caress her clitoris. Monroe began to relax, groaning, and clenched his penis in her hands, which was hot and oozing in excitement. From time to time, the two looked at the pedestrians passing close to the car window, but they couldn't stop. Brown held Monroe into the seat. Monroe also loosened her hand, holding his testicles as she bent her knees and crawled on the back seat.

Monroe’s clothes were now just wrapped around her waist. There was a shadow of her curvy hips. Looking at her luscious ass from behind, the bright lustrous red vagina between the thighs naturally opened, and the ring muscles on the inner wall were clearly visible. Brown ignored the outside noise, held her hips, and pushed forward behind it. Monroe seemed to hide when the pedestrians passed by. The two were nervous and excited. 


At the time of insertion, Monroe started leaking out from the moment of penetration. Brown's usually rigorous and conservative sexual style was utterly broken at this time. After pulling and inserting more than a dozen times, Brown roared in delight and was not afraid of the pedestrians outside the car noticing. He crawled on Monroe's back and became paralyzed. Monroe also enjoyed the climax.

The two of them kept quiet, listening to the movements and commotions outside the window. The tension and fear were mixed with the excitement and passion of the body. The narrow space and highly sensitive stimulation were an unspeakable explosion of feelings. Making love in the car’s back seat and being outdoors could be described as a lifelong, unforgettable feeling.

When enjoying such romance and lust in a car, how can you step on the brake for the scenery ahead? So, during the late hours of the night, Brown thought, after Monroe leaves, could he get the same sensation from a life-size TPE "Monroe" sex doll in the car?

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