Types and characteristics of buttocks

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1. The buttocks are even and smooth.This kind of women’s sexuality is docile and kind. Their sexual experience is worthy of appreciationand sexual passion is slow and not easy to ignite, but it can last for a long time. Their sexual movements are casual, and they can accommodate any position of the partner. They are conservative in sexual life, not active, but they are single-minded in love and suitable for clerical work.  Joanna


2. The buttocks are fleshier and more upturned.This kind of women’s sexual capacity is strong, and one orgasm is not enough. Their sexual desire comes slowly. But once there is sexual desire, it will not disappear easily. They enjoy many sexual positions and tricks, and like exciting places when they have sex. Romance and passion will produce a lot of hormones. Their sex duration is long and they usually like to shout. When they are spanked, they can get stronger stimulation, which can release a lot of sexual energy.  Cecilia


3. The buttocks are rounded and curved.This kind ofwoman is full of charm and personality, with a strong sexual desire, which is veiled and not revealed. The round buttocks are elastic and have a special temptation for men. Such buttocks have strong sexual attraction, and attract people eager to spank. Women who has this kind of buttocks are introverted and can be artists.  Rosie


4. The buttocks arelarge and elastic. Such women are easily harassed by men, because thesexiest part of their body is on the buttocks, which produces the men’s imagination. Men are lustful quickly through the vision, and sexual imagination are hard to resist. Women with big buttocks are amorous. They have strongest sexual ability, like to have sex from the back, like to shake buttocks, like to be rubbed, pinched and beaten by men. The vibration of ass during orgasm is an irresistible temptation.  Eva


5. The buttocks are firm and round. Such women have strong sexual desire.Once they are stimulated, they will continue to orgasm to the end. They can squirt, and their flexible bodies can make all kinds of difficult sexual positions. During sex, they are bold, open, and like violent sex. They can produce more than three orgasmsduring one sex.  Louise


6. The buttocks are compact and the breasts are erect. This type of women has good figure, and rich sexual fantasies. Theirunrestrained sex practices make men unable to keep up. They are active and like sports. The erect breasts bring visual feast which are very suitable for breast sex. She can sex freely on the table, in the kitchen, and in the   Monica


7. The buttocks are small and round and the waist is slender. They are lively andlovely, just like the girl next door. They are a little nervous during sex, which is adorable. The slim waist is smooth but not greasy, and the round small buttocks are a perfect match.  Aurora


8. The buttocks arefull and fleshy. These women have the standard sexy figure which is also the most beautiful size of the human body. The size of the buttocks is proper, the amount of flesh is moderate, and the gaps are obvious. They are all men's dream sex partners. They are proud and like super Men unconsciously look at them.  Jennifer


9. The buttocks arepear-shape and so sexy. The pear shape of the buttock is a measure of female sexiness. A woman with such a butt is charming when walking. They squeeze the abdomen and lift the butt, showing the charm you can’t resist. All men are eager to see their body shape. They are also not afraid of the jealous eyes of peers.  Monroe


10. The abdomen is slightly raisedand the buttocks are large. When the abdomen is bulging, the buttocks will naturally rise. Such women are noble, and the combination of the buttocks and the figure is an evidence. Being mature and sexy is their capital. Therefore, they have high requirements for sex. Without enough sex experience and methods, it is difficult to meet her high expectations. It will definitely cause much pressure on men.  Dita


11. The abdomen is rounded andthe buttocks are voluptuous. This type of woman has a distinct personality, and all her expressions can be read on their face, which is the same in sexual intercourse. They are never contrived for sex life. If they have sexual needs, they will take the initiative to find men and will not disappoint  Jessica


12. The waist is strong and the buttocksare raised. This kind of women has many thoughts. They regard their body as capital, and have absolute control over themselves. They always ask for something during sex, otherwise she will not have sex easily. Even if you can pass their test, they also have the next step you can't imagine.  Scarlett


13. The legs are thin and the buttocks are tight. This kind of women are intellectual who are rare in life. Having sex with them is like listening to music, tender and elegant. There are countless feminine charm on their body, and common men dare not approach. To be able to spend a good night with her is a dream for most men.  Britney


14. The body iswell-proportioned and the buttocks are upturned. This kind of women have strong personality. They have bouncy skin and haughty character. When they has sex, they always think about the purpose of men. If they find anything unnatural, they will stop immediately. Men cherish the sexual moments with them. They are also very professional and have a good command of sex. They can control the time of sexual intercourse very well and makes men have the feeling of always looking forward to the next sex.  Candice

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