Your Ultimate Guide on How to Clean a Sex Doll Torso

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The best things in life might be free… like jerking off and experiencing a blissful orgasm. But when it comes the aftermath, there will inevitably be a clean up needed on aisle three.

Fear not though, because whether you’ve got a small and handy masturbator or even a life size sex doll or sex doll torso, it’s not actually a mountain to tackle. In fact, the clean up isn’t too much effort at all.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a guide on how to clean a sex doll, so that you need not worry about your toy the next time you’re hoping to get off! Follow these tips and you can be sure that you’ll be able to keep coming and coming.

Reasons to Clean a Sex Doll

So, why should you clean a sex doll? There are a few reasons including:

● Keeping the doll fresh
● Preventing the spread of bacteria
● Preventing the formation and spread of mold
● Keeping the doll intact and preventing wear and tear
● Prolonging the life of the doll

How Often Do I Need to Clean my Sex Doll?

It’s strongly recommended that you clean your sex doll everytime before and after use. And whether you’re not too phased about keeping the doll fresh and increasing its shelf life, you should be concerned about the spread of bacteria and mold.

For example, a sex doll made of TPE is porous. And for that reason, when it gets wet, it’s like a playground for bacteria and mold to form and spread. While this sounds off-putting, the cleaning process really doesn’t take all that long, and you’ll be happy you did it.

What Do I Use to Clean my Sex Doll?

There are a few ways to clean a sex doll. The best items to use for your clean up are:

● Mild antibacterial soap
● Water
● A microfibre towel
● Tools that can assist you best in cleaning (a shower head, a vaginal irrigator, squirt bottle etc.)

And then when it comes to the steps, here’s how to clean a sex doll:

Step One: Use a mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm or cold water, and gently rub the doll using your hands.

Step Two: Use a microfibre towel on the doll, then air dry it as soon as possible. The quicker your doll dries, the better it is.

How Do I Clean my Sex Doll’s Vagina, Ass, and Mouth?

When it comes to your sex doll’s vagina, ass, and or mouth, you should definitely pay special attention.

This is because these different holes have the most contact and moisture, so you’ll want to clean it thoroughly using the antibacterial soap and mild or cold water along with any cleaning tools that’ll help you really get in there.

Some cleaning tools would be a vaginal irrigator, for example, which is the same thing as a douche. Use this by squirting a mixture of soapy water into the doll’s orifices in order to flush it out and to clean it from the inside. The best time to do this would be immediately after use.

What Not to Do When Cleaning My Sex Doll?

There are a few big no-no’s when it comes to cleaning a sex doll.

● One, you should avoid very warm or hot water if your doll is made from TPE.
● Two, if there are any metal parts in your doll, make sure not to get it wet.
● Three, don’t use a hairdryer or any other heating agent, as it could melt or damage the doll.

How Do I Dry my Sex Doll After Cleaning?

As mentioned, you’re going to want to air dry your sex doll, but in such a way that it can dry as quickly as possible without getting too much sun or heat exposure.

With that, you’re going to want to avoid using any heating tools, such as a hairdryer, heating pad, electric blanket, or heater.

You should also avoid direct sunlight. This is because heat can strongly compromise the quality of your sex doll.

If you would like to speed up the drying process, you can have a fan on nearby.

Where Do I Store my Sex Doll?

There are tons of innovative places to store your sex doll, depending on whether you’d like to hide it or merely have a place for it that’s just out of the way.

If you’d like to hide your sex doll, you could:
● Put it in a garment bag that’s zipped up and stored inside your closet
● Under your bed, amidst other objects and or blankets to make it conspicuous
● Store it inside a travel bag that’s sitting comfortably at the top of your cupboard

If you’re just looking for a safe space to store your sex doll, you could:
● Keep it under the bed or in a nightstand
● Keep it in your underwear drawer
● Keep it in a bathroom cupboard, if space permits

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you feel comfortable with, and the motive you have when it comes to storing your sex doll.

With these tips and pieces of advice, we hope that you’ll have the best time with your sex doll. You’ll soon learn the ropes, and be able to enjoy the cool and intimate sensations with ease.

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