What Is Young Sex Doll

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Young girls are always fascinating to look at. Girls who just achieved their puberty bring a different element in the bed during sex. These girls have so many things to explore in their sex life as they are just beginning to discover the true essence of sex.

That is why many men would love to have such a girl in bed when they are in the mood to pound a girl. However, if you are in your late 20s or above, and if you want to have a girl in bed who is in her teens, then many people might see you as a pervert.

But, the truth is you are not. You actually have a fetish or a hidden desire to enjoy and explore your sexuality with such girls. Then again, you have people in the society who are not ready to accept that we are animals after all and we have desires that should be fulfilled.

Now, you can screw those judgmental people and enjoy with a fresh and young babe in bed. Well, she will be your young sex doll. Yes, that’s right; a young sex doll can give you as much pleasure as a real young girl would give.

In fact, you can do much more with a young sex doll than you could have done with a real human young girl. You can let your fantasies run wild without holding them back with a young sex doll because she can handle everything.

Yes, we can sense that you are excited with the prospect of having such a beautiful young babe in your bedroom. So, do you want to know more about your sex dolls? Well then, in this article, let’s discuss what exactly is a young sex doll and why should you get it.

Why Do Men Like Young Sex Doll

When a man is with a young girl in bed, he feels a sense of control over that girl. But, if the girl is a bit aged, then the girl starts to control the man. Now, most men like to have a dominating nature in bed. It is difficult to achieve that dominating nature when you are with a matured woman. But, you can achieve that control and dominance if you are fucking a young girl.

Because of this, most men are now more into buying young sex dolls. As a result, these men find a sense of dominance in bed. They can use their young sex doll in whichever way they want. It helps them to feel superior and that is why most men like to have young sex dolls more.

Top 6 Young Sex Doll In 2020

You ought to be interested in buying a young sex doll for your sexual pleasure by now. When it comes to buying a young sex doll, you need to pick the right product. You will find plenty of sex dolls that will be sold to you as young sex dolls.

But, in reality, they are not young sex dolls and what you will get by spending your money in those sex dolls is something that you don’t want. That is why we have searched and put together a list of 6 young sex dolls that you can look to buy. It will assist you in buying the right sex doll.

Scarlett (Our Top Pick)

Scarlett is a wonderful sex doll from Tantaly that you can look to buy. Yes, it is our top pick because her figure resembles a young sex doll. She has well-developed boobs and her firm and nice ass will certainly help you to have complete pleasure from her.

You will get both a vagina and an asshole to use. The best part about Scarlett is that she is not so big that it will become a headache for you to store her. As you know, storing the sex doll in the right place is very important. Also, the price of Scarlett is very affordable, unlike many sex dolls.

Apart from that, Scarlett is made with TPE, a material that resembles human skin quite nicely. So, you will be having that feeling of having sex with a young sex doll. Thus, in terms of build quality, price, and size, Scarlett from Tantaly becomes our best pick as a young sex doll.


  • Made with TPE for a realistic feel
  • Two holes for you to enjoy
  • The price is quite affordable


  • No major negative aspect discovered yet

Aurora (Highly Recommended)

Aurora is another wonderful young sex doll from Tantaly. Well, a major difference between Aurora and Scarlett would be in their size. Aurora is a much bigger sex doll which gives you a more realistic feeling when you are having sex with her.

When you talk about the size of Aurora, you have nothing to worry about because it is not so big that you will have any problem in storing her. Nonetheless, she will take more space to fit into your room than Scarlett.

But, if you see her boobs and her curves, you would want to have her in your bed. Also, just like other Tantaly products, Aurora is very much affordable than most of the sex dolls you will find in the market. She can please in most of the ways and thus, she is highly recommended as a young sex doll.


  • High and positive reviews about the doll
  • Looks like a real young girl with nice assets
  • Easy to store and very much durable


  • Yet to figure out any major problems with this doll

Louise (Standard Choice)

Louise is another gem of a young sex doll from Tantaly. She will be a very nice choice if you want to fuck a young sex doll in bed. Well, she certainly has the ass that can tempt any man to fuck her. Also, TPE as a material is fantastic as it gives you a real-life-like feeling.

For those who love to spank the ass while fucking, Louise is someone you need. Well, her ass is ideal to spank and you will enjoy roughing things up with her. She will never resist if you go rough on her. That is why she is a standard choice for those who want a young sex doll.

As far as the price goes, it will be very much within your budget and her build quality is marvellous. Also, Tantaly is reputed sex doll producer and so, you can trust them to deliver high-quality products. Therefore, you can certainly look to buy Louise as your young sex doll.


  • An ideal to spank ass for ass lovers
  • Can handle rough fucking easily
  • The price is very much within your budget


  • A flawless sex doll with no concerns so far


Maggie is a full-size sex doll which looks quite young. She is small in size but if you compare her size with Aurora, she is way much bigger. Also, she has got nice tits which you will enjoy playing with. Although the manufacturer is claiming her to be a young sex doll, her assets don’t reflect that.

Meanwhile, she is very much expensive and you would have to think twice before investing your hard-earned money in such a sex doll. Moreover, her face is not as attractive as the face of a young sex doll should be. But, still, if you want to have her, she can be a nice choice.


  • Nice assets and ideal for pleasure
  • Beautiful tits for enjoyment
  • Ass is also very attractive


  • Highly overpriced
  • Face lacks attractiveness
  • Not an ideal young sex doll


Blake is a real hottie and you would get horny by seeing her. But, you have to ask yourself, does she really look like a young sex doll? Apparently not, but the reason why we have her on the list is because of her sexy features and gorgeous looks.

Yes, she is way too expensive for our liking but looking at her face and then going down to see her boobs will truly make you feel horny. Her size is big, just like a real human. So, storing her could be a problem. Nonetheless, if you have such big money to invest in sex dolls, then you can go for Blake.


  • The face is quite stunning and beautiful
  • Sexy assets are quite alluring
  • Her tits are a standout for sure


  • The price is too expensive
  • Doesn’t look like a young sex doll
  • Difficult to store for her size


Jennifer is an ideal blonde beauty that you would love to fuck anytime anywhere. But, the problem is, she doesn’t look like a young sex doll although the manufacturer is claiming it. She looks like someone in her early to mid-20s.

However, you just have to admire the beautiful face and lovely assets of Jennifer and that is the sole reason why she is featuring on this list. Although she is way too expensive and storing her could be a headache, if you have the money to buy or space to store, you can ponder whether to buy her or not. Still, a smart choice would be any of the three Tantaly sex dolls that we have recommended.


  • A hot blonde to fuck anytime anywhere
  • Her beautiful face is too attractive
  • Sexy boobs and a nice ass to enjoy


  • The price is way too high
  • Not a young sex doll by her looks
  • Storing could become a headache

What It Feels Like To Fall In Love With Young Sex Doll?

Now, you might think it’s a bit weird to fall in love with a doll but for many people, that is a reality. They fell in love with their sex dolls. It can happen to you as well. As you know, these dolls have assets that are very rare in real women.

The sexy ass and the large boobs of these dolls will make you happy in bed. Now, men want to have sexual pleasure. So, when they find it through the sex dolls, they fall in love with her. And you know what, loving a sex doll means no tension of tantrums or heartbreaks or expensive gifts. You will only experience the ultimate sexual pleasure and pure bliss of love.

How to take care of Young Sex Doll

If you are contemplating on buying a young sex doll as you already know which ones to target, you should also know how to maintain that doll because you would want that doll to last for many years. Also, the lack of maintenance of the sex doll could raise concerns for your health. So, let’s see how you can take care of your young sex doll in brief.

  • Give your sex doll a good bath to take out all the bodily fluids and excess lubricants
  • Use a sulphate-free soap to clean the skin of the doll
  • Then wipe it with a soft and clean sponge
  • You can also give her another shower to wipe out the soap from her body
  • If your doll has removable vagina and anus, then it will be easier to clean
  • Otherwise, clean those sections of your doll thoroughly as well
  • Now, make sure all the excess water is evaporated from your doll’s skin
  • After that, use some talcum powder to make her smell well.
  • Finally, store her in a safe place and you will be ready to use your young sex doll the next time

The Bottom Line

Finally, with a young sex doll, you can enjoy sex like never before. That is why you should choose your sex doll wisely. The young sex dolls from Tantaly will be a fantastic choice for you because their build quality is superb and the price is quite affordable. Also, the size of the sex dolls is such as you don’t have to worry about its storage. Thus, you will not have any problem in using them.

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