Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Options and Functions

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A simple but clear product introduction will help you better choose our company's products.

When you are browsing our website and looking for a favorite doll, you may just want your doll to look like she does in the photos, skin tone, breast, tunnel… everything. But you don’t know how to choose, then you may email us to discuss how you should decide on the doll options.

Now after you look through this page, you will have a good command of our products and place an order as you wish quickly.

Common Options

Skin Tone

Our products, both sex doll torso and butts, come in two colors: Fair and Wheat.You can see the color selection of the product in the ordering page, so you can choose the color you like.

Britney Wheat

Britney Fair

Breasts Option

At present, there are two types of breasts for our sex doll torso, one is solid breasts, which feel a little hard, and the other is soft breasts with special process.They feel like jelly, which are also bigger and more bouncing, such as Britney, Jennifer, and Gaga. As a result, the breast feels much better than the rest of the body.


Tunnel Option

There is no doubt that the doll tunnel is one of the core functional areas of the product.Therefore, our company has made customized processing for product tunnels. Different products correspond to different tunnels, which can be seen in the product description. You can choose different tunnels for different experiences. Attention! It is not recommended that customers break the product to view in case of damage to the doll.

Britney Tunnel

Cecilia Tunnel

Eva Tunnel

Vaginal Orifice

Similarly, different products use different forms of vulva.There are mainly three types of vulva.The first is the vulva of younger girls, which are brighter and carved, such as Cecilla, Louis, Scarlett, Candice and Aurora. The second is darker and fuller, and looks like a young woman's vulva, such as Roise, Britney. The third is the fullest and darkest, which is based on mature women, such as Eva, Monroe and Jennifer.




Body Size

Our company's products are available in different sizes to suit the individual needs of different people. You can check the detailed size introduction, such as weight, height and measurements, in the SIZE GUIDE on the ordering page of the product.So you can choose the doll you want by looking at the size and comparing it with real things in life.Currently, among the dolls sold on our platform, the largest one is Monroe, which is 68.34 lbs, while the smallest one is Dita, which is only 9.25 lbs.



Plump Nipples

Our dolls all have full protruding nipples which amazingly replicate the elastic sensations. Among these dolls, the most distinctive ones are Jennifer and Monroe. They are more protruding and flexible. Of course, you can choose the nipple you like to satisfy your desire to pinch.

Specific Options

Skin Texture

In order to reflect the real touch and visual effect of the product, we have special treatment on the skin of the product.When you touch her or look at her closely, you will find that the doll's surface has goosebumps texture, which perfectly replicates the reality of human skin and gives you a beautiful experience. Except Aurora, other dolls all have this simulation of skin details.



Body Shape

What sets us apart from other dolls is our attention to detail. No matter you are careful or casual, you can find our attention to the details of the product. For example, our dolls have realistic collarbones, sexy curves, and even depressions in the buttocks. All of these bring products one step closer to real people experience.





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