Things You Should Know Before Buying A Sex Doll Torso

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There are people who have communication issues and there are people with severe anxiety and depression which make it hard for them to find a real sexual partner. However, shouldn’t they have the chance to experiment the sexual world, too? This is why sex dolls are so important in our society, because they help the people develop their sex skills, get their needs satisfied and keep safe from the risks of getting infected with a STD. However, sex dolls are pricey investments and no one wants to spend all that money on something they don’t like at all, and this is why this article comes to you.

So enjoy this guide that will help you make an informed decision before rushing to our shop to pick the best sex doll for you. Here’s what you should consider before buying your very first sex doll.

#1. Take Your Budget Into Consideration

Modern sex dolls are not cheap, because of the quality of the materials used for them to be built. If you want a full-sized doll, you might want to consider paying an expensive price, because a cheap one might actually put you in danger. If the price of a doll is surprisingly low, you need to consider its authenticity. However, if you’re planning on buying your first doll and you’re on a budget, there’s always the option to purchase just a torso or a butt which can be priced from $100. No matter how rude it might sound, this is actually a thing! Not only that, but Tantaly’s main business is exactly this: sex doll torsos and butts! Unless you want to take your doll on a trip, if you only buy a torso or a butt, they’ll do the job just as fine! Plus, they’re way easier to deposit, as you’ll be saving a lot of space!

#2. Consider The Sex Doll Material

Modern sex dolls are made of high-quality skeleton whose purpose is to make sure the pressure you put on your doll will not break the doll easily and keep it in a good shape. Also, when it comes to the skin, it has to be made out of a high quality material and carefully molded, in order to give you that realistic feel. The main two materials used to build sex dolls are silicone and TPE. The silicone used to be the most popular material yet not the cheapest one. That is why manufacturers started experimenting with different materials to make high-quality love dolls more affordable. As a result, TPE entered the sex doll industry and became widely used all around the world. However, in the existing market, there are a large number of cheap TPE sex dolls which are made of inferior TPE powder and mineral oil. The particles of inferior TPE powder is coarser and the texture is worse. So this material makes the doll very rough and distorted. Low-quality mineral oil has a relatively low flash point and boiling point and is prone to coking and smelly at high temperatures. This poor quality mineral oil produces harmful substances at high temperatures, which may harm the health of users. Therefore, Tantaly dolls are made from high-quality American raw materials with strict quality control to provide customers with a safe and enjoyable experience.

#3. Buy Cleaning Supplies And Lubes

Modern sex dolls are investments, so exactly the same way you take care of your own body, you have to treat the dolls carefully, too, if you want them to last for the longest time possible. As the doll is made of soft TPE material, although it has a very good realistic feel, it also causes the problem of easy tearing.It is extremely important that you use cleaning supplies, as well as lubes, before or after use, as necessary. We recommend Tantaly’s Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit and water-based lube, because we have tested it, not only does it work as said on the box, but it also leaves a great feel on your doll’s skin. Please be careful not to use silicon-based lubricants as they can react with the TPE material and cause damage to the doll.

#4. Pay Attention To The Size & Weight

Before you buy a sex doll, you should definitely check out the size and the weight of it. Just like you would check the size and the weight of a pair of shoes you want to buy, the same way you should check the dimensions of the doll, because sex dolls of different sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a bigger sex doll is harder to manipulate physically, while a smaller one, if too small, won’t do the job. Also, a smaller one, if properly sized for you, will be easier to store, unlike a bigger one which will take all the space. The weight is also important, for those who don’t have very strong arms presenting a big issue. Of course you can lay the doll on your bed or any other surface, but for those who like trying standing-up positions, the weight should not be a problem. Therefore, think well before buying a doll and choose what is best for you! Considering people’s different needs, we Tantaly has developed many kinds of sex dolls which has different sizes and can best meet your various needs.

#5. Do Your Research On The Website

Never forget to do proper research on the website, to check whether it is legit. There are a lot of scammers on the internet, trying to make easy money by pretending to be selling legit sex dolls from well-known brands, when they actually sell poor quality dolls or, even worse, nothing at all. In order to ensure that your doll is legit, make sure that you can find all the necessary information before you make the purchase, such as height, weight, material type, general description, product photos, product reviews, and social media. Because these information are extremely important for you to know how to take care of it, how to handle it and how to treat it when you are both using it or storing it. So you can carefully check the reviews of Tantaly and see what customers say about our products. And by carefully looking through the description of our dolls, you can learn that our dolls have realistic collarbones, sexy curves, and even depressions in the buttocks which all comes from our excellent workmanship . For the social media, you can learn more knowledge about our business.

#6. Look Into The Shipping And Refund Policy

A very underestimated but powerful part of online shopping is the shipping and refund policy. You should always search for it, no matter on the site where you want to buy from, you should always read it carefully, keep it in mind and take advantage of it if there’s the case, because damages, although rare, may very well happen during transport and delivery. Good news, however, is that Tantaly offers free shipping and sound refund process, which makes it easier for its clients to trust this site. Even more than this, Tantaly also provides a tracking number via email after shipping, so you can track down your order anytime you want. However, if you have any other questions, even after checking where your order is at the moment, the customer service is always available on their site.

Final Thought

In conclusion, what you need to keep in mind, is that buying a high quality sex doll is a big investment, so you need to know not only your needs and budget, but you also need to judge the credibility of the site in order to have a good purchase experience, the quality of the product, and the ease of after-sales and problem solving, because no one likes paying for a poor product or for a broken product and this is, unfortunately, something no one can control, not the buyer, not the seller. However, what the seller can control is their way of managing the after-sales and problem solving. We know all this might sound a bit too much, but isn’t it better to avoid any trouble later and make a satisfactory buying than not being happy with the experience after having spent a big amount of money?

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