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Tantaly Huge Tits Sex Dolls Best Male Masturbators (Britney:29.67LB )
Bigger is always better: There is no extra part of her body to ensure a perfect product experience, making her weight compressed to 29.67 pounds, allowing you to easily store and clean. Huge tits Sex Doll, weighing just 29.67 pounds, has...
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Aurora: Realistic Full Size Sex Doll With Big Boobs(53LB)
GET A GOOD FEMALE FIGURE EXPERIENCE WITH AURORA LIFE SIZE SEX DOLLS Life-Sized Sex Dolls: Sex Dolls in Life-Size ensure that you get everything you need in bed. Sex with Life Size Sex Dolls is also much better than masturbating your hands....
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Realistic Cheap Sex Doll, Increase Sexual Stamina Intense Stimulation Big Ass(Cecilia: 19.84LB)
EXTENSIVE STIMULATION OF SEXUAL STAMINA WITH BIG ASS SEX TOY Cecilia, the Big Ass Sex Doll is still there to make you feel exotic. This is a good way to see whether or not you like anal sex. Her butt is going...
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Mini Sex Doll for Male Maturbation for Beginner(Scarlett: 15.14LB)
Scarlett for Beginner: Scarlett's definitely your best choice if you' ve never tried any Lifelike Sex Dolls, and she has all the features tantaly busts,There is no extra part of her mini sex body to ensure a perfect product experience,...
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Life Size Sex Doll Torso With Realistic Booty,best male masturbators(Candice: 43LB)
IMPROVE YOUR STIMULATION WITH CANDICE, BIG TIT SEX DOLL Ask your Candice for help if you don't know how to take your girlfriend. She is going to do it gladly. While you fucking Candice, you can lick your girl's pussy....
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Doggy Style Life Size Ass Sex Toy,Love Doll,Best Male Masturbators (Louise: 24.25LB )
LIFE-SIZED BOOTY FOR AUTHENTIC FEELINGS WITH BIG ASS SEX DOLLS Men enjoy women with big asses because with those asses they can do so many things. You still want to enjoy a woman's big ass if you don't have a...
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Big Ass Realistic Sex Doll Torso For Men BBW (Rosie: 34.17LB)
AMAZING PRODUCT OF ROSIE’S BIG ASS SEX DOLLS You need to know that you always see the beautiful and juicy ass of this baby if you are stressed, depressed, or too horny to wait for a shower. If you don't...
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Male Torso Sex Doll Love Toy For Couple Threesome (Rico: 26.01LB )
FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH PERFECT MALE TORSO SEX DOLL Sex dolls are often related to men who don't have time or an inclination to invest in a romantic partner emotionally. But now it appears that the world is still ready for male...
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Customer Reviews

Amazing. Very happy. Buy her!

She is better than I hoped. She feels as good as the real thing. Her legs give it a real feel. I love touching her tits during my frequent sessions especially with the bra I bought her She looks so sexy I get aroused just thinking about it. She feels so real she makes me cum so hard. Just heed the warnings and don’t leave dark clothing on her. It will stain. And she is HEAVY. But that is what makes it feel so real. I can’t say I have anything negative to say. I’m super impressed. Best money spent in a long time. Buy the doll care kit as well and a lot of lube. Do it now!

Sep 27, 2020


I have bought smaller dolls in the past so I wanted something a little bigger, and this one looked to be a good size up. When I opened the box and lifted it out I was blown away by how big this thing really is. Don't get me wrong, the specs are correct but it's just much bigger than you'd expect. The weight and thickness of it is intense and the body proportions are fantastic. I knew the breasts would be like like and they don't disappoint at all. The ass on the other hand I wasn't expecting to be this amazing. Doggystyle with this toy, with its weight and thickness, I'm not sure there's a toy that offers a better feeling. Well done by Tantaly on this product.

Aug 25, 2020

Good feeling

Feels great, Wish was a little bigger (more realistic size) to grab on to but it will do the job. I tried as soon as I got it and it felt great but I did not finish the job; will do later. Hope it won't get too loose after using it for a while. I think that by covering the other end, it will make it tighter. Nothing like the real thing but hey, it feels good, don't have to worry about STDs and its ready for me anytime I want; no excuses!!!

Mar 3, 2020

Rosie, my first sex doll

Well I have had Fleshlights but now have something way better. I like big butts and hips and while Rosie is not as big as I like it was still amazingly real. Rosie is about the size I expected but felt heavier than I expected. The weight definitely gives me perspective on what to buy in regards to a torso or full size doll. The feel of her skin and butt feels very real as well as her openings. I would have liked them to be tighter but still was really nice. The appearance of the skin and openings is very realistic and made it visually appealing and realistic. It was hard trying to position her for the first time and probably will take awhile to figure out the best ways/positions to use her. It makes me want to get a full size or at least a torso now.
G. Clapp

Sep 12, 2020


I was so excited to get my own sex doll for the first time! I received it last weekend and washed it with soap while taking a shower. Instead of bringing it to the bed, I couldn't wait but used it in the bathtub while watching porn on phone screen. I was able to make all the positions from porn I am watching. Ended my enjoyment with doggy style and guess what. I am so pleased! Excellent product! This is going to be my special day celebration toy. I can't wait to use it again. Excellent and realistic tits!

May 12, 2020


AMAZING!!! :)))) Wow what a fantestickle product.. Shipping was fast and reliable. ... No smell to complain about and was exactly what the picture showed..Now the good stuff.. Once cleaned,I lubed Big Rex ( his new name ) manhood very wet and sloppy and then I mounted Big Rex gently and slowly worked his manly meat package up to where I needed to take a breath.. Quite the fill! The shaft is an impressive 8" long and quite thick, much bigger than I'm used to with my husband ... But stretched out fine and rode it for 1/2hr.. I got used to it fast . It is a joy to ride and glad I bought it .. Thank you once again ! - Happy Housewife

Mar 4, 2020



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