Your Breast Options Guide for Sex Doll Torsos

Sexologist Alex Alexander said in a feature article on women's breasts in Vanity Fair magazine, "Men have only two attitudes towards women's breasts: one is intense interest, and the other is crazy obsession." Breasts are a symbol of femininity and the first body part that all people come into contact with from birth. From infancy, men become obsessed with breasts of various shapes. If you're looking to buy a sex doll torso and aren't sure how to choose, check out this article to help you select the best sex doll torso for your needs.


There are generally three types of sex doll breast options on the market:
1. Solid breasts,
2. Hollow breasts,
3. Gel breasts

Below are the features of each type along with their advantages and disadvantages:

1. Solid Breasts

Solid breasts, also known as standard breasts, are made of standard TPE material. They are soft and flexible, but because there are no implants, they feel a little firmer to the touch than gel breasts. Solid breasts are generally used for A and B cup breasts.  

The solid breast sex doll torsos available at Tantaly include  MikiDita, Scarlett and Selena. (Click the orange text to view details.)

Advantage of Solid breasts:
Perky and Firm.

① Slightly less soft and elastic than hollow and gel breasts;
②With larger boobs, it may not be the natural feeling you're expecting.

2. Hollow Breasts

Hollow breasts are air-filled breasts, which make them softer and lighter than solid breasts. If you prefer big breasts that are super soft and bouncy, you can go for hollow breasts. Because of the way it's made, it is used more for large breasted dolls. However, hollow breasts are prone to breakage and collapse, so Tantaly decided not to produce sex dolls with hollow breasts. Instead, we upgraded our large breasted dolls directly from solid breasts to the best gel breasts.

Advantage of hollow breasts:
①Softer and bouncier than solid breasts;
②Lighter and suitable for large breasts.

① Easy to break if squeezed tightly;
② Hollow breasts sag easily.

3. Gel breasts

Just as its name implies, Gel breasts are filled with jelly or gel material to ensure that they feel soft and supple to the touch. They are designed to feel like real body fat, making them the perfect choice for a realistic sex doll torso. However, in the field  of full body dolls, if you want to upgrade your doll's breasts to gel breasts, you may have to pay an additional fee, ranging from $70-$100. Gel breasts are suitable for breasts of C cup size and above.

Generally speaking, solid breasts are the safest and most stable, followed by hollow breasts and then gel breasts. This is because gel breasts require gel to be added to the inside of the breasts during production. Whether the gel is fully fused with the outer skin of the breast, the amount of gel added, the softness of the gel, and the thickness of the breast skin can all impact the softness of the breast and the overall shape and sagging angle of the breast, leading to potential instability. 

Advantage of Gel breasts:
① Most realistic breasts;
② Extremely soft to touch.

Disadvantage of Gel breasts:
① Additional fee required to upgrade to this breast option.

4. Tantabosom-Tantaly Unique Gel breasts

Tantaly has received a lot of feedback from customers who want better and softer breasts. Starting in April 2022, our R&D team decided to set up a project team specifically for this customer need, aiming to improve the production process of the existing breasts on the market and develop a new generation of gel breasts that are safer, more comfortable, and more realistic in shape.

We tested various types of doll breasts on the market, including gel, hollow and solid breasts, and eventually decided to go for gel breasts because they were the most realistic to the touch and the closest to real female breasts, which best meet the client's needs for soft breasts. We needed to address three issues:

① The cost of making gel breasts is known to be the most expensive of all breast types, so we needed to develop our unique gel formula to optimize the production process and reduce costs.
② We needed to make the jiggling of the breasts more realistic and secure than the gel breasts available on the market.
③The gel breasts on the market are mainly designed for large breasts with a C cup or more, so we needed to make gel breasts that are also suitable for small breasts.

To address these issues, we completed the research and development of the gel formula in half a year and made improvements in the deep fusion of the inner breast gel and the outer skin of the breast, and production temperature control. Through hundreds of tests, we finally achieved a more realistic effect of boobs bouncing, and greatly reduced the cost of upgrading gel breasts through the new production process to ensure that our price is reasonable. We call this new breast formula Tantabosom.

Tantabosom have a more than 30% softer feel than ordinary gel breasts on the market, a more realistic shaking effect that simulates the real breasts, and can stably maintain the natural breast shape without deformation for a long time. Unlike general gel breasts on the market, our exclusive gel formula works on both small and large breasts.

In the GIFs below, you can clearly see the difference between the general gel breasts and the Tantabosom.

General Gel Breasts


 The Tantabosom currently available for sale are Donna, Britney, Aurora 2.0, Monroe, Candice, Jennifer, Badd angelMorgpie, Ginny and DianaMore Tantabosom doll torsos will be available soon.(Click the orange text to view details.)

However,  there are two important things you need to  keep in mind when it comes to Tantabosom dolls:
1. It is forbidden to store them in the position that the body is pressing against the breasts. The breasts must be facing upwards, and be careful not to grab them very hard.
2.After cleaning, it is best to place the doll in Tantaly's customized polycarbonate packaging. This can effectively prolong the doll's lifespan and provide better protection for the breasts.

After comparing the breast options of various sex dolls, we have found that Tantabosom breasts are superior in terms of softness and realism to solid, hollow, and general gel breasts available in the market. Therefore, if you are seeking a more realistic sexual experience, we highly recommend Tantabosom dolls.


Tantaly torso doll has two types of boobs for you to choose.

1. Big Tits Sex Doll Torsos

① Why do some men like big tits sex dolls?
The genius mathematician and philosopher Pascal said: "The golden section line of a woman is on her chest, and what a man pursues is the most beautiful acme." From the point of view of sexual position, big-breasted sex dolls can fully meet your needs for titty intercourse. During sex, bouncing boobs are just like real girls' breasts, bringing you strong visual impact and sexual pleasure.

② What are the Tantaly big boobs torso dolls? 
There are a total of 9 big breast torso dolls in Tantaly.
The currently Big Tits Sex Doll Torsos are Donna,Badd angel,Morgpie, Britney2.0, Aurora 2.0, Monica,Monroe,Nicole and Jennifer.

Donna sexy sex doll for beginners in lingerie front.jpg__PID:433d54a1-381b-449b-9db6-34b211f7f4ad

Donna: 28.6LB sexy sex doll male masturbator for beginners

Badd Angel 57LB Busty Blonde Milf Celebrity Sex Doll

Badd Angel: 57LB Busty Blonde Milf Celebrity Sex Doll

Morgpie celebrity fair sex doll observe show.jpg__PID:53496468-7658-46a9-a335-dced82d2e762

Morgpie: 63LB pornstar sexdoll life like sex doll-Tantaly

britney 2.0 fair big boobs sex doll in lingerie front.jpg__PID:2221178c-e060-4534-bef0-a9fcb99bb5d6

Britney 2.0:  27.3LB Big Boobs Sex Doll Male Masturbator

Aurora 2.0 54LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

Aurora 2.0:55.6LB Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body

Monica: 40.7LB Bes Hentai Sex Doll Torso for Breast Fun

Monica: 40.7LB Best Hentai Sex Doll Torso for Breast Fun

Monroe 68.34LB Plump and Sexy BBW Sex Doll

Monroe: 67LB Plump and Sexy BBW Sex Doll


Nicole: 47.6LB Busty Lover With Big Boobs Adult Sex Doll

Jennifer: 60.6LB Big Tits Sex Doll with Realistic Body Shape

Ginny: 38.1LB Removable Vaginal Sex Doll 4 in 1 with Tantabosom

2. Small Tits Sex Doll Torsos

① Why Choose Small Breast Sex Dolls?
There are many different kinds of beauty in the world, whether they are big tits or small tits. Tantaly's small tits are super realistic and feel like real women's tits, they also have a slim body and a light body shape, always offering an unparalleled sexual experience.

② What are the Tantaly small boobs torso dolls? 
There are a total of 4 small breast torso dolls in Tantaly.
The currently Tantaly small boobs torso dolls are Miki,Candice,Scarlett and Dita.

Miki: 13.2LB Small Sex Doll for Beginner Masturbation

Candice: 43LB Most Realistic Pussy Sex Doll

Scarlett: 15.4LB Half Body Sex doll

Dita: 9.26LB Portable Mini Sex Doll

selena mini sex doll front show.webp__PID:ca089d94-2bdd-4fd3-97b4-c19a60dce19c

Selena: 8LB Male Masturbator Cheap sex doll 3 in 1

3. Tantaly Torso Sex Doll Breast Size

You can clearly see the breasts size of dolls compared with iphone 14 Pro and hand of a 5' 11" tall man in following images.
If you would like to know the detailed size data of the doll apart from the chest size, please click here. Tantaly Doll Comparison

donna sexy sex doll male masturbator for beginners chest comparion.png__PID:afabefc7-84a5-4cee-b0cb-856e71b26d19
Ginny Removable Vaginal Sex Doll .png__PID:a52abe72-dc96-4b86-b5ea-475e87a57c6a
diana porn star sex doll comparison chart.png__PID:e9acafa9-4d7a-47b3-9b33-c5555adb70fa
selena mini sex doll comparison.webp__PID:ddbfd357-b4c1-4a60-9ce1-9c11f2a5a0b2
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