The Internal Passages, Tunnels and Drainage Systems of Sex Dolls

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While we absolutely adore talking about things that are super sexy, like different characteristics of sex dolls, various dolls that can give you most pleasure, etc. there comes a time and a place where the inner workings of things is just as important as its function. For to know how something works oftentimes works in one’s favour, isn’t that right?

For that reason, we’re going to delve deeper into how different sex dolls are made up. By this, we mean discussing the various kinds of internal passage styles that are used in order to create different kinds of stimulation. We also mean how the sex doll is equiped to effectively removing any body fluids once the deed has been done.

Knowing about these different aspects of a sex doll will help you to understand how and why it gives one so much pleasure, and will also guide you in your buying experience. So, let’s get cracking…

Different Kinds of Sex Doll Internal Tunnels

Single and Double Tunnel Sex Dolls: Pussy and/or Ass Masturbators

If you’ve purchased, or are hoping to purchase, a sex doll with one or two tunnels, that is a pussy and/or an ass masturbator, the internal tunnel will differ depending on the type of orrifice.

For pussy tunnels, you’ll be treated to elaborate internal textures that are unusual and exciting. The tunnel is made up of atypical ribbing patterns, such as ridges and bumps, that stimulate the entire cock. One such sex doll that has this kind of pussy tunnel is Misty, a sex doll perfect for doggy style sex.

For anal tunnels, especially those that don’t come with a drainage system, like Ken, a full body male sex doll, you’ll be able to experience a vacuum-like effect. This will enhance your play time with the tingle of a slight sucking sensation, mimicking that of the real thing. Stimulation will also be heightened due to the tunnel’s long length, curvature, and texture.

Then of course, there are double tunnel sex dolls, like Brooke, a TPR sex doll torso. This is when you’ll have access to both holes on one sex doll, which is essentially double the pleasure but in two very different forms. Twice as nice, shall we say?

You too could grab a sex doll that has two pussy’s. This kind of double tunnel sex doll is for those looking to create a threesome effect, such as Nova and Eva - twin sisters, two pussy’s. This double tunnel sex doll gives off a vacuum effect, and has textured inner channels for double pleasure.

Sex Doll Drainage Systems: Where Does Your Cum Go?

Ever wondered what actually happens when you cum inside a sex doll? Well, it depends on the way that it’s made…

An Upward-Facing Drainage Hole

If your sex doll has an upward-facing drainage hole it means that the toy itself will be easier to clean than most other drainage (or non-drainage) sex dolls, and it is easy to ventilate after cleaning. All you would need to do is run water through the doll’s hole or holes. Then let it air dry.

While this is definitely a pro to an upward-facing drainage hole, the con is that it will not provide a vacuum-like effect, because it is not sealed at the end.(But you can always plug it up with something like cotton, soft towel when using it)

An example of an upward-facing drainage hole would be Natalie, a pussy and ass male masturbator.

Upward-Facing Drainage Hole

(Upward-Facing Drainage Hole)

A Downward-Facing Drainage Hole

If your sex doll has a downward-drainage hole, the tunnel is narrow but still allows for easy cleaning and ventilating. The fact that the drainage hole is downward-facing gives it a leg up when it comes to that vacuum-like effect, as when your sex doll is placed on a flat surface, you can mimic the feeling by closing the tunnel off for a moment.

When it comes to sex doll drainage tunnels, this one is top, as it gives you the best of both worlds - a vacuum-like effect and an effective drainage system.

An example of a downward-facing drainage hole would be Jessica, soft pussy and ass male masturbator.

(Downward-Facing Drainage Hole)

A Sealed Sex Doll

If your sex doll is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. And while this kind of sex doll will be more difficult to clean, it definitely comes with its perks.

That is, it has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’. And who wouldn’t enjoy this kind of experience? No one, that’s who!

An example of a sealed sex doll would be Lexi, a realistic ass masturbator.

(A Sealed Sex Doll always has negative pressure area)

So, now that you know all about the inner workings of these lovely sex toys, you can decide which one may give you the most pleasure while weighing up whether its maintenance is worth it or not. Whichever you choose however, you’re definitely in for a real treat.

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