How to Store a Sex Doll Torso?

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When it comes to matters of sexuality and getting busy, there are tons of people who prefer to keep things more private. And that’s completely understandable. One need not disclose any sexual or confidential information to people who have no reason to hear it!

And to further prove this point, even women - to which sex toys have been more acceptable and readily available for centuries - are prone to hiding and storing their intimate play time objects in fear of embarrasement, shame, or merely to keep their life private.

With that, it’s only fair that men too share the same sentiments - that they would like to store a sex doll in such a way that it’s out of sight.

So, herewith, are several ways to store a sex doll, so that you can erradicate any flustered feelings when an unexpected guest pops in.

The Size of a Sex Doll

Depending on the size, you’ll have different ways in which to store a sex doll. For example, a blowup doll can be deflated, a lifesize doll can be taken apart, and smaller sex dolls like sex doll torsos and standalone pussy and ass masturbators can be stored easily due to its small size.

Then, with the size of your sex doll in mind, here are a few key places you could store it.

Places to Store a Sex Doll

Under the Bed (surrounded with padding)

Under the bed does seem like the most obvious hiding spot, but in actuality, if you’re a grown man, who on earth would even be tempted to look under your bed anyway?

By storing a sex doll under your bed, you not only have easy access to it at all times, but you’re not taking up any space in the house either. It’s just good thinking and common sense.

Note that when you do store a sex doll under your bed, you should use some kind of padding to protect the toy. This can also act as a means to hide your sex toy.

Under the Bed

(Store under the bed)


Inside a Box

If you’re a bit self-conscious about someone stumbling upon your sex doll, you could store it inside a box. This could be any box that is big enough for your toy, but perhaps you could source a non-see-through tupperware box, which can easily be kept at the top of a closet or even under the bed.

Utility or Boiler Room

If you’re very worried about someone finding your sex doll, you could make use of a small space in your home, such as the utility or boiler room. These spaces are the most uninteresting spots, and thus no one would dare or even bother to open them up.

A Room or Cupboard That’s Usually Locked

If your friends and family know that there’s a place in your home that has a lock on it for one or other reasons and they don’t question you on it, make use of this opportunity to hide your sex doll. This is the perfect place for you to make sure that literally no one can see what’s inside the locked box or room, and even if they are dying to find out what’s inside… they never will.

Inside a Travel Bag

If you’ve got a nifty travel bag that you use for vacations, you could easily place your sex doll inside the travel bag, and place it inside your wardrobe. What are the chances that someone would open up a travel bag inside a closet? Very slim! Unless you decide to lend them said-suitcase, in which case: don’t forget about what’s inside!


Again, depending on the size of your sex doll, you could possibly hide it inside a big pocket of one of your coats. Granted, this option is probably only viable for small sex toys like fleshlights or pocket pussy’s. Nevertheless, the pockets of an old winter coat hanging in a closet is hardly ever a source of intrigue.

A Garment Bag

If you have a bigger and or life size doll, then a garment bag may just be the best possible solution. The shape of the garment bag almost mimics that of a sex doll and thus it can be stored safely and privately without causing any suspicion.

And if you don’t have to wear a suit every single day, there’s no reason why anyone need grab the garment bag too. It’s simply a win-win for all involved.

Bottom of a Filing Cabinet

What’s more boring than a stack of documents and papers? Nothing, that’s what! So if you have a filing cabinet in your home or room, why not store your sex doll there?

And so, while all of these ideas are great, it’s just about finding the best possible space for you. Everyone’s living situation is different, so some may work better than others.

Either way, you’ll surely find a suitable spot to store a sex doll in this list. Wishing you lots of sexy fun with your secret sex toy!

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