How Much is a Sex Doll ?

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Does your play time need a little boost? Or are you looking for something that could make your solo fun a little spicier? So many fun times ahead!

But there’s always a matter of budget, right? Perhaps you don’t want to ship out a ton of money in order to gain a sexual boost. We get it!

Lucily, when it comes to the price of a sex doll, you can get an array of different dolls depending on your taste and budget. Which is why, to answer how much is a sex doll would be pretty difficult.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a go-to sheet on how much you can expect to pay for a sex doll.

From the most budget-friendly to the most advanced and expensive toys, you will find your perfect sex doll waiting for you!

Sex Dolls for $45 - $60

1. Misty: Mini Pussy and Ass Masturbator

A mini toy, petite, with a bubble-shaped butt, and a pussy tunnel that comes with intricate and sexy internal textures. Misty is your new favourite teen girl-next-door, and she’s got a super tight hole that can bring about many an excellent release.

Price $49.00

Sex Dolls for $65 - $90

1. Katie: Japanese Pussy and Ass Masturbator

Explore the oriental with Katie, a Japanese pussy and ass masturbator. She has a realistic and young pussy, a tight anal hole with extra stimulation, and has a jiggly feel to her, making her appear even more lifelike.

Price $68.00

2. Brooke the Naughty Girl: Sex Doll Torso

Nevermind the innocent act, Brooke is a naughty girl and she knows it. This sex doll torso has a real lifelike feel, is lightweight, and loves to show off her plump ass and sexy curves. She loves any kind of penetration, and can cause intense orgasms with all of her tight holes.

Price $89.00

Sex Dolls $100 or more

1. Lexi the Girl Next Door: Ass Masturbator

Love the idea of banging the girl-next-door? Lexi has a lifelike pussy and ass on the inside and out, and she’s got that real-feel that can definitely add in an element of erotica. Lexi also has a nice round and juicy ass, and loves to get it doggy style

Price $149.00

2. Stacy’s Mom: D Cup Double Holes

Do you have a MILF fantasy? Stacy’s Mom is an absolute hottie with a D-cup, a lifelike pussy and ass, and has some seriously bouncy tits that’ll drive you crazy. She’s lightweight, has sexy curves, and a nice round plump ass for the grabbing.

Price $159.00

Sex Dolls $200 or more

1. Edward: Love Doll Rubber Dildo for Women

If you or your lady friend are looking for a little male company, Edward is a male torso love doll that comes with a rubber dildo. He’s got a sexy textured penis with a natural-looking head, as well as a urethral hole. Edward too has testicles, and carefully-crafted muscle lines and abs.


2. Scarlett: Half Body Mannequin Sex Doll

Say hello to Scarlett, a nympho who has a tight pussy that’s lined with various and erratic internal buds and ribs for your pleasure. Scarlett is a big fan of anal, has a feminine silhouette, and two seriously bouncy tits.

Price $239.00

Sex Dolls $300 or more

1. Rico: Male Torso for Threesomes

Three’s definitely a crowd… and a fun crowd at that! Rico is the sex doll torso that loves to be the third in your threesome. He’s an open-minded guy, suitable for men and women, and comes with gorgeous abs and pecs. He has a long and thick penis, smooth testicles, and even a realistic tattoo.

Price $319.00

So, how much is a sex doll, you ask? Well, as you can see in our little sneak peak into various sex dolls, that there are all different prices. It all depends on the type of sex doll you’re looking for, the size, the characteristics, and the different sensations that it can bring about. It’s also, of course, about being within your budget!

So we hope to have helped you out a bit, and encourage you to try out one of our sex doll torsos… the pleasure is all yours!

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