Your Guide to the Best Sex Doll Torsos

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Your Guide to the Best Sex Doll Torsos
So you’re on the hunt for an incredible, mind blowing experience when it comes to solo sexy time! Perhaps you’re tired of using your hand, and you’ve been there, done that re: fleshlights and different kinds of lube. It happens!

Luckily, the advancement in technology, skills, and craftsmanship has seen the world of sex transform quite rapidly. And that means that there are several new ways in which to get off! Yay you!

Now, you can consider a ton of new options, like life size sex dolls, sex doll torsos, luxury silicone ass and vagina toys, big boobs torso sex dolls, and basically whatever else you can imagine!

With that, we’re here to introduce you to the best sex doll torsos on the market… and we should know, we’re kind of like kings when it comes to sex doll torsos! Take a little gander through the wonderful world of sex doll torsos, you may just find the perfect addition to your fun time!

The Virgin

There’s something naughty yet enticing about taking someone’s virginity. And if you’re the type who too finds it erotic, then Jessica the Virgin is one of the best sex doll torsos on the market.

This sex doll torso has been created in such a way to resemble a young and soft woman with a lifelike feel and a deliciously pink pussy. Love the idea of stretching her out? Yum!

Price: $49.00


On the opposite side of the spectrum, perhaps it’s older women that really get your motor running. A wise, mature, and experienced lady that definitely knows her way around the bedroom! If this sounds like you, then Stacy’s Mom is the sex doll torso for you.

This gorgeous MILF sex doll has a lifelike vagina and a plump ass, along with some seriously sexy curves. And despite the fact that this sex doll torso mimics an older woman who’s been around the block, she has a beautifully tight pussy that is dying for you to fill.

Touch her outer and inner labia and clitoris, play with her D-cup tits, and enjoy her holes, all of which have a lifelike touch and a very sexy visual.

Price: $99.00

The Horny Sex Pot

Sometimes all you need is a dirty little nymph who’ll do any and everything you’ve always wanted in the bedroom. And that’s why Horny Heather is the doll that can tease and please anyone looking for absolutely excitement and sexual satisfaction.

This sex doll torso is the best when it comes to making you come, because it allows you to go deep and hard. Her tight pussy loves feeling you inside of her, making her even more horny than before. She loves it doggy style, but is happy to do whatever you want, wherever you want!

Price: $95.00

The Threesome

Can’t find anyone suitable to join you and your partner for a sexy threesome? Don’t stress. In fact, you don’t even need Tinder anymore thanks to these threesome sex doll torsos!

They are a collection of male sex dolls with different attributes. Choose the body, colour, size, and cock that pleases you and your partner most, and enjoy the feeling of a hard rocket in bed with you and someone sensual!

Alternatively, you could consider Nova and Eva, two sex addicted twin sisters who want to give you dual pleasure. These two naughty sex dolls are stacked on top of one another, giving you access to both of their holes. The best sex doll torsos are those that are stacked, right?!

Nova and Eva Price: $49.00

The Vanilla

If you are merely looking for a doll to enjoy your favourite position, missionary, the best sex doll torso woud either have to be Greta or Fiona.

Greta has amazing big tits with protruding nipples, and a small vagina canal ready to be destroyed by you. If you love the idea of seeing and touching hard nipples and round breasts during sex, Greta is the missionary sex doll torso for you.

Price: $65.00

Fiona on the other hand, is a real woman’s woman with wide hips and a sweet pussy and ass. Fiona has been designed so carefully, that the features are lifelike and intricate, and there are two different holes simply for your pleasure.

Fiona is the type of girl who loves to flirt and act coy, but when you’re ready for hard and fast action, she’s ready for you to fill her any way you please.

Price: $109.00

Have you found your best sex doll torso yet? Granted, it’s a hard decision to make… it couldn’t hurt to own more than one.

Either way, whichever gorgeous sex doll you choose, you can be sure you’ll experience a lifelife sexual experience that’ll make you come hard and fast.

Each doll has been created to mimic that of a real-feel, with various holes and tight spaces for you to get your rocks off! Goodbye Tinder, hello sex doll torso!

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